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Olive oil and coconut oil are not the same thing!

Over and over again I see people refer to their use of coconut oil in place of olive oil on their dry and itchy skin. Many ask what’s the difference? They are both good moisturizers after all… But there is

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Olive oil really could be key to healing histamine intolerance

I am writing a post about B vitamins and their relationship to inflammation, histamine intolerance, and hot flashes, but stopped to put this post up first. In my quest to understand the connection I believe exists between supporting the hypothalamus

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More on why olive oil might help heal

Thanks to one of my readers, I’ve started researching more about olive oil’s role in healing my histamine intolerance. It’s such a large puzzle and there are so many pieces to put together that it’s hard to know which theory

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Index of posts

I wanted to have a index of what I think are my most important posts. This is the one I think everyone should read first: I think I’m histamine intolerant so what do I do now? The following posts are

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Throw out the grapeseed oil part 2

I posted about how bad grapeseed oil is for inflammation the other day. One of my friends and blog followers mentioned how distressed she was to read that post, as she had just purchased a big bottle of it. She

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I think I have the answer

I am working on a post that will take me awhile to get together. It is the culmination of all my research and, what I think, is the answer to my menopause histamine connection. Suffice to say it is a

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Olive oil, cortisol and adrenal fatigue

I am still on my olive oil/adrenal fatigue research kick! I have seen such amazing results using olive oil on my skin and taking it internally, that I am fixated on proving the connection between it and whatever has casued

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