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Common questions I answer all the time

Before I move on to writing about new things I wanted to write a post addressing the questions I get all the time, to shed a little light on what the future might look like to someone who’s just discovered

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Olive oil and coconut oil are not the same thing!

Over and over again I see people refer to their use of coconut oil in place of olive oil on their dry and itchy skin. Many ask what’s the difference? They are both good moisturizers after all… But there is

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What’s the one thing that will make you change your eating habits?

When I was at my worst with my histamine intolerance, I would have done anything to heal myself. Well. almost anything. I would not take antihistamines because I felt they would only mask the symptoms, and I would not take

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Are you vegan or vegetarian?

Because I, and so many of my visitors seem to be vegetarian, I wanted to get an idea of how many histamine intolerant women might be vegans or vegetarians. It’s all part of putting the pieces of this puzzle together.

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