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14 years of hot flashes?!

When I started perimenopause “in earnest” I started having hot flashes. I had them mostly during my periods. My periods were still regular, but the hot flashes were an added treat. I also noticed something else. The day before my

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Read my guest post on the Low Histamine Chef’s site!

I’m super excited to direct my readers to the The Low Histamine Chef’s site to read my guest post. I feel like I made it to the World Series of histamine today! Even if you’ve read a lot of my

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What’s the one thing that will make you change your eating habits?

When I was at my worst with my histamine intolerance, I would have done anything to heal myself. Well. almost anything. I would not take antihistamines because I felt they would only mask the symptoms, and I would not take

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On the off list…

…or is it off the on list? Whichever, my beloved cauliflower is on the no eat list again. I’ve been gradually adding back foods and getting a bit more adventurous with my selections, but I can see, even though I’d

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