Is it a healing crisis or a cold?

mr itchLast night I had a really restless night. My eyes popped open and there I was, laying in bed staring at the cat. And I noticed a slight sore throat. I tossed around for quite awhile and then finally fell asleep. I slept pretty well the rest of the night.

My day was a bit sluggish too. My throat was a little dry and scratchy on and off, and I felt less than energetic. I’ve been a bit sneezy and oh so tired!

So it all sounds like a cold doesn’t it? But it could also be a healing crisis. For those of you who don’t know, when you’re body starts to heal and throw off toxins, a variety of symptoms can manifest. Cold and flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, headaches, fatigue, can all be a symptom of your body healing.

Why do I think it could be? Well, the olive oil I’ve been using is making a difference to my histamine intolerance. Since I’ve started using it on my legs and arms, and now drinking a tablespoon in the morning and the evening, I’ve felt better than I have in three months. The last two days I’ve hardly had an itch. I’ve still been using my daily regimen of supplements, and don’t plan on discontinuing those anytime soon, but adding the olive oil seems to be making a major difference.

I even ate a couple of things that were not on my “safe” list and had no reaction. A couple of weeks ago, when I ate the same things, I reacted right away. I swear I almost feel normal again.

So I’ll update this post when I figure out if this is a cold I’m fighting or a healing crisis I’m going through. How will I know? I’m thinking if I stay as stable as I am now, there’s a good chance my body has made progress in controlling my histamine. And I think it’s very possible. The more I research, the more I am convinced olive oil can have a major impact on the cell damage and dysfunction that cause histamine intolerance.

I’m going to be disappointed if I react to something in the next few days, but that’s ok. This is a journey. I’ve been disappointed before. But I still think I’m onto something.


Well, I think it was a cold. Not because I started back itching, but because it just seemed to progress like a cold. That and every kid in my classroom has a cold. Doesn’t matter how careful you are or how many times you wash your hands. At some point, it’s going to get you!

The good news is that I can add to my list of curative powers of olive oil. I had a dry, hacking cough that was wearing me out. I did a little research and came up with a recipe for cough syrup. Warm a half a cup of olive oil and add a quarter cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of honey. Stir and let cool. Swirl it around a few times and you’ll see it almost emulsify. Then take a tablespoonful every two or three hours.

I started with a teaspoon (one tablespoon of olive oil is about a hundred calories so be careful if calories are an issue for you) a couple of hours apart and had amazing results. Seriously, I stopped coughing. And I’m much less congested. There’s my beloved anti-inflammatory  olive oil hard at work again. Soon I’ll have to rename this blog the olive oil healing connection.

And then when my cold is over and the cough is permanently gone, I’ll use my cough syrup on salads!

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