Index of posts

I wanted to have a index of what I think are my most important posts.

This is the one I think everyone should read first:
I think I’m histamine intolerant so what do I do now?

The following posts are about olive oil and omegas, as well as adrenal fatigue and inflammation:

The final theory on why I’ve healed is an in depth discussion on what I’ve learned over the last few months and what has worked for me to lower my histamine levels and reduce inflammation in my body.

Omegas is the discussion on why I think an imbalance of omega 6/ omega 3 was causing a big part of my problem with inflammation.

Olive oil, cortisol, and adrenal fatigue is where I started to really have an understanding as to how olive oil could positively affect adrenal fatigue.

Olive oil, polyphenols, and healing is the post where I first started to really make an argument for how olive oil was helping me get onto the healing path.

More on why olive oil might help heal is about how olive oil might help with intolerance because it has the ability to help the intestines produce DAO, the enzyme responsible for breaking down histamine.

Adrenal fatigue, menopause, and histamine intolerance talks about the possible link between adrenal fatigue and histamine intolerance.

Do women really need to suffer? talks about whether women who are menopausal or peri menopausal need to suffer the “typical” symptoms, or can my findings make a difference to them too?

These posts are about the other issues you might not think of but can be causing you trouble, such as hot showers and razor burn.

Remember it’s not just food talks about how using products around your house that might trigger a reaction.

Give up the razor Shaving using a razor caused itchy legs for hours after.

Does your shower make you itch Hot showers can be a major hive trigger!

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9 comments on “Index of posts
  1. Susan says:

    I also posted already under one of the links, but I am willing to give this a try!! I was just concerned about sleeping with it as does it grease up the sheets and would it be attaractive to mosquitos? I hate to think that spiders and bugs would be attracted to my olive oil skin!! LOL I will start it tonight and I actually used a lot today during the day. Thanks so much for your wonderful posts. By the way, I am 13 years ahead of you and I breezed through menopause using a soy supplement and rubbing progesterone cream on my wrists. My digestion went down hill though after menopause and I gained weight as first. Not an easy time for women.

    • If I’m a bit too oily I’ll take a paper towel and wipe myself down before I get into bed. I do try to put it on a couple of hours before so it absorbs. I take an early bath at night and put it on then.

      I haven’t had any problems with bugs, and I live in Miami where we can have a lot of mosquitoes. The only creature that seems to like it is one of my crazy cats. She comes over to me sometimes and licks my arms after I’ve put it on.

      She likes tomato sauce too. Maybe she’s Italian…

  2. Susan says:

    Just took a teaspoon of olive oil..does it burn at all in your throat? Seemed to ease my indigestion. Thanks Susan

  3. Beth says:

    Bio identical estrogen triggers my histamine & I believe throws all my other hormones outta wack.. Thyroid testosterone etc. I get watery eyes & eczema flares.. Any research on this ?

  4. Gay Rozon says:

    I have been trying to find a cure for hot flashes for about ten years now trying different herbel remedies but I always get some reaction to them all. I just tried taking a half of a antihitimine at night and found that I did not get any hot flashes that night or the next day. Been trying this for about 3 days, but I do not want to take a drug everyday either so I will try and do what you recommended to do for a while thanks for all the input.

  5. Kim says:

    Thank you so much I had a hysterectomy 6 months ago and I begin a month ago itching for no apparent reason. I have hives of little bumps everywhere they come and go and if I scratch it’s awful. Your blog just helped me I thought I may have had some kind of disease or just have gone crazy. Am gonna try diet and olive oil to see if I can get relief. Thanks again.

  6. lisa024293 says:

    I know years ago when I was younger, I read vegetable oil, apple cider vinegar (did not have to be raw) and honey was good for losing weight. Now, I can try this again with olive oil. I used to be stupid and just down raw apple cider vinegar. Daddy swore by honey for coating the tummy and keeping blood sugars stable. I will try the olive oil on my feet tonight to stop the itching.

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