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Why is the cat’s pruritus even relevant to this blog?

You might be questioning why I’m all of a sudden writing about my cat. After all, this is a blog about the menopause histamine connection. My male cat is certainly not menopausal. And other than being on my mind because

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From then to now

I remember sitting in a little neighborhood Italian restaurant about three months ago, talking to my Mom about this strange itch I’d been having. We discussed whether it could be the weather, or if I had changed any body products,

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Update on my supplements regimen

I will update my information in the supplements section shortly, but those of you following my blog might not look at that information again anytime soon, so I wanted to write a separate entry here. I have had real success

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The healing powers of olive oil

I’ve written about how much I think olive leaf extract has helped maintain low histamine levels, so I wanted to touch on olive oil for health too. I’ve always had trouble with dry skin on my legs, especially when the

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Olive Leaf

I’ve been feeling really good the last few days and I can’t help thinking it might be because of the olive leaf extract. I had been taking a tincture but recently switched to capsules. I’ve read about it’s immunity boosting

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