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The french fry hot flash from Hell…

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done in a while? For me, it was eating a bunch of greasy french fries at a restaurant last night. Now, I’ve been able to venture off my safe foods list for quite some

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Histamine intolerant menopausal vegetarians?!

I’m about to dash off to bed, but something struck me just now and I wanted to just put it out there until I can gather more information. A few women have reached out to me through this blog this

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Throw out the grapeseed oil part 2

I posted about how bad grapeseed oil is for inflammation the other day. One of my friends and blog followers mentioned how distressed she was to read that post, as she had just purchased a big bottle of it. She

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Wow, why was I still eating grapeseed oil?

I research everything, yet a few years ago when my yoga teacher told the class that canola oil was terrible for you and we all should be using grapeseed oil, I remember only researching canola oil. I determined she was

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Do women really need to suffer through menopause?

Ever since I started menopause and the subsequent issue with histamine intolerance, I’ve wondered if women really need to suffer through menopause. The question comes to me as my body is now healing from the histamine intolerance and because I

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I think I have the answer

I am working on a post that will take me awhile to get together. It is the culmination of all my research and, what I think, is the answer to my menopause histamine connection. Suffice to say it is a

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I’ve been wanting to write about Omega 3 supplementation for a while. It’s a really important subject when it comes to inflammation in the body. If you have too little omega 3 in your body and too much omega 6,

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