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The healing powers of olive oil

I’ve written about how much I think olive leaf extract has helped maintain low histamine levels, so I wanted to touch on olive oil for health too. I’ve always had trouble with dry skin on my legs, especially when the

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My itch scale

This is my visual scale of itching intensity and some of the foods that trigger my itch, with beer being the quickest, most virulent itch trigger food and butternut squash being the most benign food I could eat. It’s how

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Find me on Facebook now!

Find The Itchy Bitch on Facebook now. Ask questions, make suggestions, share information or just stop by and say hi. I hope no one thinks the name is tacky. I like to be irreverent. And what’s that saying…laugh and the

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You’ve heard of the Skinny Bitch…

The name of my blog is quite a mouthful I must admit, but I wanted to make a real connection with a certain kind of woman with a specific kind of health issue. And knowing how hard it is to

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