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Olive oil and coconut oil are not the same thing!

Over and over again I see people refer to their use of coconut oil in place of olive oil on their dry and itchy skin. Many ask what’s the difference? They are both good moisturizers after all… But there is

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Olive oil really could be key to healing histamine intolerance

I am writing a post about B vitamins and their relationship to inflammation, histamine intolerance, and hot flashes, but stopped to put this post up first. In my quest to understand the connection I believe exists between supporting the hypothalamus

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PDF’s of information

I’ve decided to put some of my information up in PDF format so people can download and print a version if they’d like. I started with my Supplements page. So if you’d like a copy, click¬†here¬†and take a look. I’m

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The healing powers of olive oil

I’ve written about how much I think olive leaf extract has helped maintain low histamine levels, so I wanted to touch on olive oil for health too. I’ve always had trouble with dry skin on my legs, especially when the

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Olive Leaf

I’ve been feeling really good the last few days and I can’t help thinking it might be because of the olive leaf extract. I had been taking a tincture but recently switched to capsules. I’ve read about it’s immunity boosting

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