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mr itchThis blog is dedicated to women who are suffering from histamine intolerance brought on by the hormonal fluctuations common to menopause. It is a compilation of months of research.


I am not in the medical field and this is not medical advice. I am just an ordinary woman, like you maybe, just starting menopause and newly suffering from histamine intolerance because of the changes in my hormonal balance. I wanted to compile my hours of research to make it easier for women like me to find answers.

Why are you here?

Maybe because you have been suffering multiple hot flashes at night and can’t sleep. You are having nightmares, and are restless. Maybe you are waking up with hives, or itching during the day for what seems like no reason. Your brain is in a fog, you feel dysfunctional, you can’t focus and you feel fatigued and just plain awful. You’ve done the reading, and you know you are starting menopause, so you think this is how you should feel and just get through it.

Your options seem to be to take HRT or to use herbal remedies, but you still itch and those hot flashes don’t stop.

Maybe though, you’ve been lucky enough to stumble, and I do mean stumble, over what really might be affecting you; high histamine levels brought on by the hormonal imbalance of menopause. In other words, you might be suffering from histamine intolerance. Basically, that means that what you eat is directly affecting how you feel. Foods high in histamine are triggering allergy-like reactions in your body. For me it’s itching. Additionally, there is a strong link to high histamine levels and hot flashes. I can attest to that link too!

Once I discovered the link between hormones and histamine, and then understood the link between histamine and food, I started making major changes to my diet and started taking vitamin supplements to help bring down my high histamine levels and my life improved dramatically.

In a nutshell, histamine intolerance is a problem the body has handling excess histamine. Up until my hormones changed with menopause, my body had no problem with anything I ate. But now my body cannot handle histamine coming in from outside sources, with those outside sources being food. So it’s not an allergy to food per se. A doctor could do a scratch test (a common test for allergies) for spinach let’s say, but my skin won’t react. That’s because I am not allergic to the food, but the histamine in the food.

I still suffer from histamine intolerance, but I am now educated about the issue and can work to, if not recover from it completely, at least control it. My itching is at a minimum depending on my diet, and my hot flashes are non-existent. My mood is even and dare I say peaceful, and my focus on tasks is returning. I still get fatigued, but I’m a high school teacher so that’s a normal state of being, but I feel relatively normal again.

And I don’t feel crazy anymore. Before I discovered what was going on with my body I thought I was going crazy. Or that I had some awful disease!

Anyone who has histamine intolerance will tell you navigating through life is trickier. It takes a lot of work to maintain an itch free day. And there are many surprises along the way. (I’m going to have to live with some mildew on my bathroom caulking because I learned the hard way bleach lights me up like a fire cracker!) But knowing what it is and how to manage it makes life so much better.

What made me start this blog?

I guess you could say I had an itch to write! I always thought it would be the great American novel…

Anyway, the real story is that I was researching my itching for at least two months when I landed on a site talking about the link between menopause and its effect on rising histamine levels. It backed up what I had already known from other sources. But what I didn’t realize at first was that it was a site advertising a med for hot flashes. I clicked on the information page and was completely horrified.

The med had nothing to do with lowering histamine. Yes, it had Vitamin C which is a known antihistamine, but the other ingredients were too many syllables to remember. But one ingredient really infuriated me. MSG!

How many people have a problem with that chemical already? And to put it in something that is supposed to minimize hot flashes?! I was incensed!

Women need to be educated. High Histamine is hidden in the lists of things that can go haywire with our bodies during menopause. Most women might never make the connection between menopause and histamine. Pharmaceutical companies who know what the issue is should be working to help women, but they really just want to sell drugs.

So that was it. I’ve learned so much and feel so much better I wanted to share my knowledge. I haven’t had a hot flash at night in weeks. I was having six a night before I figured it out. I can’t imagine what I’d be like if I were taking a drug with MSG in it.

And one other thing I’ve noticed. I have not had mood swings since I started a low histamine diet in conjunction with vitamin supplements. There is a well documented link between high histamine and depression. I think there must be a link between high histamine and mood swings but I haven’t found that specific information documented yet.

I am a teacher by profession. This is just another chance to share and teach. So if you’ve fallen over my site in your search for relief, please leave a comment and let me know if I’ve helped. I figure if I help one person, then my time is well spent.

Don’t forget to take a look around by clicking the links at the top of the page. Or start here, on the Index of Posts.


876 comments on “Mission Statement
  1. Dawn Bohler says:

    Thank you so much, I thought maybe menapause had something to do with my hives. I recently had surgery to remove an ovary and some other things and ever since then I have been hard core hot flashes really bad hives night sweats mood swings and I know that’s what threw me into this mess.


      Can I suggest you all try the Lady magnet. I am hot flush free and has changed my life. Apparently helps with other things but I didn’t have issues with so can’t vouch for them.
      Sold in UK and USA
      Can buy from Boots in UK.

  2. Itunu says:

    Thank you so much for this article. Do I feel like an alien in my own body? You bet! I know this sounds trite, but I literally found the answer to my menopausal itch and feeling out of sorts here.

  3. Jasmine says:

    Thanks so much for the info. I’m a hairdresser and this morning I had a client chemically react to a bleach on scalp. Her scalp was fine however her skin went bright red and the palms of her hands were red and raised. We put her under the air con with a cold wet towel, got her some anit histamine and eventually her skin settled down. She said she felt faint and “tight” her airways were fine but just felt hot and “tight”. This happened at her last appointment at a different salon (she did not tell me about this) she started her menopause just around the same time as her last appointment. Out of curiosity I’m doing some digging as to why? Why did her skin react this way but not the skin on her scalp? The skin on her scalp was fine not one little bit or irritation
    Any any information would be amazing!

    • I think it’s because her reaction is an allergy like response which is not the same as an allergy. So where she gets inflamed might not be at the site of what touched her body. I had very specific places where I’d itch depending on what I ate. I didn’t get hives or turn red either. Everyone is different.

      And bleach to this day makes me completely ill.

    • Jennifer Roth says:

      (OMG) this is what happened to me a few years back I think. I was sitting in the chair at the hairdresser and my face and eyeballs turned to fire and I felt as if I was going to faint. My stomach hurt terribly. I had to excuse myself with the foils in my hair and laydown on the bathroom floor. I was so embarrassed and confused. I wonder after all if I didn’t have a histamine reaction. Is this something that can be triggered by a hormone imbalance? I don’t think I am nor was in peri-menopause, but I’m not sure. I’m 41 now.

      • Jennifer Roth says:

        Furthermore; I have experienced this type of reaction a handful of times in the past, I even had the paramedics come out to my house. On one occasion I went to the hospital and they ran a battery of test and found nothing abnormal. Symptoms came and went without explanation. This morning I ate a banana and almost immediately I experienced red eyes, rash on hands and forearms and burning skin only not as severe as before. Mysterious symptoms are gradually leaving me as I type this.

      • Could be histamine intolerance or a mast cell issue. My site is all about hormones causing intolerance. So maybe read through it. Start on the current thoughts tab and the index of posts and go from there.


  4. Mary says:

    Thank you! Been packing and trying to move out my building; I think its mold. Might be homeless. In hospital 3x with severe hives; scratching so much caused bleeding and the scars still there. Weak feeling. Sick. Now I just dont scratch; its only way prevent extreme condition again. Cold dry weather helps, but I notice hives come back some when get hotflash and heat/sweat body occurs; that’s where the hives will appear. Night sweats also cause.

    Years ago in middle menopause; had hives and it was lot mold, appeared in building. After moved out; 30 days in clean building, washed cloths, blankets… and all ok. Now 10 years later; end menopause; so many hotflashes (age 59) and new maintenance men in building; suspect removed mold wrong way and it spread into my walls. A old fashioned mold test with wet warm paper towel in a baggie; 3x and negative. Maybe is fumes in building. Not sure. Maybe its all menopause. I will definitely check out your histamine information. Doing search for foods with high histamine. Its disrupted my home, teaching and writing profession.

    Thank you for the blog!

  5. I have severe hives and a rash on my ears for days. Also, my lymph glands have been swollen , could this be from menopause?

    • I would need to know way more information.

    • Cristy P says:

      Cheers! I have been researching myself on what is going on in my body. It started with hives, immediately after i turned 50, always suspecting food that i ate, or the dust, or the heat or the cold AC temperature. I would wake up with it feeling very itchy and miserable. Then my fingers became stiff and now i have bilateral frozen shoulders. I went through costly tests and consultations to rule out autoimmune diseases and was finally diagnosed to have been experiencing menopausal symptoms. Thank you for finding the connection between hives and menopause. This was a mystery to me. May i know your kind of diet and the supplements you are taking? Thanks very much for enlightening me on the many complications of menopause.

      • There is a supplements tab at the top of the page to get to my suggestions. As for diet, that is such an individual thing you’ll have to figure it out. Start a food journal to help you understand what makes you react and what is safe to eat. Maybe a short elimination diet might help. Click on current thoughts above to get to my posts that have suggestions on how to proceed.

        I had a diagnosed case of frozen shoulder in one shoulder but I knew it was in both. It started at 49 and took at least two years to resolve. I’m sure that’s related to menopause too as the largest population of sufferers are 50 year old woman. But the doctors don’t know why… it’s not a big mystery to me!

        Hope you heal quickly. I know what it all feels like but I’m on the other side of all of it and have no lasting effects. Good luck!


  6. Mary Buell says:

    Hi, It’s 4:00 a.m and needless to say, I’m awake. My quest to find the triggers to my high histamine problems have landed me on your site. Previous to this weeks information hunt, I believed that my histamine intolerance was solely medication related. Not so. Crap.
    I also have these debilitating menopausal hot flashes that last an hour at a time. Really they just don’t go away. And I work with the public so I must remain friendly and happily worry free AT ALL TIMES. All this to say, I guess is thanks for your added piece to my histamine intolerance puzzle. I will now endeaver to follow a paleo diet which will hopefully lessen some of the flashes as well as the removal of aforementioned meds. Mary.
    P.s Still sittin’ here. Now it’s 5:30. Didn’t eat anything. Aand my face is getting hot and swollen. Great. Lol

    • Paleo and histamine elimination diets are not the same. Foods that are ok on the paleo diet might still be high in histamine. Take a look at a few lists and analyze what you eat. Eating paleo might not work if you’re still eating foods high in histamine.

  7. Jay says:

    God bless you. I was about to loose my itchy mind.

  8. Heather says:

    For the past year I have been dealing with random hive events. Over the last couple weeks they have gotten worse. I started keeping track of my diet and when I broke out and tomatoes seemed to be a culprit but not always so. I am sitting get here loaded in hives without having had a tomato, sauce or salsa in days. I thought I had it figured out. Now I am back to work during if it’s menopause, an allergy or a combination of both. Time to research foods low in histamine. Thanks for the info in this blog.

  9. Rhonda Victor says:

    I am suffering from this too. Am going crazy thinking I have a disease called mastocytosis, but a few doctors look at me and ask how old am I. They seem to suggest menopause is causing this. Although I still get my periods regularly. I am almost 49 years old. I have been having some spotting between periods which is dark in color, and am making a trip to my gyno next week for it. Perhaps, she can test me for hormones. Thank you for story.

  10. Lina says:

    Thank you for reaching out. I was starting to think I had fleas!

    • Maureen Wright says:

      Fleas – LOL! When I started with the hives 3 years ago an ER doctor told me I had scabies. It’s Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria. I’m 53 years old and haven’t gone through menopause but definitely perimenopause. I saw a gynecologist yesterday who feels the hives are definitely related to my hormones. She told me that she sees many patient’s with illnesses, including hives that gets a lot worse during the peri-menopause time is a women’s life. I had hormone testing done – no results yet. I also hear that Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to the hives and this Gyn. doctor agreed that D supplements can help!

  11. Rebecca says:

    I am soooo thrilled to have come across this because I too feel like this might be the reason for me insanely itching, scratching myself. And I must do it at night because at times I wake up with red, welts, hives on various parts of my torso. I had always suspected menopause but never understood what the trigger was. I am going to look for more info on foods lower in histamine. Thank you!!!

  12. Ginny says:

    Thank you for taking the time to research and then make this available to women like myself. I am only 43 years old, but have started having hot flashes along with night sweats, and over the past 2 months have started suffering from hives. Doctors cannot pin point a reason for the hives, but my curiosity about hormone changes drew me to do some research online, thus, bringing me to your post. At least now I don’t feel like I’m “losing it”, and think I may try eliminating or reducing foods high in histamine from my diet to see if it helps. Thank you so much!!

  13. Erin says:

    How can we find the histamine levels in foods? Due to issues I had my ovairies removed 3 months ago. I’m allergic to the estradiol and Premarin. 4 days ago I ate peanut m&sm’s and had an itchy mouth. 2 days ago I had a Caesar salad and ended up in the ER because of the soy in it. I’m finding there is virtually nothing I can eat. Even lunch meat has soy. So, I’m hoping if I can find the histamine levels in foods then maybe these new allergies will calm down.
    Thank you for the blog. My friend sent it to me. I had no idea others where going through this either.

    • Debbie says:

      I feel you itchyness! I have been dealing with unexplained hives for years. It starts when I had my tubal ligation. This was about 23 years ago. I have gone to countless specialist with very little success. Then this last November I found a hormone specialist and I finally feel I’m getting a handle on my hives and unexplained swelling! I’m on my second testosterone pellet and estragon pellet. I also take Progesterone 200 mg to 400 mg depending upon if I am having a visit from my favorite aunt flow or not. I just discovered this last Thursday I has a night sweats and hives so I increased my progesterone from 200 to 400 milligram. My hives​ and swelling calmed down with in a few hours. This was the first night of my cycle. Second night I started getting hives and started swelling again so I took 400 mg of Progesterone again and went to bed. They calmed down again thank goodness!! Same thing last night. Now my cycle is stopped and I have hives again tonight to I’m taking 400 mg of Progesterone again. Let’s hope it works again.. fingers crossed 🤞

  14. Dorothy Lapointe says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO WRITE THIS AND REQUEST OTHERS TO REPLY. I too thought something was wrong…hives, hot flashes, inability to sleep, weight gain and so hard to lose…went to a sleep clinic and got a CPAP machine but still not helping with sleep but I will continue as I have been diagnosed with ‘shallow breathing’ so better safe than sorry, but it doesn’t help me sleep any longer than one hour intervals…hot flashes the doctor explained as probably menopause related symptom but he had no answer for the hives…suggested taking additional allergy medication together with anti-histamine…in process of waiting to see an allergy doctor. I was sure it was thyroid as the symptoms seems to match…I also have significant hair loss which concerned me. I have always lost hair but for the past two months, it has increased pretty dramatically. I am so relieved to read the connection of hives with menopause…I am 52 and very probably going thru the beginning of this wonderful new phase of life. I have only missed two periods but since I have been regular, like clock work, for the past 35 years, this missing is pretty unusual for me. I was breaking out in hives for no apparent reason…super itchy ..breaking out in bra area, waist line, behind my knees, inside thigh of legs…if I strip down and take all my clothes off, it goes away in about an hour but seriously I can’t live naked and function in this world, lol…stopped taking a new migraine medication, stopped taking vitamins, extremely careful with what I ate…I was so confused as to what was going on with my body and researching…kidney disease, thyroid issues fell within the same symptoms. But now I’m leaning towards being one of the lucky ones to go through meno pause with the whole package of symptoms (plus some, lol)…I will have to do some research on the foods you described. Thank you for giving me some relief of thinking something was seriously wrong. Recently had blood work done and everything he checked was all normal…EXTREMELY relieved and surprised to read this article. Menopause makes perfect sense especially since I’m apparently not the only one to experience these ‘hives’ issues. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing more hair loss???

  15. Carla says:

    Thanks for the information. I have been dealing with hives as well.I’m 52 years old and its been two years since I’ve had a cycle. I will definitely look into the histamine connection with foods, hopefully this will give me some relief.

  16. Erin says:

    Does anyone know what…butter (without the histamine generating rancidity) is?

  17. Erin says:

    The only thing I’ve been able to eat since Friday is grass fed hamburger, string cheese and an apple. I just tried to introduce gluten free rice shells with nothing on them. Had a reaction on my tongue…and now it feels like it is burnt. I thought gluten free rice was safe. Anyone else have an issue with this?


    • Gluten and histamine are two entirely different things. You can be histamine intolerant and still be able to eat bread. I’m not sure you’re in the right place to get a good answer to your question.



      Hello Erin, I saw this post and really feel for you. I have been through all this and it is not fun. It sounds like you are out of balance and also when I started losing estrogen and hormones my body went nuts with all kind of pain and allergies. The things that helped me the most was cleaning up my diet, no gluten or dairy, no white processed sugar and going on the bio identical homones. I eat healthy from whole foods market and also eat sweets like gluten free cookies sweetened with honey or agave or evaporated cane juice. You do not have to suffer. Just stop all processed foods with preservatives whch will help with histamine intolerance. I also take probiota bifido probiotic from seeking health and this is a histmaine degrading probiotic. I take 2 per day. I also take a daily adrenal supplement from gaia herbs and 5000 to 5000 mg of vitamin d per day. Most women over 50 have stressed out adrenals which can cause sensitivities and are low on vitamin D. Have you had your thyroid checked? Bio identical hormones are not necessarily bad. You have to find a good compounding pharmacy and a good doctor that can prescirbe these to the compounding pharmacy. It is quality of life and I could not function on a day to day basis. I hope this helps.

    • Jessica says:

      You might want to join the mast cell groups on Facebook. With mast cell we react to anything because we have high histamine.For many this started during perimenopause and menopause. Many of us react to gluten , dairy, smells, you name it.

  18. Erin says:

    Questions about food…

    I don’t see honey on this list. Where does it fall?

    American Cheese?


    Has anyone tried to crockpot a steak to make shredded meat?

    Sorry, I’m still only able to eat only 4 things now for 2 weeks. Food is everywhere and I’m hungry.

    Any comments will help. I see my GP who also practices homeopathic medicine on Monday. I’ve had a bunch of tests run and am hoping for encouraging results.

    • It took me a month to stop itching and then another three to start to feel normal. Within 6 months I was back to eating a lot of what I wanted. But even now I need to be careful.

      My best advice to you is to eat a raisin and see why happens. Nothing? Than eat two. Honey, does it do anything to you? No? Than eat it.

      No one list fits everyone. I couldn’t eat cauliflower and it’s on the “safe” list. Keep a food journal and figure out what triggers you.

      Oh and America cheese is a processed food if you’re talking about in the plastic wrap. I advice against all processed foods. Especially when you’re trying to heal.


  19. tiggerlane says:

    I have had terrible gives since entering perimenopause and diagnosed with very high estrogen levels, which I’m sure is related!! I started taking DIM which is helping other symptoms, but is there any advice on a natural supplement to stop these infernal hives? I’m ready to eliminate just about anything in my diet that could be causing this…not sure what else to do since I’m fairly sure the estrogen is finally dropping.

    • Please click on the supplements tab at the top of the page.


    • Dorothy Lapointe says:

      My hives seem to have settled down but I am taking one allergy pill daily and when needed an antihistamine at night. (when I break out in hives) My night sweating has also settled down…so actually suffered badly for 2-3 months and now everything is much more tolerable. (perhaps hope to some) I suppose there are probably natural remedies for allergies and I would suggest you try that route when looking for something. The symptoms are VERY much allergy related thus allergy supplements would be my first start if you are going the natural way. I just purchased no name allergy and antihistamine products at Walmart and as I mentioned, they seem to have controlled the issues I was having. I also have mild asthma so I don’t mind taking an allergy pill every day for a while…soon I will eliminate this routine as my symptoms have calmed down quite a bit. I have noticed that my migraines have settled down too…so I am really hoping that once I am finished this phase and in Menopause, I may be one of the lucky ones who no longer suffers from migraines. Good luck ‘tiggerlane’…I hope you find some relief.

      • I have to really jump in and clarify that histamine intolerance isn’t an allergy. It’s an allergy like response to a trigger. So if you are histamine intolerant you are not allergic to food. You are reacting to the histamine in foods.

        Antihistamines can help, but there are a myriad of side effects when you take them. That’s why I counsel to find your triggers rather just mask with pills.

        But everyone has to do what’s right for themselves. And I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.


  20. Alicia says:

    Very helpful, thank you.

  21. Shelly Moreland says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your research and story. I’ve had some medical issues I’ve over the past couple of years and I’m 45 with one ovary and I’ve had hives in and off extreme to non existent to back again coupled with hot flashes and cold intorance. You have given me so much peace as I just started to research the histamine issue coupled with the hot flashes and night sweats. I’m grateful!!

  22. Brenda says:

    OMG! You have saved my life and my sanity. You have no idea how long i have been searching for answers as to wth is going on with my body since menopause. My body has been in a slow downward spiral that has come to an unbearable state. For two years my feet have been sieged by thickened cracking skin, then within a year moved to my fingertips and hands which constantly cracked and peeled. All of which was very painful. i have tried every lotion, cream, ointment, fungicide,etc on the market that did not help and countless dollars. i avoided going to the doctor because i did not want to be given steroids. Recently i did go to the doctor out of desperation because rashes were now appearing all over my body. And of course, she prescribed 3 different steroid creams. I never in my life had any of these problems before menopause. The steroid creams did help temporality. Then fingertips splits and body rashes came back with a vengeance. I , too, like you, would have rubbed a squirrel over my body if someone told me that would help. The itching has been unbearable.Then, by a miracle, i found your site and started the supplements you recommended. The response in my body has been mind blowing. I am 80% better in just a few days. Rashes are going away and fingers are healing. Also finally found a product made by the Canadians called Skinfix that has helped tremendously. Their products are 97-98% natural. I believe what was going on in my body was the hormonal changes, an omega3 imbalance, and a slow depletion of DAO by the blood pressure med Norvasc. I want to do more research on the Norvasc, but i read on one of the sites that it interfered with DAO.

    Thanks a million for your help.


  23. Beth says:

    I am going through the same thing now. What did you do to feel so much better with the histamine allergies? I follow this low histamine diet, but sometimes the low histamine foods bother me. When the menopause goes away, will the histamine allergies leave too?

  24. Rebecca Aeschliman says:

    I’m so happy I found this page. I am 35 and had a hysterectomy a year ago. When I had my daughter three years ago I started breaking out in hives while I was pregnant. The doctor said it was because of my hormones. It got really bad after having my daughter and last for eight months and just stopped one day. I got pregnant again and the hives came back but not as bad. I had my gallbladder removed a couple months after my second pregnancy and broke out in deep issue hives on my hands and wrist. They lasted about two weeks. While that was going on I still had my “normal” hives. Mostly I get them on my neck, chest, stomach and back of my knees. Then later that year is when I had my hysterectomy and it’s been down hill ever since. Once again about 7-10 days after my surgery I broke out in the deep tissue hives on my hands and wrist. This time I knew not to scratch and to take Benadryl every 4-6 hours and they went away after a week or so. Ever since then I have had some type of hives everyday. Some days worse that other. I’ve had my hormones check and they are very low even though I am taking hormones. I am currently taking 1.25 Premarin once a day. My question is if I was to raise my dose of estrogen would the itching get worse or go away? I do not have my ovaries, so I went into surgical monopause. Does this go away once you have fully gone through menopause or is it something you will always have? Like I said I’m only 35 and my doctor wants me on hormones and honestly because of how bad my anxiety has been since my surgery I would like to stay on hormones as well. I do not currently have any host flashes but do have issues sleeping. My main thing I want to stop is this itching. I haven’t been able to have any allergy test done because I can’t stay off Benadryl long enough to have the test.

    • Jessica says:

      I’m on the estrogen patch. I get hives. I wonder the same thing about if I went higher on hormones but i would have to go to birth control sinc I’m on the highest patch. Research low histamine diet. Many of us are on that. Many of us take Zyrtec daily. Sometimes more than one. Research mast cell activation disorder also.

      • Rebecca Aeschliman says:

        Does the diet seem to help? How long have you had this? I just don’t want to deal with this the rest of my life. If me going off hormones will make it stop I’ll do that. Or if raising them will make it stop I’ll try that.

      • I cannot tell you what to do but can only make suggestions based on what worked for me. I was never on hormones. I managed my issues with foods and supplements.

        I can pretty much eat what I like now but am careful. I do not itch anymore and do not have hot flashes. All of it is controlled with diet.

        Only you know what is right for your body. But I know it’s possible to get healthy without hormones. At least that was my case.

        I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.


      • Jessica says:

        The diet does help. The hormones probably don’t help but without them I’m a mess.

  25. Sally Merry says:

    Thank you. I have stumbles onto this site. YES< bleach has recently made me react to everything I use, soap, washing powder, my fav shampoo, had to down regulate everything to egofriendly products, which I am more than happ with. Interstingly I had a huge problem with bleach in my 5th month of pregnancy, wondering now weather it was hormones and histamine release, seems the same. I will read your site with hopeful joy. Thank you, God Bless you.

  26. Misti Burns says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’m 43 and for the last 4 months have been experiencing hives/itchy patches on my face and neck. It is related to my cycles. I haven’t been sleeping well and have had some other issues. I have anaphylactic reactions to NSAIDS, hydrocodeine, penicillin, aspirin, toradal, lortab, synalgos, msg, sunflower seeds. I also react to raw bananas, raw celery, honey…and at times something unknown. After finding your site, I am going to make changes in my diet and begin to supplement. I may need to consider going off the birth control pill. Patience in practice.

    Thank you! God bless you!

  27. Rachael says:

    Thank you, i was wondering why i was itching all over my body and getting hives…

  28. Melissa says:

    Hi, first and foremost thank you so much for this VERY informative blog. I am always reading up about the effects and symptoms of perimenopause because I am finding myself in the thicke of all of this transitional nightmare. I am 46 and I assume in the thicke of perimenopause. I had an ablation and ligation done in September 2015 and I am guessing that my symptoms went haywire after that procedure. I knew that something had changed, but to the extent that I suffered could only have been due to the fact that my ovaries were affected (blood flow to the ovaries) and this no doubt brought on a hormonal shock of epic proportions. Since then I have suffered endlessly. Currently I do not have the hot flushes not night sweats, but every other symptom that either appears on the 34 symptoms menopause list or the 66 perimenopause list I have had, and have affected my life adversely. I will not go into detail regarding all the symptoms, but the ITCHING and the prickly skin and electrical shock sensations I’ve been experiencing the past 8 weeks have driven me to despair. It just started out of the blue. I started taking ACV (apple cider vinegar) in November 2017. This went fine for about 2 weeks. Then suddenly I started getting the “die off” effect that Kefir and fermented foods have. I remember in December of 2015 I took Kefir for only three to four days and had the very same symptoms, but I guess my body was still able to control all the knock on effects and the “die off” only lasted for about a week. Yet this time round I initially thought it was again the die off effect, but it just became worse and worse. Suddenly I could no longer apply my perfumes to my skin, I’d start tingling all over, my soap suddenly became too strong (yes I am aware that those heavily scented soaps are no good) and once I had showered or bathed, my skin would feel like it was stinging, something I have NEVER experienced before. Fortunately I made the connection very quickly that all this was hormonal related, said this from day one. As I moved away from the ligation and ablation, so too did my hormones to a more drastic dip. I have always been estrogen dominant, so I am guessing that explains why I have not had the flushes nor the night sweats. I used eye shadow and got a rash on my eyelid, something that I too never experienced. So why I am mentioning “fermented foods” is because I think that people who are histamine intolerant have to steer far clear from these as they can only be detrimental to us. So it brings me back to current day itches, tingles, prickly sensations. (Which is the most horrid feeling) – (at times it actually feels that my skin is trying to excrete the abundance or overflow of histamine and pushing it through my skin in order to try and eliminate it. Visiting my dermatologist is one thing, however I know that doctors love to “Band Aid” symptoms by putting us on to anti histamines (which I guess is a short term relief mechanism), however this is not my approach in life and I far prefer addressing the root of the problem. I am so pleased that I have stumbled upon this site as I felt I could have written it myself). I am normally as regular as clockwork with my monthly cycle, however this month my ever regular cycle suddenly has gone AWOL, which leads me to believe things are changing again and I am guessing that even though I am estrogen dominant, there may have been a dip again and the fact that progesterone is becoming lower with each cycle, and there is nothing to oppose the effects of my high estrogen it is making things far worse, as I have read on many many blogs that progesterone opposes the high effects of estrogen. I have always maintained that supplements and proper nutrition is VITAL and that pushing for “hardcore meds” is not the way to go. I am however confused and would like to know about the use of only omega 3 as I use omega 3,6 and 9 that come in one gel capsule. So would it be better if I only used the omega three and eliminate the other two ? I have also been made aware of adrenal fatigue, so I used the Metagenics Cortico B5 B6, is this still fine to use ? I am familiar with many of the topics you have discussed, but this part of the histamine/estrogen ration is new to me, but as I mentioned, I knew from the outset that it was hormonal related. Is there a list of foods to avoid that release high levels of histamine and which are we allowed to consume that are low in releasing histamine ? I always thought that Vitamin C is not good to take as it releases high levels of histamine yet I see you suggest vitamin C supplements ? Looking forward to garner more information regarding this topic.


    • I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. That being said, you might want to try just omega 3. Our diets are naturally high in omega 6 so it might help to not add more.

      B vitamins are usually good to take if you don’t have methylation issues. But be careful with Bs anyway we you can get too much. But I do supplement with them using nutritional yeast.

      There are lots of lists out there to get you started but you also should start a food diary to figure out what is specific to you. I like histamino.com.

      I did supplement with vitamin C. It’s a known anti histamine.

      Hope you’re now on a healing path!


      • Melissa says:

        Thank you so much for your response. I made a typo when I typed 46 it’s actually 47.

        What is methylisation ? I also wanted to add that all my blood work comes back normal which is not surprising. My endo, gynae and dermatologist always have the same answer and that is that the results are normal, yeah perhaps normal in the realm of lab results, but not optimal. I have actually come to a point where I have given up on medicinal doctors and will address my issues with a naturopath a they as they seem to grasp the issues far better. Pity we as women know our bodies all too well and we have after all been living in them all this time. I think we know when something is out of kilter. Thanks for the advice, I sure will keep following your blog for future updates etc.

        P.S. I think the ACV might have been the catalyst to all of this mixed in with my hormones that are out of whack and hence this horrid onset.

        Greetings from South Africa 😊

      • Wow South Africa?! Cool!

        Yes I thought the vinegar could have helped trigger things.

        Please use my search on my site to look up methylation. It’s too complicated to explain here.

  29. jenny says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this. I have been told i have severe allergies by ENT and I’ve got to have the scratch tests. No problems with anything until the menopause kicked in. Like a wild horse rampaging through my life. I will definitely be looking Into the histermine in foods and have already started with supplements as I’ve gone right off food as I feel so low, fatigued and generally washed out.

  30. Mary says:

    I’m so glad to hear I am not the only one dealing with new food allergies. I’m 49 but I have no idea what stage of menopause I’m in. (I had the endometrial ablation procedures 5-7 years ago to reduce my very heavy periods, and have since have had and rarely have much flow – it really was a God sent procedure!) I do have asthma and just thought it was worsening, including many, many sleepless nights gasping for breath. After several close call visits to the ED with anaphylaxis, I’ve finally figured out I have both peanut and soy allergies. This has caused my eating habits to completely change! I think I’d rather just have hot flashes than deal with this allergy thing. (no offense to those with severe hot flashes – I just really dislike feeling my throat slowly close up.) Does any one know if the allergies are Permanent? Or will the eventually go away after the menopause settles?

    • If your issue is histamine intolerance then you can get it all under control. But it’s not really an allergy per se. It’s allergy like response to histamine.

      Hot flashes, I believe, are a similar allergy like response. And believe me, they are debilitating to many women.

      Hopefully you can read through my site and get some tips on eating and supplementation to help get your issues under control. In my research, I’ve discovered that many women who have asthma suffer more during their periods which could indicate a histamine link.

      Good luck and happy healing!


  31. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much for this blog! I’m 47 and no doubt facing perimenopause. I’m on day 3 with no sleep due to extreme, all over itching from hives that are mild and tolerable throughout the day, but intensified to an extreme flare at night. I am going to peruse the rest of your blog enteries, and have subscribed,but can if you have any tips on night time relief while working on the long term journey, can you guide me as to where to search? Benadryl, Claritin, and anti-itch creams have had no effect on short term relief at night. Again, thank you so much for blogging this journey. I’ve spent the last 3 nights reading many online articles, but nothing beats the comradery of others who have been on this journey before you. ~Kelly

  32. Christina Miller says:

    Thank you. Getting tired of hearing med advisors say it’s something I am allergic to or whatever. Really.. thanks.

  33. Karen Dodd says:

    Thank you – I have only just found you having Googled “menopause hives backs hands” and I can already tell that your blog will be a great help. I am 44 and in perimenopause, and as I had PUPPPs rash during my twin pregnancy 4 years ago I am not surprised in the least that my hormones have caused me to itch again. I am still on the combined pill and realised the thickening / cracking of the skin on the backs of my hands was reappearing during the “gap” weeks and the vanishing within 48 hours once the oestrogen kicked back in.

  34. Ange says:

    I’ve found this very interesting thank you. I’m 53 and have been through the change which I started when I was 41. I had lots of symptoms over the years but now I’m post menopause i’m experiencing something totally different…. Itchy dry skin feeling hot and blebs coming up in different places with no particular triggers. Ive had an allergic reaction to something ive always eaten. I’ve only been experiencing these horrible sensations of tingling and short little stabbing pains etc since I had a severe gout attack in my foot a few weeks ago. Im wondering if this has any connection? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  35. Sasha Tefft says:

    I started getting hives when my cycle started to change at age 46. The quick care doctors told me to see my regular doctor. I went to the quick care at least twice. The hives were all over my body at one point and my face swelled up at least 3 times. I had already been diagnosed with celiac 3 years earlier. It turns out, I have hashimotis disease. I went to see a naturopath and was put on low dose naltrexone. I’m very happy with my choice of doctor and med. My 16 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Graves Disease. She went to the naturopath as well. We were very unhappy with the MD we saw for her. My hives are much better. My life is much better. I hope this helps someone. We do have autoimmune on both sides.

  36. Tracey says:

    At last! All the jigsaw puzzle pieces fit! Thank you for explaining, with great clarity, the link between menopause & Histamine intolerance phew!

    So much so, I reached out once more to my Naturopath who helped me through what felt like a major health (physical & emotional) crisis last year .. itchy scalp (starting from shoulders/neck) which led to major inflammation, light/sound sensitivity, losing my balance (could hardly walk/talk/drive some days), acute anxiety of course! Had all manner of blood tests, MRI scans etc which at least eliminated anything sinister!

    Getting onto a low-histamine diet regime really helped the slow but worthwhile process of healing!

    now I feel I can find the magic formula, with her help of course, and your wonderful words of wisdom & sound advice!

  37. everyROSEhasitsthorns says:

    Dear Dale and Dames

    I have written on here once before. I’m currently 49. I’ve experienced histamine problems now for one calendar year. A year ago, on Mother’s Day 2016, I went to a family gathering at a country club, where I consumed fish. A few hours later at home, I noticed my face was red. I thought to myself, “Is this a hot flash”? It wasn’t, but I wasn’t sure? I did Not break out in hives, like I hear everyone else mention. My symptoms seemed puzzling. My symptoms were: out of the blue suddenly, I could not use a pillow. My neck hurt. I have orthopedic pillows. Can’t use them anymore. I have not used a pillow and one year. I miss it. I was having “electrocutions” like something was wrong with my spine! I was falling into walls like a drunk man. It was so painful and upsetting, I wanted to be taken out behind the shed and dealt with. I remember thinking, “forget about whiteboarding try this”. I am not one to run to the doctors, but I went. He thought I had so many issues, ( which I haven’t mentioned all of them yet) he didn’t know where to begin. He thought I needed an MRI but knew I could not lay down for it. He gave me an antihistamine. I think the antihistamine causes stomach problems so I quit It. I am into health food and nutrition and I do not like to take medicine.
    There wasn’t any benefit to it. Just to let you know how bad it got, I had to use Ambien ( A
    Prescribed sleeping pill) and after one hour of being asleep, I would wake up with the electrocution and problematic head . I wasn’t getting sleep but worst of all I was in pain. Nine years ago, I had a very bad fall when trying to clean the ceiling fan and I thought maybe it was because of that fall nine years ago? Maybe it was coming back to haunt me? Perhaps there is a link? I prayed for answers. I found this link .
    I immediately quit drinking so much coffee
    Switched to decaf. I immediately started taking quercetin twice a day. I was already taking D3 and a host of other lovely supplements from new chapter the best vitamin company in the world. So, I did get better. I still don’t use a pillow. But I wanted to share A new story, that just happened. The best iced tea on earth hands-down belongs to Bigelow constant comment with orange and spice. Every time I make this ice tea for someone they beg me to tell them what it is! Every time! Well, it had been a while since I have made it. This past Thursday I drank a pitcher because it was good and I thought it would help me eat less. I was drinking decaf tea. Next day on Friday, I went to pet my cat and had to go all the way down to the ground as the room started spinning . I felt awful hands got clammy and I got sick.
    For a whole week, I had to be careful how I turned my head. I gave up that tea! I try to avoid wheat, cinnamon, caffeine. They seem to be no no’s for me. Last year my throat started to close off twice I guess my histamine bucket was higher then? I’ve never been allergic to food before.
    I’ve never really seen anyone else mention my symptoms. Until the last gal just mentioned being dizzy, and being concerned about driving. Yep, me too. I would never drive when I’m going through those dizzy symptoms. I had inflammation show up in both of my knees last year. So, Bless my heart, I couldn’t lay down, I could hardly walk, and I couldn’t sit. I was a mess. I remember thinking to myself, I’m like an old TV antenna that you have to move just right. I use to walk every day 3 miles for nine year. It’s took me one hour to do that. I haven’t done that in (one year) b/c my knees hurt. For exercise, I’ve been doing more yardwork, hanging laundry out on a line, and keeping a cleaner home. To look at me, I look like a young healthy 36/38-year-old. But the symptoms make me feel ancient. Oh I almost forgot to mention another trick. Every day I take my little white mug I put 1 tablespoon of braggs apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of royal jelly ( I started out with a good raw honey from whole foods but then I found out royal jelly is even better for histamine) add a splash of spring water, squeeze half a lemon, and great fresh ginger about the size of a thumb.

    ***** I wanted to say thank you DALE! I don’t know what I would’ve done without this histamine knowledge you presented*****
    *** I also thank the Lord, because I prayed and asked for help, and found you a immediately***

    • I am so glad I helped. Every day it gets better, but it is hard work. But you’ll get there. Thank you for sharing. I bet you anything you’ll write a year from now to tell us how much better you’re feeling!


      • everyROSEhasitsthorns says:

        I appreciate those words, and I look forward to sharing a good report.

        It’s weird to me how terrible histamine symptoms can be, and then go back to feeling (close) to normal once you illuminate your (offenders) even if they are healthy.

        This blog gives a name to these bizarre symptoms. It’s called, Histamine Intollerance. I was glad to know the name. I read about what others use for remedies, and apply them too. I was already into nutrition, but came to the realization that some healthy foods are high-histamine. Two foods that (help) are organic apples and onions.


  38. Penny says:

    Came across your site tonight. I’ve been perimenopausal about 10 years. The last 8 months I’ve been going out of my mind. The itching under my breasts, in my armpits and sometimes in rr thugs make me crazy. No rash, no yeast, and even though I feel like I’m burning up in those spots my husband says my skin is no warmer than any where else.

    Since I’ve found this, I need to go dig through my book boxes from my move 2 years ago. I have a book called “The Inflammation Syndrome’ and it is all about foods that tip the scales toward inflammation. Histamine is one of many inflammatory substances. (I am in the health field).

    Also, I began making my own soap AND hand salves with all natural oils. I use cold process method and add avocado oil. It does not fully Sopanify leaving the soap rich in vitamins A D E and K. It has made a big difference. I believe with these diet changes I’ll nip it in the bud. Thank you so much.

    BTW, most ‘soaps’ on the market are detergents. They are not soap at all.

  39. Stacy pearce says:

    Dear DLB,
    Thankyou for your insights! I did a search online, put in correlation between itchy chin and menopause and found you. Would love to learn more about your diet and what foods have histamines, Im a newby to this. What you say rings true, do you have a blog or site?

  40. anna gaspari says:

    Thank you so much! I have hives everyday and so annoying and irritating!

  41. Carol Annette says:

    Omg!!!! I’m not crazy!!! As I read this..my thought was “I don’t remember writing this”!…LOL
    Thank you for this..please keep sharing.

  42. Carol-Anne says:

    Hi there. Thank you for clarity. I have just spoken to someone about my problem. If I don’t eat at a certain time, I start to itch. It is not anything on my skin, but somewhere from inside my body. A staff member overhead my conversation with a lady at work, and started to laugh outloud. I am so glad that now I have some answers, as I was so puzzled with what is happening to my body.

    • Pruritus is itching without hives. I called it an invisible itch. I wanted to rip my arm off some days!

      Gastric juices release histamine, so when you get hungry your histamine starts to rise. This might be why it’s important for you to eat at certain times.

      Hope you start healing now. I no longer have that horrible itch! You can get rid of it too!


  43. Darlene says:

    I stumbled into this site when I noticed that I would get super itchy after just a taste of alcohol. I am a mild social drinker having a martini on one weekday night and two beers on the weekend. I can’t drink anything with alcohol on it. I think it has to do with menopause.

  44. Kate Trelawny says:

    Thank you for this help. I am a year into my menopause and only recently experiencing hives at night and swollen lips all very concerning! My Doc originally prescribed oestrogen that were inserted twice a week but I felt like I was getting cystitis so I stopped taking them. The dryness that I had initially seems to have resolved itself now but it is all very difficult.

  45. MARSHA says:

    I am hoping that I have just finally realized that my hysterectomy several years ago, because of many terrible medical issues, and a recent issue with the hormone replacement not working anymore is the key to all my health related symptoms for the last 2 years. I have been referred to every specialist, attempted my own Medicinal trial and error home remedies as well as participated as the guinea pig trying anything the medical teams were throwing at me for relief. It is very disheartening when you realize that everyone is wondering if you are going insane or possibly dying. They see you with all the symptoms, never ever understanding!
    I somehow happened upon a site during my night owl hours a couple nights ago, hot flashes tingling itchy etc then realized, Oh my I wish I would’ve thought of this sooner. With no more cycles or migraines (as they were) it never dawned on me. I missed OBGYN appointments due to broken leg, passing of close relatives. I am a type A
    Personality with OCD tendacies, imagine not being able to remember or even show up on time. I have fallen into a state of mood swings and Anxiety which often will keep me at home working.
    I have contacted my OBGYN and scheduled in October. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

  46. Jackyline Bealer says:

    Ive been having my arms itch for YEARS now.I have scars from me scratching them open til they bleed.I thought I was crazy, as no DR could figure it out.I am reading this like the Bible…Thank You for putting this out here, and I’m SO glad I happened upon it.
    CURRENTLY, I’m on allegra, claritin &flonase EVERY morning.Im going to eliminate some foods and see what happens! I’ve got nothing to lose but time….♡

    • Melanie Schrand says:

      Have you tried Bovine Colostrum LD? This should clear up a lot of your allergies. Go to
      http://www.sovereignlaboratories.com and do your reading. You will be amazed. Seem to clear up whatever was wrong with me. Is truly a miracle supplement/food. I do not work for the company as I work in Ft. Lauderdale. I was having serious health issues and so much better now.
      Hope you get better soon!

    • Leslie Gargano says:

      Hi I saw your post about the itchy arms till they bleed. the same thing happened to me it was like chickenpox on my arms and it was my arms only! I had a wheat sensitivity. Fast forward a few years and I had non-itching hives, big red wheals all over my body— was eating wheat thins and triscuits daily! So no more wheat for me! Good luck playing detective, may you persevere and find out the culprit!

      • Gina says:

        Me too. I had to cut out wheat. I coughed for years & never connected the dots. When I experienced high histamine around my 48th year which was about a year and a half ago, The wheat issue progressed with high histamine.
        It caused my throat to tingle and close off. It was frightening. Now, that I have histamine better (livable) under control, I haven’t had that anymore. Sourdough bread is fine & does not cause this wheat issue. Not to mention, I now take The natural supplement Quercitin. It’s so good for your heart and especially if your struggling with histamine it’s called “Quercitine”. I also consume:
        1 teaspoon royal jelly combined with
        1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar by braggs,
        A tablespoon of grated fresh ginger,
        half a lemon, A little water and chase it down with some water. I take the D3 twice a day. And I use the best vitamins on the planet made by New Chapter. Procter & Gamble just bought this company and they are introducing them into hospitals b/c they are that good. stress-free living helps. Wearing breathable clothing helps. Sometimes I get on kicks where I eat the same thing over and over. I have to be careful with that. I was drinking Kiefer which is so healthy but didn’t sit right with histamine. Anyway, just wanted to talk about how wheat also affected me too.

  47. Sara says:

    This explains a lot. Thank you

  48. nanrossiter says:

    I’m so glad to have stumbled across this page! I’ve been going through menopause and Zyrtec withdrawal (yes, this is a very real thing!) at the same time and I’m now convinced it’s been the combination of the two that have led to my histamine intolerance. My TSH (thyroid level) was also found to be low so I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out what is causing my myriad of symptoms. Spinach and red wine (two favorites) seem to be real culprits for me, but I’m also finally off Zyrtec by tapering — which took a long time. I’m planning to consume more olive oil and hope to feel calm again. Thank you for creating this page…it’s comforting to know I’m not alone!

    • Gina says:

      THYROID– wanted to mention that I’ve been on a natural but prescribed ARMOUR thyroid since 20ish almost 30 years. The day I took one grain a dark cloud left me I didn’t know I had been living with! I use to sleep on car rides to church or wherever we were going . Not anymore. Over the years I’ve progressed to two grains. You go by how you feel not by blood work. Armour thyroid is worlds better than the synthetic Synthroid. Armour thyroid has all the T’s Synthroid only has a few synthetic. Insist on Armour.
      I love wine and spinach too! I can now have both but I can’t eat it every day or drink it every day. I just had an organic spinach omelette for brunch. No reaction. I rarely have a glass of wine but not afraid to enjoy one now and then.

  49. Erin says:

    Anyone out there having issues with their joints when you eat gluten, sugar and dairy?

  50. Jeani says:

    Wow. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon your post. — Will do more research on this but I can’t imagine my hives are due to anything other than perimenopause since nothing else has changed.
    I have a question for anyone out there; has anybody noticed that taking antihistamines helps? Normally they put me out like a light, but out of desperation I just tried a half of an Allegra. We’ll see if it helps.

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