Mission Statement

mr itchThis blog is dedicated to women who are suffering from histamine intolerance brought on by the hormonal fluctuations common to menopause. It is a compilation of months of research.


I am not in the medical field and this is not medical advice. I am just an ordinary woman, like you maybe, just starting menopause and newly suffering from histamine intolerance because of the changes in my hormonal balance. I wanted to compile my hours of research to make it easier for women like me to find answers.

Why are you here?

Maybe because you have been suffering multiple hot flashes at night and can’t sleep. You are having nightmares, and are restless. Maybe you are waking up with hives, or itching during the day for what seems like no reason. Your brain is in a fog, you feel dysfunctional, you can’t focus and you feel fatigued and just plain awful. You’ve done the reading, and you know you are starting menopause, so you think this is how you should feel and just get through it.

Your options seem to be to take HRT or to use herbal remedies, but you still itch and those hot flashes don’t stop.

Maybe though, you’ve been lucky enough to stumble, and I do mean stumble, over what really might be affecting you; high histamine levels brought on by the hormonal imbalance of menopause. In other words, you might be suffering from histamine intolerance. Basically, that means that what you eat is directly affecting how you feel. Foods high in histamine are triggering allergy-like reactions in your body. For me it’s itching. Additionally, there is a strong link to high histamine levels and hot flashes. I can attest to that link too!

Once I discovered the link between hormones and histamine, and then understood the link between histamine and food, I started making major changes to my diet and started taking vitamin supplements to help bring down my high histamine levels and my life improved dramatically.

In a nutshell, histamine intolerance is a problem the body has handling excess histamine. Up until my hormones changed with menopause, my body had no problem with anything I ate. But now my body cannot handle histamine coming in from outside sources, with those outside sources being food. So it’s not an allergy to food per se. A doctor could do a scratch test (a common test for allergies) for spinach let’s say, but my skin won’t react. That’s because I am not allergic to the food, but the histamine in the food.

I still suffer from histamine intolerance, but I am now educated about the issue and can work to, if not recover from it completely, at least control it. My itching is at a minimum depending on my diet, and my hot flashes are non-existent. My mood is even and dare I say peaceful, and my focus on tasks is returning. I still get fatigued, but I’m a high school teacher so that’s a normal state of being, but I feel relatively normal again.

And I don’t feel crazy anymore. Before I discovered what was going on with my body I thought I was going crazy. Or that I had some awful disease!

Anyone who has histamine intolerance will tell you navigating through life is trickier. It takes a lot of work to maintain an itch free day. And there are many surprises along the way. (I’m going to have to live with some mildew on my bathroom caulking because I learned the hard way bleach lights me up like a fire cracker!) But knowing what it is and how to manage it makes life so much better.

What made me start this blog?

I guess you could say I had an itch to write! I always thought it would be the great American novel…

Anyway, the real story is that I was researching my itching for at least two months when I landed on a site talking about the link between menopause and its effect on rising histamine levels. It backed up what I had already known from other sources. But what I didn’t realize at first was that it was a site advertising a med for hot flashes. I clicked on the information page and was completely horrified.

The med had nothing to do with lowering histamine. Yes, it had Vitamin C which is a known antihistamine, but the other ingredients were too many syllables to remember. But one ingredient really infuriated me. MSG!

How many people have a problem with that chemical already? And to put it in something that is supposed to minimize hot flashes?! I was incensed!

Women need to be educated. High Histamine is hidden in the lists of things that can go haywire with our bodies during menopause. Most women might never make the connection between menopause and histamine. Pharmaceutical companies who know what the issue is should be working to help women, but they really just want to sell drugs.

So that was it. I’ve learned so much and feel so much better I wanted to share my knowledge. I haven’t had a hot flash at night in weeks. I was having six a night before I figured it out. I can’t imagine what I’d be like if I were taking a drug with MSG in it.

And one other thing I’ve noticed. I have not had mood swings since I started a low histamine diet in conjunction with vitamin supplements. There is a well documented link between high histamine and depression. I think there must be a link between high histamine and mood swings but I haven’t found that specific information documented yet.

I am a teacher by profession. This is just another chance to share and teach. So if you’ve fallen over my site in your search for relief, please leave a comment and let me know if I’ve helped. I figure if I help one person, then my time is well spent.

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860 comments on “Mission Statement
  1. LeAnne says:

    I have a question. We are all pretty positive the hives, rashes and lack of hormones are linked together. And low hormones means low histamine. I see a lot of people taking things to help rid the flare ups, but has anyone tried taking something natural to build up their hormones so that the body will produce it’s own anti histamine.

    • I personally don’t believe in altering what your hormones are trying to do. Your body is wanting to change the hormone levels. It makes more sense to me to accommodate the changes with food and nutrition that supports that change.

      Once you bring your body back into balance you won’t have hives anymore. My blog discusses all of this in great detail.

      But as I’ve said, I am not a doctor and this is just my opinion. I think big pharma’s need to control a woman’s body is what’s made women suffer. Take control with diet and lifestyle changes and let your body do what it needs to do to transition.

      But that’s just me…

      • K. Martin says:

        I stumbled onto this blog while going through a very frustrating search for what has been causing these hives I’ve been plagued with. It has taken me almost 6 months to figure out the correlation between hormones and hives thanks to your website. Thank you!! I’m 52 and have gone now 2 months without a period, and on and off pryor to that. Last summer we had an abundance of tomatoes in our garden so we were having tomato salads every day. I saw these welts appear on my body thinking I had mosquito bites. It got worse by the week and extremely uncomfortable. My sister saw them all over my stomach and said “those are hives, not bug bites”. And so the mystery has unfolded. I pay the price when I have tomatoes, possibly wine, avocado and who knows what else, but at least I know what’s going on now. Thank you so much for this blog of yours.

      • Melanie says:

        Hello Everyone, I am back to give you an update. Ok, for some reason, my shoulder got inflamed and I think it was because I was taking too much omega 3(Krill Oil) and Omega 6(black currant seed oil) together so I had to reduce my dose of the black currant seed oil to 2 pills a day of 600 mg each instead of 3 pills per day. Unfortunately,, the itching came back. But I have even better news. I read that itching is associated with the liver and also hypothyroidism which I have. So I bought some milk thistle and have been taking that. In the middle of all of this, I was getting some sort of UTI infection so I started taking the OLIVIUS olive leaf extract (which is supposed to be good for UTI infections) that I had ordered awhile ago but had not taken it yet. Well after a day or 2, my itching has completely stopped. What is really amazing is that I would always get itchy after taking my progesterone compounded capsule and also my nature throid which I thought would still happen after taking my supplements but that stopped also. It has been 4 days and I barely have an itch, if very slight. I honestly do not know if it is the milk thistle extract by Gaia herbs or if it is the Olive Leaf Extract by Olivius or a combination of both or a combo of this with the black seed currant oil. My gut tells me it might be the Olive leaf extract as I read some other comments on this website that it has helped some women with the itching. If the Olive Leaf Extract is working, does that mean we need to take an adrenal supplement? I hate to add more supplements into the mix but I guess I could get tested for adrenal fatigue. I am just thrilled not to be itching. Maybe for other women out there, try the olive leaf extract first and see if that works and if not, maybe the combination of the olive leaf extract, milk thistle and black seed current oil, but I think the olive leaf extract is what really worked. I could only see a place to post a reply on this website but not a comment so that is why my post is showing up here I guess.

      • Lynns says:

        I completely agree. I too suffer with hives and even eczema, that I keep under control with a cream from my dermatologist, and am currently menopausal, but have refused HRT. However, during a severe flare-up of the eczema on my hands, I was on prednisone for a while. That’s when the hives came back. And I say “came back” because I used to suffer from hive outbreaks in my 20’s. Then they mysteriously went away and didn’t bother me again until now (I’m 52). I’m wondering if being on the steroids for a while for the eczema flare-up is what triggered the hives to come out of hiding. While the eczema is cleared up for now (it’s a chronic condition and could come back at any time) I’m now dealing with the hives. Antihistamines and calamine lotion is what I use for relief.

        Your article was a very interesting read and I plan to do a little research into these ‘histamine foods’ to see if what I’m eating could be a possible cause as well.

        Thanks for writing this. I’m glad I stumbled upon it.

      • Melanie says:

        Hello Lynn,

        I have not written in awhile as I was on vacation. I noticed that I started taking an adrenal supplement at the suggestion of a natural doctor. At first I took one capsule but then went up to 2. I noticed that most of the medicines that made me itch such as progesterone, advil and vicodin occasionally for pain did not make me itchy anymore. I thought it was the olive leaf which might have helped but I have stopped that. When I was just taking 1 adrenal it was not doing much but I started taking 2 adrenal supplements and I think it has really stopped a lot of this crazy itching. I also noticed that the dizziness I get from supplements has mostly stopped as well. I think there is something to this adrenal fatigue. They say if you fix the adrenals, then your hypothyroidism will be normal so we will see. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so I will let you know what my next blood tests show. I think a lot of post menopausal women have adrenal fatigue. I do take a lot of other supplements such as Vitamin D3, Calcium, tumeric, probiotics, black currant seed oil, Solgar #7 for joints, bio identical hormones, The adrenal supplement might just be the key. Good Luck!

    • Julie says:

      Thank you so much for the info. I’m very new on my path toward peri menopause and woke up the other day with hives all over my legs and hips. It drove me crazy trying to make a connection with whatever I may have been eating or using topically that my body was reacting too. Your post gave me a clear direction to follow.

    • Melanie says:

      I think I can help. For 2 years now, I have been fighting intense itching and hives since I went post menopausal, especially on my wrists and calves. I cleaned up my diet whereas I eat pretty much organic(dairy free and wheat free) with some food sensitivities that I have to be careful of as well as some medications. I lost 25 pounds from this without even trying, I went on the bio identical hormones as my symptoms were terrible and I could not enjoy life, even with the natural remedies, but still the constant itching/hives after eating or medication. Somehow, I stumbled upon Black Currant Seed Oil which I actually started taking because of the GLA which helps to keep my weight down. Well, low and behold, most of my itching completely stopped on the outside of my skin and the hives stopped. Just so you know, I do not work for this company as I am a realtor. I bought the Solaray brand of Black Seed Oil as it was the only one that Whole Foods Market carries. . I take 3 softgels per day of 600 mg per gel. That is a total of 1800 mg per day which would be 90 mg of gamma linolenic acid per soft gel so a total of 270 mg of Gamma Linolenic Acid per day. I believe it is the GLA that is helping the atopic dermatititis-itchiness and hives- because if you read about it, that is the part that helps. I would like to explain that I was on the Evening Primrose Oil for the GLA before but I was still itching. The black seed currant oil has a higher amount of the GLA so that is why it is helping I guess and the Evening Primrose Oil did not. The Borage Oil has the highest amount but I did not choose it because of possible toxicity to the liver even though they are hexane free, the internet still seems to be nervous about it. But the black currant seed oil is working and safe for me so no need to use the Borage. I am writing this to help other women that are suffering from this as I am an avid researcher and have tried everything I can find to stop the itching. I also researched that this is caused by an overactive immune system so I also ordered the Reishi mushroom extract from Perfectifungi.com This is supposed to modulate or balance the immune systems so we do not get this reaction. I have just received it but have not taken it yet. I will come back and post after I take it for a few days to see if it did anything or not. Honestly, once I feel better, I don’t like to upset the apple cart, however , being the researcher that I am, I am trying to find a cure. The Black Seed Currant Oil has really been a Godsend for me but I am sure I will still have setbacks or slight itchiness, so I would like to find a cure. I am hoping that the Reishi mushroom will do the trick, but we shall see. I will come back and post after I start taking it. I don’t know what other people are taking and as always consult you doctor if you feel you need to before trying anything. I will tell you that I did this on my own as the doctors could not help me except to take antihistamines which sometimes I need, but I do not want to take these the rest of my life. I hope my story might help someone, but swim at your own risk or consult a doctor before trying anything.

      • Erika says:

        I’m laying in bed once again, almost 3 am sweating and itching! Hives all over my body- they are constant under my armpits and seem to change. For a couple days it’ll be really bad behind my legs and now have moved to my entire torso! I’ve been itching for 2 months straight and FINALLY gave in and have a dermatologist appt in the morning. As I lay here in bed I googled menapause and hives and low and behold all kinds of links popped up! I’m relieved I found this before my appt bc I want to to see what he says before I mention this info. I’ll be 47 in a couple weeks but have had no period in a year. I feel this is early and I’m very healthy. The itching has gotten so bad that my arm pits are raw! I can’t take this much longer! I’m so grateful for this blog- I feel like at least I have a start and I refuse to be brushed off by a dr! We shall see- looking forward to a new day with answers and the start to NO MORE ITCHING! Thank you soooo much for your info.

      • Don’t be surprised if the doctor doesn’t know about histamine intolerance or thinks you’re wrong. Many times we have to take healing into our own hands.

        Good luck, stay strong, and heal yourself!


      • Jeani says:

        TY Melanie- going to try the Black Currant Seed oil.

    • Linda says:

      I just wanted to weigh-in for those who are just beginning their journey trying to figure out why they are having chronic hives. This is a great site, as are many others dealing with histamine intolerance. I am sure there are many suffering from just that, however, a word of caution is in order…and here is the reason why:
      My chronic hives began in September, 2015. They started out as annoying and just a few days after an acute, intensely stressful situation. That situation came on the heels of a very stress-filled two years and extremely stressful summer. I didn’t know it at the time, but my hives became chronic.
      After having hives for longer than three weeks, I started looking into the cause of chronic hives, which led me to this site along with several others. I learned a lot and thought I had found the answer, especially because so many of the other sites and reasons for chronic hives did not fit my experience.
      I have always been lean, healthy, athletic, so this episode took me completely off guard. Of course, after reading reams of information on histamine intolerance, I decided to go on the HIT diet. It is extremely limiting, but I did it anyway. I lost 10 lbs. within the first two months, which I really could not afford to do. I had no energy due to the weight loss and the sleep loss as my hives continued to worsen, especially at night. I read more, dieted more, and took supplements, but still the hives worsened.
      I will cut it off there and just say that after doing more research, I decided to cut out all grains–I was only eating low histamine ones allowed on the diet. After just a few days of dropping the carbs, my hives disappeared. I then consulted a nutritionist who informed me that my pH was off because the stress had caused my body to become too acidic. She said that can breed yeast infections, allergies, and a host of other ailments. I thought she was on to something as I have always had acidic digestive reactions when stressed.
      The nutritionist talked to me about lowering my intake of acid-producing foods, upping the alkaline-producing ones, and taking the right supplements to rebuild my body’s balance.
      I started doing all this five days ago and am still not eating carbs from grains or high glycemic foods. I eat mostly vegetables, olive oil, lean meats, avocado, and almond butter. My hives are disappearing and I am sleeping through the night without episodes. I can again wear sleeveless clothes because my arms are no longer red and scaly like a reptile’s.
      And so…I am writing this because I realize now that the HIT diet was actually counter-productive for me. The foods, such as grains, were acid producing and the weight I lost was detrimental on all levels. Be careful with this diet as you might not be histamine intolerant.
      Proceed with caution and consult a nutritionist before embarking on such a stringent diet!

      • A proper elimination diet is made up of nutrient dense foods. The variety of foods might be limited, but their nutritional value should be high. There are many low histamine and anti inflammatory foods a histamine intolerant person can eat while trying to figure out triggers. If done right, weight loss should not be a major issue. And an elimination diet is only a temporary stage in the healing process.

    • Yee Boon says:

      Try Artemisia leaves or Chinese magnoliavine. Both could just mixed with hot water. Drink it when it is lukewarm. I have just taken it for few days and it help to reduce the itch tremendously. Coupled with morning exercise (Do not bath immediately, my chinese doctor advices the best is 2 hours later after exercise).

      Good luck.

  2. Pamela Williams says:

    Big Thank You!!!!

  3. Jacqui hartley says:

    Thanks for this. I read about histamine and menopause in a very old leaflet of my mothers., I have angiodema in my neck. Bloods ok. Glands/thyroid normal. Itching burning tingly neck. Swelling in neck. In the upper dermis. Lump / pressure in throat. I’m going back to doctor to suggest histamine levels are checked. Etc. Every woman should know. HRT stopped flushes but I thought it had caused the angiodema so came off it but 6 weeks on no change in neck symptoms.

  4. Betty says:

    First of all, THANK YOU for this blog!! I thought my body had gone crazy. Could you share some of your diet and vitamin suggestions?

  5. beaulapage says:

    If i am having hot flushes but not itching & no rashes etc, then i guess my flushes aren’t due to high histamine?

  6. 1066hypno says:

    PS I have always had a strong reaction to insect bites though

    • See there might just be a connection there for you.

      • 1066hypno says:

        Thank you for the help. How about DAO supplements? I have also read that nettles (supplements) help too :/

      • Nettles made me itch but they help a lot of people. I never took DAO because I am vegetarian and it’s made from animal parts. But others have also found success with it.

        As you can see, everyone’s healing is a very individual path.

      • 1066hypno says:

        Thank you. Both DAOsin & Histame/Histamin Block are very expensive i think so i will try the olive leaf first. I already take enzymes (HCI & pepsin) 3x a day, iron, holy basil, probiotics, vit C powder, multi vit/min, fish oils (maybe i should stop those?), magnesium, vit D2 drops, every day, and low dose naltrexone apx 2mg every night. I was taking natural dessicated thyroid for a few months because of Hashimoto’s but i don’t seem to need it now (going for a blood test soon to check): i will stay gluten free though. All menopausal things which are meant to help many women (such as sage, soya, hops, phyto-oestrogens etc) have all made the flushes worse 🙂

  7. beaulapage says:

    Hi there, i took my first olive leaf extract capsule this morning and maybe it’s co-incidence but my flushes are worse than they have been for a long time today (i feel ok otherwise though). Is it normal to get worse before getting better using this supplement?
    I think i should add that i have tried many other supplements which many other women have felt better on (sage tincture, hops extract, maca, soya, progesterone cream, FX menopause – not at the same time) and flushes have been worse on all of them. I can’t take black cohosh because of the potential side-effects on the liver (i had cancer and some chemo 14/15 years ago).

    • I would say if you try it for a day or two and you feel that your flashes are consistently worse, than don’t use it. There is such a thing as a healing crisis, but I don’t think it would happen that quickly. I’ve reacted to many things that were supposed to be great for other women. This is what makes this such an individual journey!

      • beaulapage says:

        OK i will see if i can tolerate it – it might be co-incidence. I have been reading about Herxheimer’s reaction but as you say it might be a bit soon for that. They started being bad about two hours after taking the capsule. I reckon by the time i have tried everything, and probably bankrupted my savings(!), they will stop all by themselves 🙂

    • Helen says:

      Maca gave me hot flashes – and I was only 34 when I tried it! My husband tried it and it made him very aggressive angry all the time. It is supposed to naturally raise your testosterone.

  8. Lisa says:

    OMG, I thought I was going crazy. I had a TAH-BSO three weeks ago and just over a week ago I started itching. Also feel like my esophagus has something stuck in it. I went to the doctor and she told me to take Reactine once a day and Ranitidine twice a day. That does control the itching for the most part (my hands and feet still itch like crazy) but how long can I stay on that. I am anxious to explore the rest of your blog to learn how I might control this. I feel like a total diet change is in order (which can be so hard to do). Wish me luck. BTW, hot flashes have not been that bad…yet!! I wonder if going on Estrogen replacement would help with the itching?

  9. Chris says:

    Thank you for your research. This information has helped me greatly with my itching and hot flashes.

  10. Jessy John says:

    Thank you so much for your article. I had doubts that my histamine intolerance might be linked to menopause and you have just confirmed that. I haven’t really started menopause yet.. This might be a precursor. However this is very educative.
    I have been grappling with this itching issue and recently came to know that it is due to histamine intolerance.
    Do you still follow a low histamine diet? I am quite upset that I have to forego some of my favorite foods.. yoghurt, coffee etc.

    • I do not still follow a low histamine diet. I did not add a few foods back in because I’m still a little sensitive to them and I stay away from processed foods with additives. Alcohol is still a problem. But other than that I eat whatever I want.

      You can heal this! I’m the proof.

  11. vicky says:

    hi thank you
    it been a year and i have been passed on from doctor to doctor with no answers ,i kept telling them that my hives are connected with me being pre menopausal ,they still feel that there is no link but i know there is a significant link .i need advice on how to teat it ,your blog has really helped

  12. Angela says:

    Hi i searched for ‘can antihistamines help hot flushes’ and came across your page. Im in my menopause terrible hot flushes and have developed itchy arms and a rash for past 2 wks doing or eating nothing different so purchased antihistamines and have noticed that my hot flushed seem less not gone but definitely improved. Good luck

  13. Angela says:

    What would be wrong with taking a antihistamine tab every day

    • There has been much written here and on many other sites about the side effects of taking them. I’m on my way to work now so I don’t have time to find all the information for you, but do a little Google search or search the low histamine chefs site.

      If you can avoid them, I always suggest you do. I think you should find your triggers, don’t just mask the problem. But I’m not a doctor and you have to do what’s best for yourself.

      • angela says:

        why not just take antihistamine tablets

      • They only mask the symptoms. They don’t heal anything. If you want to heal you have to figure out what’s making you itch.

      • Melanie says:

        Hello Angela, I want to get off the antihistamines as I think it is better to find the solution than just treat the symptoms as it is not solving the problem. The Olive Leaf Extract by Olivus seems to be working for me as I have been itch free for 4 days now.

      • angela says:

        hi, ive found that the antihistamines have helped with my hot flushes as well as the itchy arms and not sure what other products would combat both. Problem is i’m not sure if you can take them long term.

      • Olive leaf extract works for both.

      • Melanie says:

        Hello Angela , I have been on the bio identical hormones for 2 years now due to unbearable hot flashes and heart palpitations and they have helped me tremendously. I have researched them and have found out that they are more helpful in preventing diseases rather than causing problems. You can read more about it on the Suzanne Sommers website. I also went dairy free and wheat gluten free and buy mostly organic foods and even prepared foods from Whole Foods Market. There are many tasty alternatives so I don’t miss wheat or dairy at all. Dairy is one of the biggest causes of inflammation in the body so best to stay away. The only thing that did not go away was this constant itching concentrated on my wrists, calves and feet. I would get itch, especially from medication and then scratch and they turn into red bumps like hives and would not go away. It took me 2 years to figure this out but it is now day 5 and no itchiness after taking the Olive Leaf Extract-Unbelievable! I am kind of in shock as I have tried so many supplements. I have had no side effect from it either as apparantly it is very safe and effective. It can lower blood pressure a little so just monitor your blood pressure. I can now get off the antihistamines which is so wonderful. The doctor did tell me that antihistamines are safe long term but I don’t believe them as they could not help me. I took them and I still itched anyways. But with the Olive Leaf, no itching so far. I will come back and give an update in a few days to make sure it is still working.

  14. Andrea Elbaune says:

    I am so glad I came across your blog! I thought I was going crazy or it was just job stress. But, I have been stressed at work before and never had HIVES!! It has been since September – sometimes at work and sometimes when I get home or driving home. Just cannot stop itching. No hot flashes. Just HIVES. Then they go as quickly as they came. I have been taking a Benadryl thinking it was maybe an allergy to something. Then, driving to work it hit me that it may be menopause related. Any recommendations on what works. Oh, I am 55 years old so know it is in the right age bracket!!

  15. Lisa Braner says:

    Fantastic thanks for your help you are an angel!

  16. I just wanted to leave an update. I too was having really bad issues with swelling and chronic hives and a host of other problems like neurological symptoms, flushing, fainting, food and drug allergies, endometriosis, IBS, etc. Long story short, I have now been diagnosed with mast cell disease. In my case it is bone marrow biopsy confirmed monoclonal mast cell disease at this point (and possibly systemic mastocytosis).

    Again, I have always been ill with various inflammatory diseases but then I developed really bad hives, swelling and ‘histamine intolerance’ symptoms that began to get worse after I messed with hormone creams a few years ago. Many things including fluctuating hormone levels (think perimenopause!) trigger mast cell degranulation so I highly suggest anyone with hives and swelling and food/drug sensitivities be evaluated for mast cell disease.

    Even though it is ‘rare’, the experts believe this is only because it is extremely underdiagnosed. Your doctor may not know about it. It took me finding an immunologist who recently graduated who knew exactly what I was dealing with only because he read about it in school. And he was right! After 44 years of looking for answers as to why I’ve been chronically ill, I found mine and it has been confirmed through clinical testing as I said.

    I have been blogging about my journey over at The Empty Nest Housewife if anyone is interested. Good luck ladies, this is a very, very complicated road we’re all on regardless of what’s causing it but we’re in it together!

    xo Michelle Dellene

    • Now that you know what it is you can really heal.

      And for others reading this, histamine intolerance is similar in that the mast cells break open and release histamine into the system. The reasons for that happening might be different but the results are the same.

      Thank you for sharing.


    • Melanie says:

      Good Luck to you Michelle in dealing with the Mast Cell issues as it sounds like you have got it on the run. I had these chronic hives and was tested for mast cell also but I did not have it. I think it is from hypothyroidism and lack of hormones. Strangely enough I get itchy when i take my compounded progesterone at night but that is the end of it now. I I did get off of wheat, dairy and processed sugar and only eat organic which helped me tremendously as well as getting on the bio identical hormones. I feel like myself again. I just recently found a histmaine degrading probiotic by Natren probiotics which is vegan so there is no dairy in it. That seems to be helping me to control the itching quite a bit. I wonder if that would help you. I also started on the OLIVE LEAF MAX CAPSULES by Olivius which also helped a lot with the itching.
      Maybe try those as well. I wish you well! Melanie

  17. Aleisa Unger says:

    I can’t even express how ecstatic I am to have come across your blog! My story just began recently a d I’ve bee so worried!

  18. Laura says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. I am petimenapausal and have developed hives for no apparent reason and I itch all over frequently. This info is helpful because now I can research foods high in histamine and see if aliminiating those foods helps. Thanks again!

  19. Michelle says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for writing this story. I’ve been suffering with hives and hot flashes for several weeks and feeling miserable! It all started with chronic hives over a year ago. After numerous ER visits and an appointment with my PCP revealed that I had too much histamine in my body. The benedryl that I had been taking was no longer working for the itching (my body had become resistant to it), the doctor gave me a prescription for famotidine. This seemed to ward the hives off for about a month, but they have reoccurred. Also, I have new symptoms of horrible hot flashes (day/night), sleeplessness and more! Reading your article not only was I able to identiy with, but it has give me great insight on what could possibly be going on in regards to my situation. My doctors have never even considered that this (menopause/hormones) could be the case and evaluate what can be done to alleviate my discomfort. After reading your article I now have something that I can present and question when I talk with my doctor at my next appointment. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.



    • I’m glad I could help. Don’t be surprised if your doctor doesn’t give the theory much weight. They are vastly uneducated about it. Do yourself a favor and read my articles starting with the index of posts on the current thoughts tab and cure yourself. Don’t wait for a doctor to help you with this. Start healing today.


  20. Danica says:

    I had 2 attacks last November, I got the rash like an allergic reaction all over my body and I hadn’t ingested anything different, I read some of your information and realized it was my hot flashes that were triggering me. I didn’t have another reaction until yesterday, this time it was worse and I even became a bit swollen, I went to the ER and they knew little about the correlation between my hormones triggering my histamines but were open to considering it as thew as nothing else that really made sense. I think that the fact that I have been under an insane amount of stress the last couple of days is what triggered it. Does anyone else notice a correlation between stress and attacks?

  21. Sharryn says:

    Interesting, I’m 52, periods have stopped since February, 2016, my arms some days itch to pieces
    And sometimes there is burning sensation but
    Mostly like bugs or mozzies have hatched under
    The skin of my arms and want to borrow out. Other
    Times it’s like someone is stabbing me with a voodoo doll pin. I’ve been to general practitioners,
    Had one dose of cortisone, tablets horrible.
    Doctors don’t understand. The itching has been since my periods have stopped. What should I eat being vegetarian, is there a miracle organic plant I could use

    • There are no miracles to be offered. Only advice. Start here to understand what needs to be done to heal:

      I think I’m histamine intolerant so what do I do now? | The menopause histamine connection

    • Melanie says:

      Hello Sharryn,,I have the same itching all over as well. I have managed to keep it under control with bio identical hormones and diet being gluten, dairy and white processed sugar free WHICH GOT RID OF ALL THE PAIN IN MY BODY and also supplements. It was hard at first but once I started eating healthy, it came easy and I don’t crave the other things. There are plenty of gluten and dairy free foods including sweets and ice cream made with almond or coconut milk that are just as delicious. I also lost 20 pounds without even trying and always shop at Whole Foods Market. I thought the Olive Leaf extract was helping me with the itching but not sure if it did as i had some die off mild symptoms so I stopped for awhile. I am also hypothyroidism which can cause itching. Have you had your thyroid checked? I am on nature throid but I was reading that if you have a thyroid issue, you also have to nourish the adrenals as adrenal deficiency (which will not show up on your blood tests) can cause allergy type symptoms or increase them. I just started taking an adrenal supplement and I am not itching as much as I was, so i think it is helping. GAIA HERBS HAS A GOOD ONE FOR THE ADRENALS-THIS MIGHT HELP YOU THE MOST. I DON’T THINK YOU HAVE TO BE HYPOTHYROID EITHER TO GET THE BENEFIT. You should google it and read up on it. I also take 5000 mg of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin as well as Krill oil and black currant seed oil with GLA(gamma linolic acid} Now, one thing that is really weird is I live in Florida but I work inside on my computer a lot and one day I went to the pool with my girlfriend and noticed that the itching stopped after an hour. I thought it might be the olive leaf but then I read somewhere that this happened to someone else that was getting hives. It seems to be that just 20 minutes of natural sunlight will also help with this itching as I guess it works even better than just the supplement of Vitamin D as most people are deficient in vitamin D. You do have to wait a few hours after before you shower I read for the sunlight on your skin to get the benefit so keep that in mind. So I am not sure if this will help but I have had a very long journey of trying to heal myself from this itching as I am a big researcher. I think the olive leaf extract might help also but I am testing the adrenal supplement first to see if most of my itching stops and then I will address the olive leaf extract. You can also get the olive leaf extract in a tea if you like tea. I also forgot to mention that since I am hypothyroid, even though I am on nature throid, I started a thyroid supplement as well from Gaia herbs as it adds the iodine in to heal the thyroid gland so that could be helping me as well, not sure. At this point, I am a guinea pig just trying to get myself better. I hope this info helps. I always tell everyone to swim at their own risk as everyone is different. This is what is working for me. I will post again in a few weeks after being on the adrenal supplement longer. Good Luck to you!

    • Robyn says:

      Hi Sharryn
      interesting, my itching started not long after my last period too!! so glad I found this page.

  22. Robyn says:

    Thanks for the very informative page, it is interesting reading through everyone’s posts and finding answers or ideas which may help.
    I am 49 and have suffered from the itchy forearms now since Jan/Feb of 2012, December 2011 was my last period. At that time I believe I had been going through peri-menopause for several years unaware.
    At that same time I also developed a severely sore lower back and had to give up several shifts at different sites I was working (as both a Supervisor and Commercial Cleaner). I went to my Doctor to be told that I basically just had degeneration of the spine due to ageing, and also any previous injuries to my back (over my life) had contributed to this spinal degeneration.
    I have read of different theories out there and different symptoms, and it does seem to affect us ladies more, which is why your page makes so much more sense. I also read of the link between neck and spinal injuries, so our problem could very well be a combination of all these factors.
    One very interesting thing I have discovered (although not yet sure of the link or reason) is that in January of 2015, I went to my Doctor complaining about my weight gain and lifelong thyroid issues, (been Hypothyroid since the age of 5 when they discovered my gland didn’t work at all). My Doctor prescribed me Duramine, (the Australian equivalent) and during that 3 months of taking Duramine, my forearms never itched once, and actually healed up. How odd?
    I wonder what the connection there might be, since Duramine or any diet pills similar are metabolism stimulants, and appetite suppressants. They also work primarily on the Central Nervous System so this is definitely significant in some way, since a lot of our itching is down to hormonal and nervous system issues.
    Let me know your thoughts.
    Thanks for being able to share mine.

  23. J. Joiner says:

    Is it common to break out in these hives in the same place every time? It happens twice a year always on my ears and neck and also along the lower sides of my cheeks. It usually lasts about four weeks and makes my life very miserable. Seems to happen the same area I have started to get malasma anytime I get around the sun. It all seems to point to some type of hormone imbalance.

    • Short answer for me was yes. I itch or get hives in the same place every time. And where I itched mattered. Legs were lower histamine level but arms my level was at its highest.

      I had some melasma on my forehead when I was perimenopausal, but it faded long ago. Not sure why some women suffer with it and some it goes away. I’ll have to do some research.

  24. Amy says:

    Hi Ladies, I have been through some of your same problems for about 5 + years, now I’m 51. I’ve never spent any time on the bc pill because it made me feel bad and later I researched and suspect its synthetic hormones cause cancer; my opinion. I tried herbs like Vitex, etc. and read what doctors said about eating more flax seed and soy which made my symptoms worse. My theory is that peri-menopause can have HUGE surges of Estrogens. So my strategy is letting my body fix itself by giving it what it needs.

    The first thing I figured out was too much sugar was causing my hormone imbalances (duh)!
    I got off all the herbs and started taking Thrive, a 3 step multi-vitamin (yes I sell it), added excercise including light weights, half a generic benydryl at night with melatonin. Extra zinc x3 per week, extra vitamin C and better diet. Another thing that can help balance hormones is Omega-3. It enables your hypothalamus to talk to you pituitary gland, or something like that.

    Please get a really high quality multi-vitamin because your B vitamins are so important too. The Thrive takes away my sugar & carb cravings and gives me energy, improves sleep, mood, aids digestion, and mental clarity. Le-vel Thrive. If I were just writing this to sell it I would list my name and web site.

    Btw I am also not taking bio-identical hormones yet, but probably will try if Macafem isn’t enough when I get older. R+F Redefine mask really helps my complexion (clean your face beforehand), but I did not like it at first. Hang in there! Good luck and hope your suffering is more manageable soon. You are not alone.

  25. Dawn Mimnagh says:

    Hello, I’m 48 and have various reactions to pollen throughout the years – allergic asthma for instance. In the last few years I have noticed that I feel very anxious in the summer and finally realised it is when the pollen count is high. I am an anxiety sufferer anyway, but it never used to be related to the summer. In fact, I used to feel worse in winter.
    I have had night sweats for years but no hot flashes yet and I still have periods. But I guess there might be some histamine connection?

    • 48 puts you into the perimenopausal years so this might be why your symptoms have increased. If you have asthma and allergies you’re already dealing with high histamine. Your hormonal fluctuations might be pumping up the volume!

      Read up on my blog on the ways you might be able to get in all under control and heal yourself.


  26. Me says:

    Your time was well spent DLB,
    and I thank you.

    I’m 48.8 and here’s what
    happened to me.

    Suddenly, both of my knees
    weren’t functional.

    I’m active and walk about
    10k steps a day.

    I had to sit in my chair
    For three weeks !!!

    I thought it was just from being
    Over active, but now I think it’s
    HISTIMINE causing inflamation.

    I decided to soak my knees in
    Lavender Epson salt .

    What happen next,
    Seemed life threatening.

    Suddenly, my upper back
    Had a knot in it
    And if I sat down or lay down
    Felt like I was being electrocuted .
    I was also dizzy if I try to lay down .

    I went through this a few days
    Until I saw my doctor.
    He wasn’t sure and thought
    I needed an MRI but I
    Could not lay down for it.
    They have standup MRI’s now,
    but they wanted to do my brain.

    My husband could not believe
    what was happening to me.

    When I would pause to eat
    typically a tomato sandwich
    all healthy.

    I would have a four hour episode
    Where my entire body ached.
    My throat swelled up
    it felt like I had vapors
    in my chest in brain.
    My knees hurt
    Felt like I was being electrocuted
    I felt like I couldn’t go on a moment
    longer and yet I had to endure 4 hours
    of intensity. Even after it subsided
    I was still left with inflammation
    That cause my whole body to ache.

    I was trying to connect the dots
    Why I was suddenly falling apart
    When I’m a healthy girl ?

    I said to myself I’m allergic to food ?

    That’s when I found you straightaway !
    I felt it was a gift from God to read
    What you explained.

    So after about four or five days now
    Of eating a low histamine diet
    Things like sweet potatoes, rice cakes,
    onions, Zucchini, carrots, cucumbers
    I’m even getting by with canned beans.
    Quinoa, long grain white rice
    or brown rice, rye crisps.

    I will adhere to the two-week
    Diet of no histamine Foods.

    I still have dizziness
    when I lay down. It is better.
    I can actually sleep more than
    one hour now.

    Oh and on Mother’s Day
    I thought I had my first
    Hot flash … Now I know
    I did not . I think I was
    Reacting to the histamine
    In the fish and also my
    Nightly Jason orange Face cream !
    I love to that cream but I can’t use it
    At the moment. I gave it to my
    husband. It smells incredibly good.
    Oranges are a no no

    I’m probably leaving out parts
    But I wanted to get this out
    And say that perhaps
    Perimenopause and histamine
    Do you not mix
    It can cause inflammation
    Which makes you have problems
    In so many ways .
    It’s not worth it
    So, eat a healthy Low histamine
    Diet and enjoy the new weight-loss.
    Oh, because I had to give up
    my delicious coffee. And green tea
    Not on the list either .. I’ve settled for
    Ginger tea and I mix Virgin coconut
    Oil in it because I was lacking some fat in my diet The end

  27. Sinead says:

    Hi ladies,

    I am back to tell you that I am able to have an itch free life (almost) by eliminating certain foods. Also, and more importantly the urticaria associated with this stage of my life has been greatly reduced by attending regular acupuncture sessions. There is a light, you just might have to try different avenues to see what works best for you.

  28. Judy Moore says:

    I accidentally came across this this blog mainly because i have been frantically searching what could be going on with me. I’m 52 and have never had a hot flash or have missed a cycle yet. I have an appointment with my gyno to check my hormone levels . My problem has been going on for several months, hives after being in the sun and what feels like a chemical burn on my face with intense itching. Can stress bring this on, i lost my daughter suddenly 2 years ago and have my granddaughter who was 4 at the time. i have always worked out daily and feel like that helps me with my stress. Any suggetions would be greatlly appreciated.

    • Yes stress can be part of the root of your issue. Search the word cortisol on my blog to find all that I’ve written about it. Cortisol is the hormone that gets pushed up that can throw the rest of your system out of balance when stressed.

      But at 52, you’re probably in perimenopause, maybe for years already, so your body is already imbalanced.

      Read on. This blog’s for you!


  29. Karen says:

    I am going through menopause. I also started getting these itchy welts about 3weeks ago. Dermatologist said it was hives. Gave me antihistamines and creams. The hives calmed down a little. But now she is sending me to an allergist. How do I learn about what not to eat for too much histamine and what to take for hot flashes. This is being a nightmare.

  30. Thankservice because I’m itching like crazy
    And have not seen a period in the months so I maybe going through mentalpause….
    What type of vitamins are you taking to help out…..

  31. Heather says:

    I have been battling with hives since switching to bioidentical hormones 4 mos. ago. I was on birth control prior to switching to manage my hormones but did not have hives. The naturopath also put me on a thyroid med but that seemed to make the hives worst, tried 3 different type of thyroid meds and still had the hives so I stopped. What are your thoughts on birth control vs. bioidenticals?

    • I’m the wrong person to ask. I do not use hormones. I believe I can control and support my body with diet and exercise. Getting the proper nutrients is everything to me. And I’m way past needing birth control!


    • Melanie says:

      Heather, the bio identical hormones helped me tremendously as I had terrible post menopausal symptoms but I did get itching when I took the progesterone not the estradiol. They had me on 100 mg of progesterone. I went to another naturepath doctor that was also a pharmacist. He lowered the dosage of my progesterone but he also made me a hypo allergenic lozenge and my itching was much less. But the good news is most recently, I started taking an adrenal supplement-2 capsules a day(main ingredient was licorice root) and I noticed that my itching has completely stopped as well as my constant dizziness from foods and supplement. I did read somewhere that when you have adrenal fatigue that it can cause allergies or sensitivites to foods and meds. Also, I read that you can heal your thyroid by supporting your adrenals. I do not know if this is true yet, but I do take nature-throid for my hypothyroidism. The thyroid meds used to make me itch, but since taking this adrenal supplement(2 capsules a day), that has stopped as well. I hope this helps. Are you hypo or hyper? I will also tell you that I started taking a liquid Vitamin D3 supplement as well as laying out in the sun for 20 minutes a day as I read also that D3 will help stop the itching. I believe it did help, but I am thinking the adrenal supplement for me seems to be the magic bullet at least right now. Or, it could be the combo. I imagine we all have stressed out adrenals at this age. I have been dealing with this itching for 3 years and I am so happy to be itch free. Please let me know how you are doing!

      • I write extensively about adrenal fatigue and its connection to the itching and intolerance. I’d have to search through the blog to find the posts, but if you have time you can find them. There is a search box on the page.


      • Melanie says:

        Oh, that is great and I would love to read it. I have had a little trouble making my way around the website as I see my posts sometimes further down in the posts like I did not do it correctly or not in the right order by date. Ok, let me look for that.

      • Melanie says:

        HI Dale, do you think it is the licorice extract in the adrenal supplement that stops the hives or somthing else? Just curious.

      • I would have to see all of the ingredients. But I always stayed away from licorice because it’s estrogenic.

      • Heather says:

        I am on 200mg of progesterone and was getting that from Fred Meyer’s but my naturapath just switched it to a compound pharmacy and I have been taking that for about a week. The itching seems better. I am hypo and was prescribed Phyto ADR by Pure about 2 mos. ago. Take one capsule a day. I have also been taking a strong probiotic as well as a liver support for 2 mos. too. I just wonder if it could be the estrogen but that is done by a compound pharmacy as well. I am waiting again for my test results for hormone levels a well as allergy testing. This is getting crazy expensive. Do you mind sharing with me what adrenal support you are taking? I read something about olive leaf extract but was unsure if it would interact with what I am currently on. Thank you for responding to my reply.

      • Melanie says:

        Hello again Heather, the progesterone has been associated with causing itching from what the compounding pharmacist told me so 200 mg does seem like a lot Are you on a cream or a pill? I think the creams have higher milligrams for some reason. I doubt it is the estrogen as I had it really bad and I could feel it right after I took the progesterone. I am taking Adrenal PX L_BP by Restorative Formulations but only a doctor can order that for you, but I am now switching to Gaia herbs Adrenal daily support because you are only supposed to take the other one for 6 to 8 weeks as it has a high licorice content to raise your blood pressure. Gaia Herbs is a very good natural company with very pure, organic ingredients and you can buy it at Whole Foods Market. I know about the expense, it is crazy! The only thing is this supplement does not have the licorice in it so I am hoping it will still work as I don’t think that the licorice is what stopped the itching but you never know If I start itching again once I start this , I will let you know, but I doubt it. I believe it is the adrenal support that is stopping the itching,not the licorice. Licorice is good for inflammation though so it is possible. You have to be careful with licorice if you have high blood pressure or kidney disease and only take it for 6 weeks. I am off to Whole Foods now to get my adrenal supplement. I will check this post when I get home to see if you have any other questions. I hope this helps.

      • Heather says:

        I am taking the pill form. I am anxious to see what my labs say next week. I will definitely look into the vitamin d3. I do live in Washington state but it has been very nice here.

      • Melanie says:

        Hi Heather, Ok, 200mg does seem like a lot. I was on a 100mg of progesterone and then I went to a compounding pharmacist/naturepath doctor and he has me doing saliva tests now that are supposed to be more accurate than blood tests for hormones. I am waiting to get that back and see what mg of progesterone he is going to put me on. I will get back to you on that. I also wanted to let you know that I stopped the adrenal supplement AdrenalPX L-BP because I made some calls and you are only supposed to take that one if you have low blood pressure for a max of 8 weeks and it had a large amount of licorice root extract which raises blood pressure and can deplete the body of potassium. I went and purchased the Adrenal Daily Support from Gaia Herbs yesterday at Whole Foods Market and am starting that today. I did call Gaia Herbs and they did not think it was the licorice that stopped the itching, they thought it was just the fact that you are supporting the adrenals. Remember, the doctors don’t really believe in adrenal fatigue so we have to do the research ourselves and be a guinea pig so to speak. Gaia Herbs also has one called JUMP START for the adrenals if you are in an acute stage which is one that you just take for 6 to 8 weeks to start and then you go on the Adrenal Daily Support so you will have to decide what is best for you depending on how tired you feel, etc. Again, I hope this helps. Always best to check with your doctor, however, they did not help me much, except for the bio identical hormones. I basically had to fix myself or I would be on all kinds of terrible meds if I listened to them. Good Luck to you and keep me posted.

      • Let me interject that there is no magic bullet to curing your itching if you think it is histamine intolerance. The hormonal imbalance triggers all kinds of cascading effects. The best way to heal is through nutrition. Supplements can help to support the body coming back into balance, but they cannot heal you alone. You must address nutrition.

        I encourage you to read my blog and the Low Histamine Chef’s blog if you think histamine intolerance is the issue. You can heal yourself without drugs and hormones in my opinion.

        But remember, I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.


      • Melanie says:

        Hello Dale, Yes I believe nutrition is important, however, I am very strict with my diet meaning I am wheat, dairy, white processed sugar and yeast free and very strict about it. I am one of the healthiest eaters out there and am familiar with the low histamine chef’s website and keep to a low histamine diet anyways. However, I noticed that the itching worsened when I became post menopausal and it wasn’t just one thing. I handled most of it through diet but I would still itch terribly when I had to take certain medications and supplements. It seems that when I increased my D3 and took an adrenal support that a lot of this itching subsided but I will keep you posted. I don’t think there is magic bullet either but perhaps the adrenal fatigue increases these sensitivites so when you heal the adrenals it gets better. I am not a doctor either, just trying to heal myself. I don’t think there is one answer for everyone. Initially, I tried to stay off the hormones, but I am one of those people that just had a really bad post menopausal symptoms and was suffering with terrible hot flashes and heart palpitations after eating so I am much better now. I appreciate your input and will keep you posted. Thank you for keeping this website up.

      • Melanie says:

        Heather, I forgot to mention that most people are deficient in vitamin D3 even though they get a lot of sun and I live in Fort Lauderdale but I am on the computer all day. I started taking the LIQUID VITAMIN D3 5000 mg per day and I also forced myself to lay out in the sun 10 MINUTES ON EACH SIDE so a total of 20 minutes. This also helps to relieve the itching. Again, I am not a doctor, just a guinea pig trying to heal myself. The compounding pharmacist said anyone over 50 should take vitamin D3 about 5000 mg a day but you might want to check with your doctor also. I was taking the small gel caps but I switched to the liquid thinking I might get better absorption. There you go, more expenses!

  32. Montanamuse says:

    Use Hydrogen Peroxide on your tub caulk. Not only will it kill the mold better, it isn’t toxic and caustic like bleach.

    I’m glad you’ve found relief. Thanks for the info. A lot of things make sense now and my approach to dealing with them will as well. xo

  33. Pinkhair23 says:

    Thank you for this blog, Dale, and to all who have contributed a range of suggestions. I’m 52 and just began having problems with hives and itchy soles of feet and hands a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, my APRN immediately suggested the link between menopause/unopposed progesterone and histamine. She has started me on Prednisone (those who’ve been on it will understand and appreciate my being up at 1 in the morning cleaning cabinets with a toothbrush!), but itchy feet and hands persist. She also suggested that long-term use of prednisone may be necessary, which I’m not too happy about, so I’m very grateful to have found this blog. I plan to discuss diet and the olive extract options with her next week.

    I will continue to follow this blog…very helpful, supportive, well written, and informative!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words.

      I really do hope that you’ll one day be off that horrible drug and heal and maintain with nutrition. I know from experience it can be done.

      Good luck!


      • Melanie says:

        my bio identical capsule of progesterone 100mg was making me itch like crazy. I ended up going to a naturepath/compounding pharmacist who made me a hypo allergenic lozenge of 35 mg each that I take twice per day and the little itching I get from that is minimal. It could be the delivery system that they are using for your prorgesterone. I also started taking an adrenal supplement which has made a big difference.

  34. Carmen says:

    It all sounds like me 😕….after a year of fighting day and night….thx.

  35. Maria Silver is Sciarra says:

    Thank you for having share your experience. After the beginning of menopause my dermatitis atopic is improved and I always scratch my skin.The sufferance is enormous.It’s important to be sustained by who is expert.

  36. Freida Wray says:

    What did you find in your diet that were triggers?

  37. Debbie Davis says:

    Hi !!! I am so happy to see this article … I have been literally living a nightmare for three years now.. I went thru menopause three years ago .. I have been fuzzy minded, mentally vacant (like I was living but not really here), extreme joint pain (especially hips and back). I am extremely healthy ., I eat clean, teach yoga and Pilates .. But was miserable. Last year I noticed that taking sudafed made my pain go away .. So.. I habitually took it to feel better. Just two weeks ago I ate se real foods that were fermented / pickled and had been living off of spinach , tomatoes and avocados and healthy red wine. I don’t have to tell you .. I thought I was dying !!!! So I started researching .. Found the histamine connection … Changed my diet … BINGO!!!!! I feel like I feel like someone has handed my life back to me !!! Clear thinking, happy, no pain!!!! I want to scream this from the rooftops !!!!

  38. It's me says:

    I’m back
    I’m the girl a few weeks ago who was having back pain knee pain histamine problems and feeling electrocuted. I went to the doctor a mess and he said I had so many problems he wasn’t sure what to do and that in three weeks time he wanted to possibly give me an MRI
    I thought to myself three weeks I can’t last like this for three days .

    I am mediately turn to the Internet and happen to find the site and changed my diet and that alone helped me 100%

    Now I can eat anything I want again so I have figured out what my problem was …,

    I have been drinking a lot of water (139 ounces) and flushed all my sodium out of my system which then created a histamine problem. I was unbalanced to say the least .

    I don’t have my glasses on so I’m just winging this with my voice .

    I’m glad to have an understanding about histamine thanks to the information here.
    Changing my diet, when I needed the help was like a light switch

    Becareful drinking too much water. I got to the point where, no matter how much water I would drink, I wanted more! it was actually annoying .

    I learned how low sodium or even low potassium leads to an unbalanced body, leads to a histamine problem, through a doctor on the Internet named Dr. Butts.

  39. Kate Dewar says:

    I have found your website which is a very interesting read. I think I’m suffering from a histamine intolerance that is connected to the menopause and was wondering if HRT could be causing this?

    • I’m sorry but that’s something I can’t answer because I just don’t know.

    • Melanie says:

      Yes, I noticed that the progesterone made me itchy. I went to a compounding pharmacist and he did a different formula like a white lozenge that you put between your cheek and your gumline to dissolve. Once I did that, a lot of the major itching stopped. Also, an adrenal supplement helped because I am hypothyroid which is also associated with itching but I believe it was more the progesterone and the delivery system. They also had me on too much progesterone.

      • Heather says:

        Hi Melanie,
        you replied to my question on 7/28. Well the doc INCREASED my progesterone so now I am taking 200mg capsule and 160mg of cream on my skin, yep, 360mg. Seems high to me. I am still itching but not as intense but my abdomen is a mess, it makes me think that my skin is damaged from the itching. I was wondering if you ever got tested for an allergy to progesterone or estrogen?

  40. Sinead says:

    Hi again, does anyone know if this settles down when we’re through menopause? I am itching every day now all over my body. Even if I don’t consume any food. It’s worse at night. Have also developed dermographical urticaria which is a nightmare.

    Please tell me this departs after menopause.

    • Melanie says:

      Hello Sinead, I had it pretty strong for 3 years but more when I took my bioidentical hormones meaning progesterone. I also developed MCS, mulitple chemical sensitivity with clothing. I started taking more Vitamin D and laying out in the sun more and also an adrenal supplement. These all helped to reduce the itiching. Are you hypothyroid? Olive leaf extract might help as well. Of course, I am not a doctor, this is just what is working for me.

      • Sinead says:

        Hi Melanie,

        I am due to have a thyroid test at the end of next week. I didn’t realise itching could be caused by thyroid issues? I am very sensitive to clothing at the moment also. I am taking numerous supplements – Vitamin D, Quercetin, Black Seed, Vit C, Turmeric, Digestive Enzymes, Echinacea, Probiotics and Olive leaf extract but none seem to be doing the trick. I am itching every single day regardless of whether I eat or not! At night it intensifies to an unbearable level and I am forced to take Benedryl which does help with the itch and enables me to sleep. I have been told by my doctor that I am perimenopausal and by another that I’m not. Still having regular enough periods although I have had two 3 month lapses but that was last year. No hot flushes/flashes, no night sweats but very hot and damp at times. Mood is low at times but that could be contending with this dreadful condition. Definitely have dermagraphical urticaria as well. The itch isn’t urticaria as far as I am concerned but it is driving me nuts. Are you through menopause?
        Thanks for responding to me.

    • I would say it’s something you can completely control either during or after menopause. But it takes a lot of work to get there. But I do not suffer from major itching like that anymore.

      • Sinead says:

        Hi, I really am at a loss as to how to control this. I have tried going for a full day without eating anything but still the itch remains. I am following a low histamine diet and I must say that when I do eat the low histamine food I don’t get as bad a reaction as I used to. Supplements are not helping me and I have exhausted the usual rounds with the drs. GP, Immunologist, Dermatologist. They have only prescribed anti histamines which do work but I hate taking them and I worry that I will end up on them long term – unable to get off. I have a friend who developed something similar during perimenopause and after she transitioned through menopause most of it settled down. I am only hoping this will be the same for me. I am 47 and wishing my life away.

      • You’re taking a lot of supplements. I don’t know what digestive enzymes might be doing. But probiotics can also be causing a problem. Maybe you should step back from all of that extra stuff. If you’re eating low histamine and see a positive difference than I’d say you’re on the right track. But you have to analyze everything. Even household products.

        My mother bleached her bathroom floor the other day and I had to leave the house. It sent me into a histamine haze!

        Have you looked at my supplements page?

      • Sinead says:

        Just an after thought… are you through menopause Dale, and if so did things start to settle somewhat for you?

      • I am done and through to the other side. Not one bit of it was easy. And you probably are perimenopausal based on your age and the fact that your periods have been irregular.

        My itching was under control within three months and I was in good enough shape to take a trip to Europe within 6. And I was still two years away from full menopause. It can be done. It takes a lot of work. I ate only apples and butternut squash for weeks on end. But it got me under control.

        I could not take hot showers and could not use a razor on my legs for two years. I only still use olive oil on my skin.

        Omega 3 balance in so important. As is the B vitamins. I still take ginger and olive leaf every single day. And quercetin is always in my house for emergencies!

        You can do this!!

      • Sinead says:

        Hi Dale, thanks for that. Yes I have been through every nook and cranny of your fab site. I took some of my supplement advice from here actually and other stuff from other websites related to Urticaria. Do you or did you ever take any anti histamines? I take one at night and hate it but if I don’t I simply can’t sleep and end up in tears keeping my poor husband up all night.

      • I did not take antihistamines.

      • Sinead says:

        I am trying my best not to have to take them each day. I am only taking one to help at night and it does work but I am so trying to come off it. One of my doctors prescribed me 16 to take daily!!! Needless to say I didn’t. Did you have chronic itching and any rashes or anything like Uriticaria? I am delighted that you are on line – as nobody over here (Ireland) seems to have heard anything of the link between female hormones, histamine, itching or urticarial.

        Are you still in England? If so I hope it’s not too wet like it is here!

      • I live in Miami, Florida where it’s like 100 F degrees out. I’d love to visit your country some day!

        I had pruritus which was itching without rash. If you think you’re nuts try explaining to people you have an invisible itch for what seems to be no reason! I thought I was going mad!

        And I remember standing in my kitchen, right where I’m standing now, crying and thinking I’d never be normal again. But I am. I eat almost everything I want. Alcohol, chocolate, spinach are still all bad for me. But I’m working on it. My best friend and I test drinks now. I had tequila the other day and didn’t get a migraine so maybe that’s a keeper!

        I’ve been where you are. That’s why I speak with confidence that I know this can be controlled if not completely healed.

      • Sinead says:

        That made me smile, ‘through to the other side’. I too believe I am perimenopausal and just wish I could get my foot in through the door so I could pull the rest of my itching body through and be done with scratching and crying. I will definitely be reducing my diet in the upcoming weeks in an attempt to get the night time itching under control. I might even end up on apples and squash too for a while. I can’t tell you how good it has been to chat this evening as I have had a particularly bad week this week and although my husband is amazing he can’t fully relate the way that another woman can, so I thank you for that. I will continue with the Olive leaf extract and just be kind to myself. Time is a great healer. I am sure like me you are gearing up for school, I start again on Thursday after a lovely 7 week break. Thanks for you support and encouragement Dale. I hope I will be posting again soon with the joyous results of an itch free day and night. Until then good luck with all your continued research and if you are ever in Ireland let me know.
        Kindest regards

      • I’ve totally enjoyed our chat! And another teacher. I didn’t remember that. We are sisters in more ways than one.

        I’m already back this week with the kids. They energize me and exhaust me at the same time.

        Stay positive and keep in touch. You’ll get through this. And let me tell you, the other side is fabulous! No periods. No mood swings. Only some extra grey hair…

        Stay in touch! Come to Miami where you can itch from the heat too!


      • Sinead says:

        Yep, that’s where I am right now too – in the kitchen, looking out at my hens and a field of sheep and feeling uplifted and re-energised to keep going. I too have no rash – other than the urticaria but that’s only if I am exposed to pressure on the skin. I feel exactly as you described you felt.. that I will never be normal and I will have to deal with this for the rest of my life. I won’t let that happen. Can I ask one last question. How long did it take you before you began to notice a sustained difference and did your itch worsen at night, was it all over your body? I know that’s three questions but let’s look at them as part a, b and c. Lol

      • I noticed immediately when a food was a trigger because I kept a rigorous food diary. Within weeks I was having itch free days because I’d eliminate the trigger.

        Nights were always the worst.

        And I had specific spots on my arms , legs, and “woman parts” that itched depending on how bad the trigger was.

        I’m coming there to see your hens and sheep! I’m a city mouse. But I wish I had a field full of goats. They always strike me as having a sense of humor.

      • Sinead says:

        Ah Miami, don’t tempt me… sounds fab. I honestly can’t tell you how much you’ve helped this evening. I was almost going to ask for your number for a chat, that’s how much I feel we’ve connected. Thanks so much Dale, and thanks for putting your energies into this website. It truly has given me hope when hope was fast fading.

        Yes energise and exhaust – I totally agree. I teach history to 11-18 year olds then come home to an 11 and 8 year old – oh and a 43 year old too…. so it’s fun and games at times!

        I am off to make a Camomile tea (not a Chardonnay) – how things have changed.

        Enjoy the first term and I will most definitely keep in touch with you.

        Heartfelt thanks

      • Yes I think it’s wonderful how we can form friendships long distance. But I have to admit when I read and write to you I’m picturing Sinead O’conner because of your name. I think she’s been a little nutty lately. Probably menopause too!

        Sleep tight!

      • Melanie says:

        Hello Sinead, I have been reading all the posts and comments and I am so sorry you are going through this as I did. I was so tired of the itching and it was ruining my life but I resolved it with the right supplements. I know you said supplements did not work but I believe they do. You do have to change your diet but you don’t have to suffer. I am wheat, dairy and processed sugar free but I eat all natural/organic. I buy gluten and dairy free cookies all the time and lost 25 pounds naturally. That was the start that helped most of it. I would still itch though, especially when I would take medications or eat certain foods. Here are the supplements that helped me the most. I think you might need an adrenal supplement as when the adrenals are stressed which they do as we age, they can cause allergies, chemical and food sensitivies. Gaia Herbs makes a good one. Also, the Reishi mushroom extract is an adaptogen medicinal mushroom and it normalizes the immune system and lowers histamine as well as many other benefits, so it should stop a lot of the itching. The Host Defense website sells it and it is called the Reishi mushroom extract. Vitamin D is also very important and as I stated before the more I laid out in the sun and took vitamin D, the less itching I had. I take Optimal Liquid Vitamin D from SeekingHealth.com I think if you clean up your diet and try a few of these supplements, you will see that it will stop. Here is the webpage regarding the Reishi Mushroom http://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2013/2/how-reishi-combats-aging/page-01

        Again, I am not a doctor, but I have guinea pigged myself as the doctors could not help me. I am just saying that I had a very similar thing and this is what helped me. Make no mistake,, you must eat very clean meaning cut out wheat, dairy and processed sugar. These are the biggest causes of inflammation in the body regardless if you have an allergy to them or not. They still cause inflammation in the body as we get older and there are plenty of tasty alternatives at Whole Foods Market. I eat chicken salad, sweet potatoes, gluten free cookies, ice cream made form coconut milk and lost weight without trying. All the pain left my body as well and I am 58 years old. I am also on a safe dose of bio identical hormones which help as well , but this is a personal thing and the hormones did not stop the itching.
        I wish you well and please reply if you have any questions or comments. Always check with your doctor. Please let me know how you are doing!

      • Sinead says:

        Yes, yes, yes…. got that too at night – we’re long lost twins!

        Oh lord not goats – I have trouble enough keeping my ladies under control. I had a neighbour call today to say that one clucker was in his back garden. I don’t think I could add a goat to the menagerie.

        Oh yes do come. My husband (also a teacher) is a wonderful tour guide and we live right next to the Giant’s Causeway and in the heart of the Glens of Antrim – the total antithesis of Miami. You might want to take waterproofs with you though as our summer rain is only slightly warmer than our winter rain.

        In the words of Jim Morrison I can’t wait to ‘break on through to the other side’.

        Great chatting with you.

      • Sinead says:

        Ah certainly not Sinead O’Connor although wouldn’t mind her voice. I’m on facebook
        sinead mclernan.

      • Oh great. I’ll look for you.

  41. Bianca says:

    Hi just wandering what supplements you are taking. Do you have MTHFR with methylation issues this will cause Histadelia or pyroluria? Both genetic they affect b6 which body needs to produce DAO enzyme which breaks histamine in the gut and methionine which we need for methylation which also reduces histamine.

  42. Heather says:

    I was wondering if anyone has been tested for an allergy to progesterone or estrogen. My doc INCREASED my progesterone so now I am taking 200mg capsule and 160mg of cream on my skin, Seems high to me. I am still itching but not as intense but my abdomen is a mess, it makes me think that my skin is damaged from the itching. All this itching started when I started taking bioidenticals.

    • Melanie says:

      Hello Heather, I was itching from the progesterone but I don’t think it was the estrogen as when I did not take the progesterone, I did not have the intense itching. I was on about 100mg per day and then I went to a naturpath/compouunding pharmacist that put me on just 70 mg per day with an allergy free lozenge that you put between your cheek and your gum line. This stopped a lot of the itching as well. Not sure why you doc increased your progesterone that much. It has a reputation to cause some itching. I am 58 and definitely needed to be on the hormones as I had serious issues. The other supplements I take to help with the itiching is an adrenal supplement by Gaia Herbs, Reishi Mushroom extract from Host Defense which normalizes the immune system and lowers histamine levels. I increased my Vitamin D3 to 5000mg per day and started laying out in the sun for 20 minutes per day. All of these lowered the itiching so I am itch free now except if I eat a certain food that I might be sensitive to. I am not a Doctor, but the doctors could not help me. This is simply what cured me. Always check with your doctor or naturpath doctor first.

      • Heather says:

        I will check w/ my ND today. I did go to the Gaia site, they have a shitake extract as well, have you tried it? Wondering as the Reisi is listed for heart health and shitake for immune support. I did do a food allergy panel, high response to bakers & brewers yeast. I have eliminated those for about three weeks now. Itching has improved but I still think the progesterone or estrogen is a main culprit as I did not have any itching prior when I was on birth control to manage the menopause symptoms it started when I switched to bioidenticals.Thank you for responding.

      • Melanie says:

        Hi again Heather, No, i have only tried the Reshi mushroom as I read that it lowers histamine and normalizes the immune system, but is also good for the heart, fighting cancer and immunity. It has been called the mushroom of immortality. I have not researched the shitake but it would be worth it to google it and find out a little more. Yes, the progesterone made me terribly itchy but the allergy free one from the compounding pharmacist did not, however, at the same time is when I started the adrenal supplement and higher doses of Vitamin D and the Reishi Mushroom extract. It took me 3 years of trial and error to figure this out. I was taking too much progesterone my new doctor said, that is a big culprit.

      • Sinead says:

        Hi Melanie,

        Thanks for your advice. I am still taking all the supplements and have totally revamped my diet. Unfortunately today after several days of being able to manage the itch I broke out in hives all over my arm. This is a new development which has left me somewhat downhearted. I feel that my body is rattling with supplements and still determined to beat me.

        I just had my fsh levels result which my dr now says shows I am not peri menopausal. I have also read somewhere that these fluctuate wildly so are not totally reliable.

        I will certainly persevere but this is really starting to get to me.

        Thanks for your comments.

      • Melanie says:

        Hello Sinead, Are you still taking high levels of progesterone because that is a side effect? You may not need to be on as much as they are giving you. Also, is it an allergy free lozenge?

      • Hello to all my peeps on here! Sinead they do fluctuate so I hope you have done a saliva test. It is way better and more accurate for all the levels of hormones and neurotransmitters. I would also recommend for all women over 30 to get the book The Wisdom of Menopause by Dr. Christiane Northrup. It is our Bible and touches on EVERYTHING! And lastly I had non-itching hives for 11 months. 2 dermatologists, 3 biospys, my primary who did a skin test, Chinese herbs, acupuncture etc. The culprit????? WHEAT THINS AND TRISCUITS. I stopped eating those 2 items and BOOM! GONE! So simple after all the money & aggravation. So good luck, hang in there and be your own detective!

  43. Sinead says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I am only on herbal supplements. No progesterone. I haven’t had a saliva test. Is it more accurate than a blood test?


    • pg 116-117 Wisdom of Menopause book Dr. Northrop talks about blood versus saliva testing. She also recommends double testing because hormones fluctuate especially during perimenopause. The best time of day for sample collection is the early morning and between days 20-23 when progesterone levels are the highest. Although my saliva test had 4 vials and I did samples at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 11pm. My blood tests revealed nothing, not even that I was in perimenopause! I have a dozen friends who are insane and struggling and I have recommended this book for all. They are now listening to their bodies, taking charge of their health and practicing self-care.

      • Melanie says:

        It is about time we all did that. I did the saliva testing as well which is much more accurate. Found out my testosterone levels were way too high so we are reducing them.

  44. Chris says:

    Having contributed a couple of years ago, perhaps my more recent experiences of 2 very serious bouts of itching caused, I believe, by apples and oranges can benefit someone.
    I strongly believe, that last December, eating just half an apple straight after lunch and after evening meals on consecutive days was the reason I suffered itching all over my body accompanied by swollen and itchy fingers and thumbs. I also suffered raised areas of skin which were especially itchy.
    The itching started within a few days of beginning eating the apples after meals.
    Around 10 days after introducing the apples, the itching was especially bad one night. The next day, I gave up the after meal apple and within just 6 hours, the itching started to reduce.
    With every passing hour and every day, the itching became less until after 5 days it was no longer uncomfortable and soon after, stopped completely together with the swelling which was such a welcome relief.
    Unfortunately however, the itching left raised spots or scars on my upper arms, hips and thighs mainly on the outer side which 8 months on, are still not fully healed and as such, when scratched they can they burn and itch a little for a short while.
    I believe this experience with the apples could not have been simple coincidence. I imagine I was simply eating the apples too close to my main meals and that this was too much for my digestive system to handle successfully or without side effects.
    On a separate occasion in May of last year, I suffered from swollen, itchy fingers and itching all over body itching for around week. This coincided with having bought more oranges than I should have. I ended up eating around 2 whole oranges after my main meal for a number of days consecutively.
    As soon as I realised the oranges were the only recent change in my eating habits, I stopped the oranges after main meals and the itching and swelling began to reduce and eventually cleared completely.
    I concluded that my digestive system must have been compromised by eating too many oranges so close to my main meals.
    I did a self test some months later to test if just half an orange instead of 2 whole oranges after lunch and evening meals would cause any itching or swelling but because I didn’t, I concluded that it was the volume of oranges that I had problem with after meals and not the actual orange itself.
    This experience with the oranges was what led me to self test whether half and apple eaten after main meals would cause itching or swelling.
    In summary, if anyone one that is suffering from uncomfortable itching is partial to an apple straight after their main meals, perhaps they can control the itching simply by avoiding apples so close to their main meals. As regards the oranges, someone who suffers itching and likes a portion of an orange after their main meal, perhaps they have a different threshold to me and could control the itching by avoiding oranges close to their main meals.
    For those interested, I posted on this site a couple of years ago. This too was about avoiding compromising the digestive system and at that time was how I managed to get control of my headaches by avoiding fluids with and after meals.
    I would hope that while being a 50 something male, my post on more recent experiences are acceptable and that they may benefit someone on this site.

  45. Kristen Scoville says:

    This is definitely interesting! I’ve been suffering with hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. But over the past week I have been breaking out with severe hives..
    Do you have any specific sites you would recommend that could give me I site on low histamine diets? Maybe a site you like more than another? I would really appreciate it.
    Also what type of vitamins are you taking?
    Kristen Scoville

  46. Jill Turkington says:

    I am going crazy with hives that seem to appear every evening causing restlessness. I am turning 51 and at the beginning of my menopause. So glad to read this and find some solution to this problem. Living on antihistamines at the moment. A good menu for the appropriate diet would be appreciated.

    • There is no such thing as a good menu for the appropriate diet. Everyone is different. What one person eats with no problem might trigger someone else. This is why I suggest starting a food journal. So you can figure out what works for you and what you should stay away from until you heal.

      You can start with a basic list of histamine triggers and then go from there. This is the one I like:


  47. Vernessa Williams says:

    Your information was very useful and I concur all your experiences.Now I don’t feel alone with this itching.
    Thanks. Vernessa.

  48. Deb says:

    thank you for this info. I found this while looking up ammon. bicarb. I saw it on the box of multigrain Sunbest biscuits, made in Holland. They taste delicious, low sugar and I thought healthier than cookies. I guess they are not as healthy as I thought. I am in surgical menopause. I get hot flashes on & off and couldnt figure out why sometimes I feel fine. I exercise and try and eat more plants but I love cookies & pastries. While I have cut down, I still eat them 1-2 a week.

  49. Mandy says:

    thank you for this information. I am 52 and being driven insane by my itchy irritated burning skin….it starts as a crawling hot feeling more often than not at night and usually starts on my hands or arms sometimes it spreads other times it stays local to one area. I live quite healthily and have no other known allergies. I know it’s menopausal and have tried everything to help. i finally settled on some antihistamines which do work although I dont really
    like to take them often but have been woken up during the night with the hot itchiness too. thanks for this I read it with much interest.

  50. Cat says:

    Thank you!! I’m going crazy with itching at the moment. I’ve not seen my doctor yet but think I’m on my way to menopause…. I’m 40. Other symptoms are major hot sweats at night, horrific mood swings, low mood, tender breasts, hair falling out, spots…… but right now, the itching is horrific.
    This article gave me hope, thank you. I’ll start the vitamins asap and read up more on the histamines. I’ve heard soya milk also helps. At the moment I’ll try anything!

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