Should you be drinking Sole?

Ok so what’s Sole and why am I discussing it today? It’s a salt water drink that I think might help with a multitude of health issues. I say might because right now, although there is much written about it, I cannot verify it’s efficacy. I can only report on what I’ve read and why I think it’s worth a try.

I stumbled on Sole the other day when I was researching how to make my own mineral water. To give you a little background, I often go through short bouts of fatigue. When it happens I cannot attribute it to not sleeping well. I fall asleep pretty much when my head hits the pillow and sleep through the night. I might be roused by a need to pee, or a cat putting his pointy claw into my back, but I fall asleep right away after.

This fatigue is different. I know you understand because you’ve felt it too. If you’re going through menopause it’s one of the 34 symptoms. Crashing fatigue. Mine isn’t necessarily crashing anymore, but it is uncomfortable. It never stops me from doing anything for the most part, and sometimes it’s more like a passing thought in my head…”Geez I feel crappy…” but it’s a haunting issue. It comes and goes. I don’t have it all the time and drinking plain water and staying hydrated doesn’t “cure”it.

When I feel it I usually go out and buy mineral water. Gerlosteiner is the brand I buy because it’s supposed to have the highest concentration of minerals. What I am after is to increase my magnesium and other minerals naturally. Because of my extensive research, I believe the fatigue is directly related to a depletion in magnesium. If you research magnesium and fatigue you will land on many sites talking about it. And magnesium is one of those minerals that is really hard to get a lot of due to the depletion of minerals in our soil.

Magnesium is integral to many of the body’s functions. It helps regulate cortisol, which I’ve written about and it’s theoretical tie-in to histamine intolerance. It helps the body absorb and retain calcium. It plays a role in hormonal balance, which might explain why some people believe it can help reduce hot flashes. It might even play an additional role in migraines, and it’s known to help alleviate constipation (something a lot of intolerant people suffer from). These are just a few of the reasons we need to maintain healthy levels of magnesium.

There are different ways to get more magnesium into the body. Transdermally, through the skin, is one. There is something called magnesium oil, which is really not an oil, that you can spray on and let stay on your skin. I’ve tried it but really dislike how it feels on my skin. And we know if we don’t like it we won’t do it…

You can sit and soak in a tub of Dead Sea salt or magnesium citrate flakes. (Epsom salt is not the same kind of magnesium. It is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium citrate is much easier for your body to absorb) But I’ve never been one to soak in a tub. I’m a shower gal…

Or you could ingest it. Pills aren’t supposed to be very effective and Natural Calm, a powder version of magnesium citrate you mix into water, made me sick.

There are foods that are high in magnesium also, but it’s hard to eat enough of them all. Spinach is at the top with 40 per cent of your RDA, but it’s also a biggie on the high histamine list. And as I’ve mentioned, our soil is so depleted, getting a large share of vitamins and minerals from our foods is a challenge even if you eat every possible morsel.

That’s why mineral water turned out to be my go to thing. But I hated spending so much money on water and I really hate all the plastic bottles my drinking generated. So one day out riding my bike I wondered if I could make my own using celtic or pink salt, which I knew are rich in trace minerals. 84 it seems. Our soil might be diminished but our oceans are not!

When I got home from that ride I looked it up and that’s when I stumbled over Sole. What that is is water that’s been saturated with either celtic or pink salt, or a combination of both. Once you have the potion concocted, you take a teaspoon in a glass of water in the morning when you wake up before you have anything else.

I found the recipe and explanation on Wellness Mama, a popular blog that I find has a lot of really good information about a lot of things. If you take a look you’ll see her recipe makes an enormous amount of water. Trust me you don’t need to make that much to try it. I made a tiny little jar as a first outing.

Besides providing a good way to add trace minerals into your diet, it is supposed to help alleviate dehydration better than drinking that first glass of water in the morning alone. This blog explains it better than I could right now. Let me just state for the record that I cannot verify the claims right now as I have not researched this to death as I usually do. I don’t have medical abstracts to refer you to, but that doesn’t mean the information isn’t valid, just that I’m not saying it’s the gospel. 

Anyway, it all sounded like it is worth a try. It also appears to be a relatively safe thing to experiment with. Salt is no longer the bad guy it once was. Contemporary findings suggest no strong link between it and hypertension as once thought. And you need salt to survive. It helps to control fluid balance and the functioning of the muscles and the nerves. If you want to read all about salt and the body, take a look at this article.

Additionally, salt is an antihistamine. What do histamine intolerant people need in their bag of tricks to combat their high histamine levels? Right! A healthy way to get more antihistamines!

So then, how am I feeling you ask? Is it working? Well I really don’t know yet. I just started taking it. But I do have high hopes. The last few days I did have quite a lot of energy. But I am more rested having been away from the classroom for two weeks. And I don’t have a big problem with itching anymore so I cannot reflect on it’s impact on my histamine intolerance at this point. I am hoping for less migraines though, but that remains to be seen.

I can tell you, without going into detail, that my system is running well. And I am having crazy vivid dreams again, something that always happens when I use the transdermal magnesium. I actually have read that some people are plagued by nightmares when they take magnesium. Mine aren’t nightmares but they are borderline disturbing. So one of the things to cure insomnia is upping magnesium, but you might have nightmares while you’re sleeping better… Oh, and my skin looks great. I think I’m positively glowing! I say that only half-kidding.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m going to continue taking it and see how I feel. In the meantime, if you decide to try it, let me know in the comments section what you think.

And please remember,  I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

Hope you’re all having a great start to the new year!


Next post: Olive leaf. I’ve been wanting to write more about it forever. I have a source for it and now literally buy the leaves right off the trees!


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13 comments on “Should you be drinking Sole?
  1. Mary from Boston says:

    Hi Dale,
    You MUST check out Dr. Carolyn Dean’s website … she is the Magnesium Lady. Very high creditials, etc. She talks about drinking your water with sea salt and she sells a liquid mineral RE-Myte and liquid Magnesium RE-Mag that is absolutely fantastic. These have helped me tremendously . She also has a radio show on Monday evenings that you can call into and ask questions. Customer Service is top notch also. I learned about her on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website. Many U-tube videos also. Love reading your posts. Let us all work together and heal this histamine problem, etc. Good Luck and God Bless, Mary

  2. Karin says:

    Thank you so much for this post. It is very interesting. I’ve never heard of Sole. I very much appreciate your blog and ongoing research. I’ll go check out the links you’ve posted. 🙂

  3. Marla says:

    Thanks Dale,

    I have never heard of Sole but will check it out. I am in Australia so may not be able to buy it here but I will check out the links.

    Thank you.

  4. cyndin says:

    Salt is an anti-histamine? Wow. Do you have a cite for that? Thanks!

    • No medical abstracts. Anecdotal stuff right now.

      • cyndin says:

        Interesting. I need salt and do badly if I try to lower it. I also have used salt successfully for some toxic reactions. While I do not have a diagnosis of Mast Cell disorder or POTS, both are strongly linked to Histamine Intolerance (especially Mast Cell, which some say is the case for everyone with Histamine Intolerance, at least us with solid cases).

      • Maybe try it. I’ve found it’s made a big difference in my energy level. I’ve been using it for two weeks and have a really weird congestion thing going on today. Not really a cold. Been wondering if it’s a bit of a healing crisis because of the Sole. Which would not be a bad thing mind you.

  5. mimikjohnson says:

    Thanks for all of your writing and diligence! I would love to know how the sole goes for you, I made some with celtic salt but I am chicken to try it. i have a sensitive bladder and a lot of things flare me. My HI is linked to mold illness or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.i always had a few minor health issues but my health spiraled out of control including gut and HI issues after being exposed to mold from a water damaged building. The mold really triggers histamine issues. you can read about it and very simple blood work and VCS vision test to screen and the blood work can rule it in or out My big challenge is I also have salicylate sensitivity so I cant take olive oil or quercitin or all of the nice anti histamine foods except in very small amounts.

  6. Ellen McDevitt says:

    I take the Remag mentioned above in my jug of water that I drink throughout the day….plus I take Magnesium Glycinate twice a day… my water I also put trace minerals….I am wondering if I should also add salt? Is it the salt that is needed orvthevtrace minerałs?

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