Am I crazy?

I know that’s a question you’ve asked yourself many times before you got to my site. “My doctors don’t think my hives and itching are related to menopause but I do.” Or “My doctors keep sending me to other doctors and no one thinks anything is wrong.” So then why the hell do you itch?

So that’s probably what got you here. And no, you’re not crazy.

But maybe I am.

I am embroiled in a fight with WordPress, the company that hosts this blog, over my blog stats. One day my overall hits were over 671,000 and the next day they were 371,000. I wrote to them to explain the issue and for the following week they’ve made me feel like I’m nuts.

Before I go on, the reason the stats are so important to me is that one, I earned them, and two, traffic is driven to a site that is already getting a lot of traffic. You climb up thto Google totem pole with them. Because my site helps people, I don’t want to lose those gains.

Now my visitors have fallen off dramatically. I know this can be for multiple reasons. I haven’t posted in ages. I had lots of plans to revamp the site and start a new one for teens but nothing materialized yet. Life gets in the way…

And it is holiday season. The days leading up to and on Thanksgiving, the stats were dismal. But the day after Thanksgivng was one of the best. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why! I had a migraine from the wine the night before. Plenty others probably itched and we’re wondering why.

Ok, so the point of today’s post is this. When I get on websites for information, I like to see how many hits they have because it tells me a couple of things. It shows they’ve been around a while, that they’ve worked on the site and information a lot, and that the information is probably good. Why would they have that much traffic if they weren’t doing something valid there. Although whether the information is good needs a lot of vetting, but this is just a starting point in a search. You get the idea.

My question to you is, have any of you landed on my site and looked at that number? It’s the blog stats number with the word hits after it. It would be on the bottom of the page on the mobile version and in the side bar of the full site version.

If you do remember seeing a number over 500,000 please let me know in the comments section. I need someone to tell me I’m not crazy! I do remember telling my friends and family I went over 500,000 and I do remember seeing my stats reach 671,000, but with no outside verification I have nothing but my memory to go on. And I really don’t want to sit down and count through almost four years of stats.

The WordPress people tell me they see no anomalies and that they have their engineers looking, but I’m not holding out much hope. I feel as if I just started itching again and don’t know why and I’m standing in front of a doctor who is looking sideways at me. You probably know the feeling. I know I’m not crazy, but I cannot prove it yet.

I’m really hoping one of you can help me prove I’m not delusional! Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email if you remember seeing that number.

In the meantime, I hope all are doing well and having a lovely holiday season, whatever it is you celebrate!


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4 comments on “Am I crazy?
  1. HC says:

    Dale–not sure if you’re aware but we can read any blog update you do in the body of the email that tells us there is an update. So there’s no reason to go to your site for the ones that are subscribed! Maybe this is why your views have fallen off?

  2. Victoria says:

    I know that the low histamine chef has a link to her blog to actually read her updated info. She provides a one line sentence in the email and the link to read the entire entry. Maybe this is the reason, for the stats.

  3. lisa024293 says:

    I know I read the blog every so often, but I forgot to confirm my subscription. My head (hair) has been itching like crazy. And my feet too. Other than that, I rarely itch much. The only soap my body seems to tolerate is Oil of Olay as if I need moisturizer. I may need to go back to Dial soap. I know I can’t use a lot of stuff as I break out easily. Been menopausal with shots in 2012 for a year and then officially in July 17, 2013 when they did TAH-BSO hysterectomy. Oh and your stats now are 498,997 and I do faintly recall seeing the 6 thou mark of hits. May have been me reading tons of your blogs one day.

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