This is not an abandoned blog!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I know I have a lot of teachers following and I’m sure they can relate when I say there is so much to do when you get close to closing school there is no time to breath. But now I’m on summer break and have time to do some writing, and hopefully refining, on the blog.

I have two goals for the summer. One is to refine the way new visitors can access information. I have an index of posts but haven’t kept up with it and haven’t made it easy enough to find. I also need a better way to direct readers to answers. I get a lot of emails asking the same basic questions, so I know I’m not organized well. (I’ve also thought about sifting through the site and taking the most important posts and putting them in book form that people can buy  on demand. Let me know in the comments section if you think that’s a good idea. It would be a lot of work but I can do it.)

But the second goal this summer is even more important. I want to start an offshoot of this blog for teenagers.

I have many kids who I know can benefit from the information here. They have issues very similar to the women who visit every day. I’ve seen skin issues, migraines, depression, OCD, PMS…all of it. I don’t offer advice often, but sometimes I will if the student seems open to it and I think I can really help.

One student in particular came back to me, after we had had a conversation about food and skin problems the day I saw her eczema scabbed skin, and asked what she should do. She lifted her dress to her thigh and showed me a huge angry hive. I asked what she had eaten for lunch, just ten minutes before, and she said pizza. Most of you know that pizza is on the list of very high histamine.

I had pointed her to my blog previously, and now she wanted to know about what she should be eating. She said she actually read quite a bit of it. I’m glad she did. But one of the problems directing a teenager here is that it’s about menopause and histamine. So even when I tell them menopause is just a hormonal issue just like PMS for them, they really just see it as an old lady thing!

Who can blame them?!

Thus the idea for a separate blog for teens. It will have virtually all the same information, but instead of menopause I’ll talk about shifting hormones in relation to periods. After all, if I’d known about this when I was younger I would have been a lot less itchy and irritable back then!

I figure there are two major issues to overcome when dealing with teens. Well, at least two… They won’t want to give up their junk food, and they are not in complete control of their diets. At home there are parents and guardians that need to be educated as well. And convincing a teen that going to the pizza place with their buddies might be the thing that triggers their problem will be a hard sell.

But if they are anything like me, and maybe you, they’ll look twice at that slice and think, “do I really want to break out into ginormous hives again?” I know that one student who came to me the other day is willing to change her diet to get rid of her problem, and I’m sure there are others like her. I think it’s worth putting the work in on it. If even one kid’s life is positively impacted then it’s not wasted energy.

I will need a name for the new blog, so if anyone has a good idea of what to call it let me know in the comments section. In the meantime, I hope all of you are on a healing path.

Take care and keep a watch out for new posts and the new blog. Let me know if you think a book is a good idea. I have a whole summer to get things done and am excited to get started.


PS: Around this time last year Buzz the cat was suffering from a horrible case of dermatitis brought on by the blooming season. This year he’s been on salmon oil and vitamins.  Every once in a while he has a small breakout and I reach for the quercetin. He’s never developed a full blown problem and I’ve been able to manage it. Last year he looked like a burn victim. This year he’s my beautiful boy. Maybe that’s a third blog! But for now if you have a pet with itchy skin, take  look at my past posts on this issue.

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4 comments on “This is not an abandoned blog!
  1. Susan says:

    Hi Dale
    I have been reading your site for about two years and have an idea on your blog for teens.
    To make it easy on yourself and keep your wealth of information together, you could revamp this site and have a new tab at the top to direct teens to specific information for them.
    The reason I suggest this is when I was researching this condition there really is not much information out there, and you have a lot of great articles that would be beneficial to so many readers trying to find answers and ideas.
    Histamine intolerance, hives, and hormones are definitely related, and trying to find the balance has been exhausting and very itchy!! I even tried Xolair injections, which didn’t help and gave me a host of awful side effects.
    About two months ago, I found a hormone specialist who is working to balance my hormones, vitamins, and thyroid levels. I’ve also weaned off of antihistamines because I think they make my hives worse, as do a lot of medications.
    Thank you for your articles. You are a blessing to many.

    • Wow what a great idea! I was just thinking this morning how I haven’t done what I said I was going to do and the summer is almost up for me. Thank you so much for the idea. And thank you for your continued support. I hope you continue to heal. I’m happy that you’ve managed to get off the antihistamines. I think that’s a positive move too.


  2. Anna says:

    You have so much valuable information to share it would be wonderful to have information for teens and for mums of teenage girls trying to understand the impact of the food/hormone connection.

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