Happy New Year’s migraine!

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you had a better January 1st than I did. But judging how my stats are booming these past few days I’d say maybe not.

Of course, it was my own fault that I had a huge New Year’s migraine. What I ate and drank the night before was ridiculous. Even when I was doing it I was thinking I would suffer for it. So instead of turning down that second bowl of chocolate mousse I went ahead and had it because I knew I was already on the road…Wine, salad with blue cheese and balsamic, lasagna with heavy cream sauce…wow could I have eaten anything more destructive to my delicate histamine balance?!

At least I knew what I was doing and knew what the consequences would be. That’s not always the case. For example, one of my students gave me a package of cookies before winter break. I read through the ingredients and thought they’d be fine. They didn’t have additives and looked pretty safe. I’d have two or three with tea in the afternoons over the next week. And pretty soon my hot flashes, which I hadn’t had for months, began to make an ugly appearance in my days and nights. 

It wasn’t until a week later, when my hot flashes really got going in earnest, that I started to wonder what I added into my diet that was triggering them.

About that time I was wandering up and down the cookie aisle at Whole Foods when I found the cookies the kid gave me on the shelf. I thought great, these are on my safe list, but I looked again at the ingredients and realized they were made with soy flour. I don’t how I missed it the first time, but it clicked. I don’t ever eat soy because it’s estrogenic. And I was completely sure at that moment that those cookies were causing my flashes. Every day, a little at a time, I dosed myself with a trigger food. And every day my hot flashes increased.

I’m happy to report that within days of not eating those cookies my hot flashes stopped.

So listen, I’m not telling this story to give soy a bad name, as some people do fine on it. I’m telling you this because so many people complain that they can’t figure out what their triggers are. Often times it’s not the thing you eat once in a while, but the thing you’re eating every day. (And even after three years, it still catches me off guard.) 

Sure you can eat a New Year’s eve meal like I did and in one sitting tip your entire histamine bucket over all at once, but you are more likely eating or drinking something every day that’s slowly filling that bucket up.

You have to be a private investigator to figure it out. But  don’t give up. I did it and I know you can too!

So here’s to an itch free migraine free new year, which I know will never happen for me because I’m always eating or drinking something I shouldn’t. I can’t help it sometimes. Social occasions are the hardest. But I’ll do the best I can and bike ride my migraines away as they happen (which is the topic of my next post by the way.)

Until then my friends hope you all have a great new year!🎉


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8 comments on “Happy New Year’s migraine!
  1. sonia says:

    Oh my – same here! A little bit of gluten, a dash of dairy and just one more sugary chocolate….BANG! Migraine and hot flushes. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed eating it all – felt normal for a bit. Back to gluten, dairy sugar though – its the only way I flourish rather than languish in life. 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    In my quest over the last few years to find why I have so many headaches I finally stumbled on the answer and its histamine intolerance . I have learned so much on the way . I’m happy to have gotten gluten, dairy , pesticides , gmos and the like out of my diet for the most part. Like you I also have flashes that creep in now and then . I now know it’s some kind of food…sugar usually. Feeling better now after eliminating foods that I have loved for so long. Fermented foods, spinach , tomatoes night shades ,avacados. I even made my own saurkraut and organic wine..still make the wine and love to give it as gifts. It’s a process certainly. People can’t understand Tom Brady’s diet…or how he can adhere to it but you and I can. Too bad we don’t have his chef though.

  3. Carmen says:

    Hello…and happy 2016…i’m new to this HIT thing…and of course Im still hitting my head on the wall.way too often…but knowing the sources of evil is a huge help…thanks.

  4. Thanks so much or all of your research and sharing! Your recommendations for supplements have helped a great deal, olive leaf extract, quercetin with bromelain, vitamin c, magnesium. I want to try the powder magnesium you suggested. My hives have minimized, as well as the itching. Still there but not as severe. I also think my hand dermatitis that I have had for 3 years has something to do with all of this. Symptoms of Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis include thinning of the skin, nausea, hives. My dermatologis says that is highly unlikely my hives are due to the changing of hormones. Well I politely disagree. Thanks so much! I will keep reading your blog for more helpful information!

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