I believe my migraine essential oil blend works

Let me just start by saying you people are lucky I have no willpower. The Thursday before Halloween at school was the costume contest. The kids came dressed for fun and there was candy everywhere! I had a pile of Three Musketeers and KitKats on my desk from kids. I stared at those little bits of glorious temptation for hours that morning, never eating one of them. Every time I thought about it I thought, “No, you’ll get a migraine two days from now. Is it really worth it?”

But then it happened. Sitting at the judges table next to one of my buddy teachers, he handed me a Reese’s cup. My favorite of all…and I ate it.

I woke up Saturday and thought I’d escaped it, but a few hours into my day I felt the familiar thud of the start of a migraine. This is the pivotal moment. If you’re going to get rid of a headache using medication, it must be at the first moment you think it’s coming. If you wait it’s just too late.

I decided to give my essential oil blend another go. I’d used it a few days before successfully, and wanted to see if the results were real. So I decided to forgo the Advil and use only my blend.

Let me tell you, it works.

It does not work the way you might expect if you’ve ever tried essential oils before. I’ve use peppermint and eucalyptus and even lavender. When I used those, I would feel the oil go up into my sinuses and kind of “take the edge off” the throbbing while I inhaled. But this is different.

Every time I’ve used the new blend I thought, “well this isn’t working.” While I sit and inhale it, (I found inhaling it off a tissue works better than using a blend with a carrier oil on pulse points) nothing seems to happen. My head still pounds and nothing feels differently. But once I stop and go about my business I realize the throbbing has stopped. The headache seems to disappear.

Over the course of the day, the pain comes back. But as soon as I think, “Hmm, is it back?” I sit down and inhale the oil for a couple of minutes. I have the same reaction. “This doesn’t work.” And then it does.

After two or three times of that during the day the migraine never came back.

Never, ever, can I remember being able to get through an entire day, once a migraine started, not wanting to tear my head off from the throbbing. But it’s been at least three separate times now that I’ve used only the oil to control the pain. I’m using it even now as I type this because the time change is wreaking havoc with my head!

So why does it work? Let’s take a look at the oils. You can read all the information about them in the links I provide, but below that I pulled out the specific reason I selected these four oils in particular:

Black Pepper

Black Pepper: This was the oil that got me started on a hunt for an oil blend that could really work. I read this medical abstract about how it can raise blood pressure and that sent me on this research path. This is also what I liked about it and why I wanted to put it in my blend. From Organic Facts:

Antirheumatic & Anti-arthritic: These are two of the best qualities of black pepper oil. It is warming, stimulating and improves circulation, thereby giving immediate relief for rheumatism and arthritis, particularly during the winter when the symptoms are aggravated the most. It is also effective in removing toxins like uric acid from the blood, thereby benefiting people suffering from chronic rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

Grapefruit: This oil was also mentioned in that medical abstract for raising blood pressure. But grapefruit oil does something else that I thought was valuable. It cleans toxins from the body by way of the lymph system. From Organic Facts:

Lymphatic: Its activity as a lymphatic substance is probably the best property of grapefruit essential oil. The lymphatic system plays a vital role in our body and is involved in the removal of unwanted and toxic substances. Grapefruit oil ensures healthy functioning of the lymphatic system and boosts its activity, thereby clearing the body of toxins and fighting problems like cellulite, blood urea, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and renal calculi.

Cassia: When I was coming up with a blend, Cassia came to mind. I think I was mostly thinking of the scent (think of the candy Red Hots) but then I looked it up. This is what I really liked about it. Remember I spoke in my last post about hypoxia? From Organic Facts:

Circulatory: Cassia essential oil improves the circulation of blood and thereby facilitates proper distribution of nutrients and oxygen to all the body parts. This property is also beneficial in fighting rheumatism and arthritis.

Clove. I also was thinking clove would just be nice to balance the scent. But I also knew clove is a pain killer. From Organic Facts:

Headache: Clove oil, when mixed with salt and applied on the forehead, gives a cooling effect and helps in getting relief from headaches. Clove oil has many flavonoids within it, which are anti-inflammatory agents. When topically applied to the temples or neck, that anti-inflammatory quality will ease the inflammation or tension that so often brings about headaches. For the same reason, clove oil is used as a pain reliever on other parts of the body, like joints and overworked muscles, to provide some relief from painful inflammation or swelling.

I’ve worked hard to use those oils to develop a blend that not only works to stop migraines but also smells good. The mixture is a warm, almost chocolatey scent that smells great. And it really works. I don’t go anywhere without it.

I am so sure this essential oil blend works I’m going to make an offer. If you’d like to try it, I’ll send you a 5/8 dram bottle of it, (about twenty drops) for ten dollars, which is roughly the cost of the bottle, the oils and the shipping. You only need one drop on a tissue to make it work, so you can stop twenty headaches with it! It’s not meant to be put on the skin. In that case it would need to be in a carrier oil which I could also do, but am not sure it’s as effective.

If you take me up on my offer, I do ask that you keep in touch with me and report back. And as a note, if you are someone who gets migraines with auras, I’m not sure it will work. Those headaches are a bit different in their physiology I think.

Let me know in an email if you’d like to try. The offer is good for the first five people who respond for now as this is kind of a test of its efficacy. If I get positive feedback I’ll continue to trial it.

You can also just get the four oils and mix your own blend. This is more expensive as each bottle will run you 10-15 dollars. And then if it doesn’t work for you, you might be really mad at me! But that is an option. I can’t tell you if just one oil will work without the others. They seem to work synergistically. But if I had to pick just one, I’d say try the black pepper.

So there you have it. I think I’ve come up with a really good essential oil blend to help manage and even prevent migraines. Want to be in on it? Email me!


Edit: Thanks to one of my long time readers providing a link to the ins and outs of essential oils and what you can say about them, I am putting a disclaimer on this post. I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. I am only suggesting that in theory this oil combination could work to help alleviate the pain of migraine. I am not selling medicine or even the claim that this will heal you!

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27 comments on “I believe my migraine essential oil blend works
  1. Karyn Millet says:

    I would like to try the oil please. I have regular migraines without auras.

    Happy to send you $10 !

    Many thanks…

    💢 Karyn Karyn Millet Shea via iPhone karynmillet.com SHOPkarynmillet.com


  2. Terasa Wood says:

    Hi Dale,

    I’ve been dealing with histamine intolerance for the past 12 months and have been plagued with migraines which also appear to be hormone related…I would love to try your oil blend…I am however in the UK ?


    Sent from my iPad


  3. Cathy Loft says:

    Hi Dale, Your blog is awesome! I’d love to try your essential oil blend!! I used to get migraines ALL the time!! I have mast cells in my GI tract and can’t take any pain meds. The one thing I have found that zaps them right away is a pico ionic magnesium made by Dr Carolyn Dean author of The magnesium miracle. I’m sure you know the value of Magnesium for headaches but most Magnesium supplements are poorly absorbed. Dr Deans product Remag is picometer sized particles so it is absorbed 100% and doesn’t need to go through the digestive tract. It has honestly changed my life. I know I sound like a commercial but I promise you you can feel this stuff working within 15 minutes! She sells it on her website http://www.rnareset.com. I can vouch for her other products because I haven’t tried them but ReMag is a game changer! I still occasionally get a nasty headache around certain times of the month so I’d be happy to pay $10 to try your essential oil blend. I have a PayPal account so if you do I can just send you the money via PayPal. There’s no fee if I check the box sending to a friend instead of goods and services. Just let me know how you want to handle it. Thanks for all the wonderful information and support you provide! It is truly appreciated. Best Regards, Cathy Loft

    Sent from Cat’s iphone


  4. cyndin says:

    I’d love to try it. I hate migraines and I don’t tolerate meds anyway. I react to some EO’s so testing before making my own is a good thing. I live in Calif and can PayPal you. Thanks!

  5. Rosemary Pringle says:

    Clove oil used to be rubbed on a sore tooth!

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Teresa Aldridge says:

    Not sure if I am one of the first five, but I would definitely like to try. Peace and blessings,

    Teresa Aldridge.

    If I am one of the five, and you need more information, address, phone #, etc, please let me know.


    From: The menopause histamine connection [mailto:comment-reply@wordpress.com] Sent: Friday, November 06, 2015 8:39 AM To: ttaldridge@charter.net Subject: [New post] I believe my migraine essential oil blend works

    themenopausehistamineconnection posted: “Let me just start by saying you people are lucky I have no willpower. The Thursday before Halloween at school was the costume contest. The kids came dressed for fun and there was candy everywhere! I had a pile of Three Musketeers and KitKats on my desk fr”

  7. K.K. says:

    It sounds like you are on to something. Mine come with auras, but this might still work. If you are continuing past the first five, let me know on here. Best of luck with this. You may have just started a new business for yourself. 🙂

  8. K.K. says:

    I can be the “guinea pig” to see if this will work with aura migraines. 🙂

    Forgot to add this to my last comment.

    • Yes of course I’ll send you one! Email me.

      • K.K. says:

        Thanks. I just sent you an email. On another note…. Forgive me for not remembering, but were you always able to eat something like a peanut butter cup in regard to low histamine issues? For what it’s worth, that item is also my favorite. It’s been many years since I had one, but that’s not to say I don’t think of one now and then, and it usually happens around Halloween. 🙂

  9. Peggy Lindsley says:

    Dale: Thank you so much for your post. I made my own blend and Holy Toledo! It works like a charm! The tissue strategy and all! By mistake I inhaled it right from the bottle a few days ago and the oil hit my left nostril. Not good. Thank you again and rock on!

  10. Sarah says:

    I will paypal you for a bottle just send me your email

  11. K.K. says:

    Happy New Year To All.

    The best of everything in 2016, and beyond. 😀

  12. […] I came up with many theories. One theory,about brain hypoxia  in particular, lead me to create an essential oil blend I thought would work based on that theory of what a migraine is. In a nutshell, the theory is […]

    • Anne says:

      Hi Dale – you might not glance at this – it being a few years down the line – I just wondered why you didn’t have lavender and rosemary in your anti migraine mix – or do you use that as well ? Fantastic blog – Thank you soooo much xxxxx

  13. Anne says:

    Aha – I should read all your blogs first – I’ve just read your brilliant explanation as to why you used what you used xxxx

  14. Chavela27 says:

    I already have the essential oils that you put in your Migraine blend…but am wondering at what ratio you mix them. Is it equal parts? Thanks in advance!

    • I think I was pretty much equal with all of them. But honestly I find it works only a bit. I’ve also used peppermint oil which takes the edge off too. But for me, to get rid of a migraine most effectively, I do something to get my breathing and heart rate up like running or climbing stairs. My head pounds for a few minutes like it’s no one’s business and then it goes away.

      If you do try the oil please let me know if it helps even a little bit. If nothing else it smells really nice!


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