Working on some new ideas

The good news is I am diligently working on some new information and ideas for helping with migraines (yes that again) because I just haven’t licked them completely yet. The bad news is I am not quite ready to post my findings.

I am focusing on essential oil again. When last I tried using them for migraine squashing I felt I failed miserably. Rosemary and lavender were the two I focused on for a few reasons, but it turned out for me anyway, rosemary gave me migraines!

But I am reading new research I hadn’t seen before about low blood pressure, brain oxygenation, and migraine. It’s all very interesting, and it came about because I was researching essential oils again.

So stay tuned. I think within the next few days I’ll have something really good to share.

In the meantime, I wanted to put in one more plug for olive leaf and ginger for hot flashes. I’ve learned over the last few nights that olive leaf and ginger should be taken at the same time to really keep hot flashes at bay. Taking just one or the other does not have the same effect as taking both.

I ran out of olive leaf extract and thought, well, do I really need it? Yes, yes I do. I woke up several times in the last few nights with not quite full blown hot flashes but pretty darn close. I can tell they’re picking up steam!

I think the two things work synergistically. They are both powerful on their own, but together they work really well.

But remember, if you are still eating junk and not eating cleanly, all the herbs and supplements in the world won’t help you!

So stay tuned. I’ll be back in a couple of days with some new information on how to get rid of those pesky migraines!


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4 comments on “Working on some new ideas
  1. says:

    Thank u jessy can’t wait
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  2. nancy says:

    Thanks Dale for this info and “teaser” about what you’ve discovered about migraine prevention. I have benefited tremendously from both a low histamine diet and also from reducing my oxalate intake. but I do still get occasional migraines that I’m trying to link to something specific in diet or environment, and very occasionally get hot flashes. Those have become very rare thankfully and I credit the above dietary modifications for that.
    My DCM (whose specialty is women’s repro and gyno needs) says that drinking wine (possibly any alcohol?) increases hot flashes and I have found that be true, unfortunately!

  3. How do you use the ginger and olive oil extract?

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