Yes, I am still alive!

I know it’s been ages since I posted! I was on a real roll for a while there and then came the end of school which is always a chaotic time. After that there was a short recovery from the end of school, and then a trip to London. I had every intention of writing brilliant things after my trip, but I just never sat down in front of the computer. Instead I binge watched Game of Thrones and did lots of art.

Of course the best part of this conversation is the “doing lots of art” thing. Around this time last year I was lamenting the loss of my talent and drive to do anything at all let alone art. I thought my creative juices left with my estrogen.

But it turns out that this wasn’t the case. Once I really passed through the magical twelve month mark and moved on through the last remnants of hormonal fluctuations, which by the way lasted a good few more months, my mind seemed to find a fair amount of peace right along with my body. This lead to the urge to make art again.

I heard from several women who could relate to that previous post about not feeling creative anymore. It was nice to know I wasn’t alone. It’s even nicer now to share about how good I feel and how much that’s positively impacted my work. My trip to London was directly related to my continued growth as an artist.

I am enamored with the Cosmati Pavement in Westminster Abbey and flew to London to see it. I had read and researched all I could about it and decided to go look at it myself. It’s use of sacred geometry inspires all my latest work. If you are at all interested, this is a good image of the floor.

And this is one of my new pieces based on the floor.

FullSizeRender (1)

The reason I’m writing today isn’t to show you my art though, it’s to illustrate that even going through the profound changes of menopause and all it’s emotional and physical trauma, there is this wonderful other side to it. It’s the settling of the dust when the roller coaster finally comes to a stop that feels so good. Once you’re through it you’ll feel it. It’s time to take all that energy and attention you payed to your body because you felt it was torturing you on every level as your mind continually played tricks on you and stole the solid ground you walked on and focus on the other things in your life that truly matter.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still vigilant about my body and what goes into it, or on it. The minute I eat something it doesn’t like it tells me. I take ginger religiously because I know it keeps my hot flashes away. I also take olive leaf still. I make my own tinctures of both and am planning on doing a post about making them. But now you know. I’ve written less but I’ve been doing more.

I feel as if on some level I understand where the saying “over the hill” comes from. Menopause was definitely like climbing a hill. It’s hard work! But when you get to the top and start your way down, it feels really good and it’s way easier on your body.

So go ahead and call me over the hill if you’d like. I’ll embrace that with sketchbook in one hand and pen in the other!

Hope you are all finding your way up over the hill too!


Edit: You can find my work on Instagram searching #theartofbroox

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5 comments on “Yes, I am still alive!
  1. Holly says:

    Your painting is beautiful. Make more!

  2. Thanks for your post, I am somewhere on this ride and decided that journal…no, scratch that, writing about it would assist me through this “fun house” adventure. I swear, I am only laughing some of the time, most days I am just happy to remember what I am suppose to do. LOL PS yes, I feel my creativity and activity levels have been stiffed or muted

  3. K.K. says:


    Happy to know you are not only still alive, but seem to be doing quite well. 🙂

    Love your art, and look forward to seeing more. Thanks for that link.

    Funny you should mention sacred geometry. I’ve recently been reading up on it, and some of the images in my research are on that link of the Cosmati Pavement.


    (Having trouble finding your Instagram page, for some reason, but will keep digging.)

    Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, at the top of, and over, the hill (to mix some metaphors) for those of you struggling with menopause, or perimenopause.

    It may not seem like that at times, and those times can seem/be long, but it will pass. In the meantime, take the best care possible of yourselves.

    Best to all on here.


    • Hey KK! I’m always so happy to hear from you. One of my first friends on the blog.

      You can find me on Instagram as phaintingoat. Or if you do a search #theartofbroox

      I love that you know what the Cosmati Pavement is! It’s a very esoteric thing to study.

      Hope you’re well! Lovely to hear from you.


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