Ok last post on migraines…maybe this will help it go away

I know I’ve been focused on migraines for the last two posts so let me finish and get it out of my system. Combining the two theories of migraine, this is my conclusion on cause and possible cure.

In my opinion, histamine triggers the migraine attack and dilates the blood vessels in the brain. It does this by activating nitric oxide and helping it pass through the blood brain barrier. Now using some of what I’ve learned from the second theory, when the vessels become inflamed, the trigeminal nerve also becomes inflamed. The trigeminal nerve is responsible for much of what goes on with the muscles of your face. The pain of migraine is therefore a referred pain traveling down the trigeminal nerve.

This makes sense to me because of one curious thing that happens to me, and my mom, when we have a migraine. When we eat, the migraine completely stops. It’s only after the meal is done that the pain will start up again.

I researched what happens with digestion, saliva, so many things that I just couldn’t see matching up with why the pain went away when I ate. So I asked my FaceBook group members if it happens to any of them. One gal suggested the vagus nerve might be responsible, which I researched. Within that research I saw the interaction of the vagus nerve with the trigeminal nerve. It finally clicked.

The illustration I grabbed from Wiki really shows it well. Look at the yellow nerve.


Armed with the idea that the trigeminal nerve does play a role in migraine, I started to research how to relieve the inflammation of the nerve. This lead to sites about TMJ and neuromuscular dentistry, which I never even knew existed. This in turn led me to research how to release the jaw muscles yourself, which eventually led me to this crazy little site with a cute guy demonstrating how to do it in rather good videos.

If you want to travel down the same rabbit hole, visit Do-It-Yourself-Pain-Relief.com and watch a few videos.

I can tell you that when I tried the jaw release on Sunday evening the throbbing of my two day migraine stopped for awhile. I also discovered something else that night. Funny enough, one of the gals in the FB group asked if oil pulling could help. (Oil pulling is something people to do for gum and mouth health that involves swishing oil around your mouth for ten to twenty minutes) I actually do it in the evenings. That evening, when I was busy swishing around the oil, I noticed the throbbing stopped again. I don’t know if I would have noticed if the gal hadn’t asked about it, but it makes perfect sense. It had nothing to do with the oil and everything to do with the action of the jaw and facial muscles. I unknowingly was releasing the jaw muscles with the action. And the headache never came back after that.

My suggestion is, next time you have a migraine, try it. One of the other woman in the Facebook group reported this morning that she used a video on the site showing an exercise you do in the brow area and the pain stopped immediately.

What have you got to lose?

I know, in my first post on migraine, I suggested that inhaling Lavender/Rosemary Oil might help also. I think this helps take the edge off of the pain but it in no way eliminated it. But it does smell really nice and it is relaxing to inhale it.

And if you’re at all wondering why I was lucky enough to have a migraine this weekend to experiment with…I was stupid enough to eat a York Peppermint Pattie at prom the night before. I thought what’s the harm? One tiny thing. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I ate a second one. Which only proves the histamine migraine theory also! In the ingredients of that candy, I looked up the next morning when my head was throbbing away, is an ingredient called PGPR. Let me say, I was horrified.

Anyway, thanks to the fact that I am incapable of making good decisions about food all the time, I might have actually helped some of you relieve your migraines without needing to take a boat load of drugs that don’t actually do anything other than mask the pain.

I’d like to add that I also used turmeric through-out the two days because it’s such a good anti-inflammatory. I would say it also helped to take the edge off the headache.

So there you have it. Let me know if you try any of my suggestions or just want to add to the conversation down in the comments section.

Have a pain free, itch free, hot flash free day!


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3 comments on “Ok last post on migraines…maybe this will help it go away
  1. […] discovered about migraine has really helped me keep them away and get rid of them. Specifically the jaw muscle release. I used it on my New York trip several times when a migraine was close at hand and I never got a […]

  2. Jenny D says:

    Years ago I went through 5 months of TMJ therapy to possibly heal my migraines. I do agree with that when I eat my migraines seem to go away until I’m done eating (also the reason I gained 25 lbs) however the tmj therapy was pretty similar. It would help my migraines for a little bit but it was not a cure. It has been 6+ years since I have tried jaw massages for the pain but today I’m desperate, why not try again 🙂

  3. Pardlow says:

    Stay away from All artificial sweeteners. They are poisonous to your health. Try raw sugar in moderation.

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