My cat has pruritus too!

I’ve been so behind on keeping up with this blog it’s shameful! That whole needing to make a living being a teacher thing really gets in the way. And these last few weeks, one of my cats has kept me busy worrying about him too.

I have two cats. My girl is a bit on the hefty side, and my boy is a big striped athletic tabby. Every year at this time, Buzzy, the striped guy, breaks out into a whopping good case of pruritus, otherwise known as itching. You might be familiar with it because you might suffer from it too being histamine intolerant. Pruritus happens to be one of my symptoms.

Poor boy looks like he’s been dragged through the streets. Funny enough you can use quercetin for this for cats. I’ve been giving him a cat sized dose for a few days now, but I’m not sure it’s helping. I’ve tried a few different creams on him to soothe his irritated skin, but getting anything on his squirmy body is a challenge.

What makes things worse is that I cannot get the boy into a cat carrier to get him to a vet. It’s taken over an hour to get him in a box and that’s with help! It’s like wrestling an alligator. But last night the vet let me send photos. Based on what she’s seen, she prescribed prednisone for a week.

I hate the idea of giving him steroids and might not. The side effects can be devastating to a cat, let alone a person. If nothing else the drug lowers the immunity so the creature, cat or person, cannot fight off the next thing that comes at them. Taking prednisone doesn’t cure anything anyway. It stops the itching but does not get you to the root cause of the allergic reaction.

I know my boy is reacting to the fact that all of Miami is in bloom. The trees are bursting with color, as is Buzzy’s head. So we’ll see. If I can control it enough that it doesn’t advance anymore, I might forgo the steroid. I’m going to add in an Omega 3 for cats which is also supposed to be beneficial.

Does any of this sound familiar? Quercetin, Omega 3? I’ve read the B vitamins are good for cats too. Hmm…kitty skin, people skin…same thing I guess. So then I should be able to get this under control with nutrition and supplements without resorting to some horrible drug.

See, it’s not just people with these problems. It’s our fur babies too. Anyway, I’ll be posting about people problems again soon. But in the meantime if you have any opinions or advise, I’d love to hear.

Have an itch free day.


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4 comments on “My cat has pruritus too!
  1. Debbie says:

    Great blog! I’m so glad that I’ve stumbled upon it. I’ve been reading like crazy about histamine intolerance and have been on a low histamine diet for about a month now with great results. It is interesting to know that I can give my cat quercetin. She gets swollen eyes and itches every spring.

    • You know what works even better than quercetin is salmon oil. The quercetin kept the itching at bay a bit but after only two days of using salmon oil, which is an omega 3, I see real healing. I also found a multi vitamin that the boy will kick off my finger.

      Glad to hear you’re healing too!

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