Read my guest post on the Low Histamine Chef’s site!

I’m super excited to direct my readers to the The Low Histamine Chef’s site to read my guest post. I feel like I made it to the World Series of histamine today!

Even if you’ve read a lot of my work, please take a look at that post. It’s an overview of my journey with histamine intolerance and contains a summary of all the most important topics of my research. It’s a pretty complete explanation of my theories on why (peri)menopausal women suffer from histamine intolerance and what they can do to heal from intolerance and eliminate the symptoms of menopause.

I am so excited! Take a look!


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9 comments on “Read my guest post on the Low Histamine Chef’s site!
  1. Jalina Khan says:

    Dale, you may not be a scientist or a doctor but this info you are sharing is invaluable and is helping so many. Thank you, thank you. You have provided me with the missing puzzle as to why I am suddenly having all these ‘allergic’ reactions at 49 years old (high cortisol, insomnia, itching, swelling of the face etc). I have an appointment with my naturopath today and will be taking in your article. Hopefully we can piece it all together and work out what may be some of the deficiencies in my body (omega 3’s, Vit B, DAO etc).
    I look forward to your future posts. Thank you again.

  2. K.K. says:

    Hi Dale,

    A huge congratulations for the guest post. 🙂

    Well done.

    It is an excellent piece, and no doubt will help many people.

  3. Hope says:

    That’s fantastic Dale! You’ve been a beacon to the HIT community for quite some time. Well deserved!!

  4. haasje64 says:

    Great article 🙂 and I had 2 terrible hives attacks ( 1 in october and 1 end of december ). I am in the menopauze as well and I from day one I thought this has to do with my hormones ( menopauze ) Thank you so much and I will keep following you on this. Greetings from Holland

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