The menopausal existentialist part 2

This is a super quick post to let you know I’ve not gone missing. I have not come into so much post-menopausal zest that I am out discovering new continents or slaying dragons!

After winter break, I went back to school to the busiest time of the season. I usually can sneak in some research for a new post of even write a new post on my planning period, don’t tell my principal, but with grades due and art contests to enter and yearbook proofs to finish, oh and that pesky teaching thing, there just has been no time.

I am, I must say, feeling really good. I do believe I climbed the menopausal mountain and made it over to the other side. I now completely understand the saying that someone is “over the hill.” I think we always assume that’s a bad thing, but if you really think about it, climbing up a hill is a real effort, but coming down is a piece of cake! (How many colloquialisms can I write into one paragraph and still get my point across?)

I don’t know if I’d call it zest, but I must say my mood and energy levels are much more stable, and my need to question life at every turn has ebbed. That weird feeling that my mind was disconnected from my body, and my body was disconnected from reality has lifted, and I feel very grounded again.

I would say overall, once you go over the hill, life seems not just back to normal, but maybe even better.

Have a nice day ladies. Hang in there. The journey, it turns out, is actually worth it!


P.S. I am working on new posts that back up some of my older research with new findings. The more I research, the more I am sure I’ve provided some good tips to healing your histamine intolerance. Most importantly, take down inflammation with Omega 3’s, get the B vitamins any way you see fit, supplement your diet with olive oil, and eat an anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic diet. Oh, and throw out all the processed food. That stuff will kill ya! More later…

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