The menopausal existentialist part 1

It seems appropriate that my blog reached the 100,000 view milestone today.

Two years ago this week I was unfortunately introduced with the idea of histamine intolerance by way of insomnia, hot flashes, itching, peeing, and whatever else I was suffering with that escapes me at this moment. It would be another month before I figured out that this constellation of symptoms was related to the histamine in foods.

After a year and a half of reading what others share with me about their years of torment, I was obviously quite lucky to figure it out so quickly.

Thanks to literally hours and hours of research, it took only a few months of an elimination diet and supplements to get myself all under control, and by six months I was reintroducing foods back into my diet and taking a trip to Europe with just a handful of supplements and no food diary or restrictions.

I did have a few setbacks, and even now still break out in a hive every once in a while or have a bout of hot flashes to remind me that this is a lifetime issue that needs to be addressed so I don’t slide backwards into the horror that was that first month.

I am now quite sure the end of my periods triggered the intolerance. The itching started the day after I had my last regular period. I had only one or two other periods, not counting several phantom periods, since the itching started. And all of the research I’ve done since backs up my theory.

This blog started out as purely a way to get the word out to women who might not have thought about it otherwise, that their itching was and is directly linked to perimenopause and menopause. I was lucky to see the relationship between food and histamine and see the correlation between histamine and menopause. I spotted the clues on the trail, and along the way I healed.

Even more importantly, I wanted women to know they were not crazy. That was one of the most overwhelming thoughts in my head at the beginning. I have an itch but I have no hives. Why do I itch? I must be mad…

I’ve worked for about a year and a half now trying to get the word out about controlling menopausal symptoms with food. I do not have hot flashes except for the occasional one when I have a drink or eat white potatoes, I do not itch, I do not have insomnia, I do not have the urge to pee constantly…these things only come about when I stop eating properly and eat junk food, which I must say I haven’t been doing lately because feeling good really does outweigh feeling like crap.

I’ve established a closed Facebook group where women can chat without the whole world knowing their business, and have become friends with the Low Histamine Chef whom I admire greatly and who endorsed my blog one day on her own Facebook page, sending my stats through the roof that day I might add.

The journey through to menopause has been an interesting one. What I’ve learned is that it doesn’t need to be the horror the media makes it out to be. You do not need to take hormones to control symptoms, and you do not need to think of yourself as someone other than a person who’s body is changing naturally with age. It’s the natural transition from being able to make babies to not being able to make babies.

And what it seems to me, as I enter this new phase, is that your mind calms right along with your body. When your body stops thinking about procreating, your mind opens to all the other possibilities. If you do the research, you’ll find many women in their fifties and sixties, even up into their eighties and nineties who come into their power as creators not as mothers, but as artists and writers and poets.

I see this in myself now; as if I am having my own renaissance. And it is exhilarating.

Two years ago I thought I’d never reach this point; attaining some kind of peace while feeling as if my body and mind were battling me. But today I can say I finally feel at peace. And though I cannot tell you if this is a lasting peace, I can tell you I will revel in it while it’s here.

Here’s hoping you find peace too sisters.

Happy holidays.


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7 comments on “The menopausal existentialist part 1
  1. K.K. says:

    Congratulations all around, on the good things. 😀

    There are many happy milestones here for you, and I hope that is also the case for all of the readers on here.

    Thank you for creating this blog in the first place, and for continuing with it.

    To Dale, and to all of the readers on here, wishing you and yours the best of everything in the New Year, and well beyond.

  2. beagarth says:

    Dear Dale,

    Am so glad you created this blog. I still itch and struggle with insomnia and hives, but it is a lot less as a result of reading your blog and participating with your fb site. You have definitely been providing a positive service connecting this condition with our hormonal system going in flux.

    I am now past menopause, but my itching and hives did not start until the change began happening. For me it is also related with increased rls too and the ravages of most of a lifetime of not knowing I am severely gluten and lactose intolerant.

    Am interested to see this connection with constant peeing. I was making sorghum coconut flax seed and pumpkin seed apple muffins and it was too much for me IMHO. I had one or two each day. Plus eating salmon and sometimes chicken was just too much for me. I think I could have these meats once in a great while, but not every week as I was. Especially in combination with eating a grain again.

    So my old bladder and kidney irritation showed up all of a sudden–with a bang!! Not very fun over Christmas. But understandable. I think my foray into using so much butter didn’t help either. It all appears to be a tricky balance.

    So now I am back to what I call my semi paleo diet but with white beans, yellow split peas and certain low histamine seeds (flax, pumpkin, nigella) along with all my veggies and certain low hist. fruit. I’ll reintroduce coconut after my bladder calms down…

    Just discovered cranberries are a big no no for me by the way. They are supposed to help against UTI’s but made mine worse!

    This year meanwhile promises to be a lot less itchy and more intelligently informed. Thanks in part to you!


  3. haasje64 says:

    I am so glad I found your blog. very useful and gives me some clues

  4. Debbie Anderson says:

    Thank you so much for your blog. I am a 54 year old menopausal woman who has been suffering from terrible hives for about 6 months. I thought is was a fluke but as I read your blog I was reminded of all the weird invisible itches I had had for years along with hot flashes, I just knew in my heart as I was speaking with my dermatologist and getting another steroid prescription that it was not going to be fixed with allergy injections. I really felt it was related to my hormones. I am just starting this journey so thank you so much for the much needed information as I focus on my healing. All of the healthy foods I was consuming were contributing to my problem…I love spinach, avocados and so many other foods like yogurt and fermented foods that were making things so much worse. Again thanks for the research and sharing it with so many.

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