An interesting overview of menopause

I’m working on a new post, but in the meantime I stumbled over this site and thought it was well written and comprehensive on what’s happening in a menopausal body.

It has a good overview on HRT, why Asian women don’t have hot flashes, and how diet can affect your body both positively and negatively.

Take a look when you get a chance.


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3 comments on “An interesting overview of menopause
  1. Ann says:

    Thanks Dale, I have read something similar before.
    I think if we followed that we would be walking on egg shells all our lives.
    To be perfect is stressful!
    Each of us has other different health issues to live with too.
    My problem is my Thyroid, as I take Thyroxine which makes honeycomb out of the bones
    if I do not combat the problem.
    Yes, our bones need plenty of exercise to keep them growing. Not many people realize they keep growing.
    I can look back on my late mothers life, she lived to a few days short of 91 and except for her slight angina seemed very healthy, what we did not know was she had cancer of the Gall Bladder. But 91 is a good long life. I thought she would make 100 though.
    I have never taken HRT. Never had hot flush [in Australia we call them flushes].
    I think if a women has plenty of exercise and doesn’t eat huge meals, [which Americans are well known for internationally] drink a good amount of water and eat fresh food, then they cannot go far wrong.
    I think Caffeine and rich food is the problem our Western societies fall down on.

  2. wsblue says:

    the info on vitamin d is really out of date. Check the vitamin D council’s blog.

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