If it makes you feel badly, don’t eat it!

Tuesday was back to school night at my school. This is basically a regular day of teaching topped off by two hours, starting at 7:30 pm of talking with parents about what it is you actually do for, or to, their children. I think it’s really all about getting a look at the teacher who is reportedly torturing your child.

Whatever it is, I didn’t get home until nine o’clock that night. I was too wound up to sleep and then didn’t sleep well. I was up before six the next morning and in the classroom staring glassily at the little children blinking vapidly back at me.

The day just really slid into an exhausted triumph of the spirit to finish in some sort of coherent manner. When I got home I sat down for a minute and promptly feel asleep for twenty minutes. When I woke up, I decided to go out for a run, which led to the decision to not cook, which led to the decision to get a take out dinner of Chicken Kitchen, which led to this post…

I even had it in my mind that the last time I did this I didn’t feel great afterward, but I dismissed this thought because I just couldn’t decide what else sounded good and I was way to0 tired by that point to care.

For those of you who do not have the privilege of having a Chicken Kitchen nearby, it’s one of those places that cooks the chicken on the grill and has rice and beans and side dishes. I get the vegetarian version, so it’s yellow rice, black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. (I’m queasy typing this.)

In hindsight, I wonder what makes the rice yellow. Certainly not saffron considering the price of the dish is five bucks! And I really don’t know what’s in the beans and if it’s really sour cream or some engineered sour cream product. So really. God knows what I really ate last night, but my body knows it wasn’t all good.

Boy do I feel like crap! I feel completely hung over as if I were out partying and drinking last night. Too bad I feel this way without the fun memories attached. This is a typical histamine reaction for me now. I no longer have an invisible itch or break out into hives (maybe sometimes), but if I’ve indulged in something I shouldn’t have I feel hungover. This will last until well into the morning. Maybe about noon I’ll start to feel better. I even have a dull headache, but instead of Advil I’ll reach for a ginger capsule because I know this is a histamine issue and the ginger will help.

One of my readers commented the other day that Reishi Mushroom is supposed to be a great anti-histamine but it makes her break out in hives. She wanted to know what to do. I told her to not take it anymore. If it makes you react don’t use it. So then why do I never take my own advice?! That little voice in my head that told me “hey, Chicken Kitchen makes you sick” was ignored by the louder voice that said “go ahead, you’re tired, what’s the big deal?”

Well now we know what the big deal is. Food can make you feel great and be curative, or it can make you feel awful and lead to inflammation.

I’ve written many a post about my backsliding eating habits. I wonder what it will take for me to make better decisions every time I’m tired and lazy. Maybe it’s just human nature, or at least my nature, to be undisciplined. although when I was at my worst with the intolerance I was completely disciplined in my eating. Maybe back then I felt the price was higher because the itching was so debilitating. But today I feel pretty debilitated!

I’m going to turn over a new leaf. I pledge to never do this to myself again…until I do it to myself again…but I can guarantee that Chicken Kitchen is on the off list for sure!

Have you fallen off the histamine wagon lately? What was your poison? Share your stories in the comments section.


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6 comments on “If it makes you feel badly, don’t eat it!
  1. Ann says:

    Dale I am eating a bowl of Corn Flakes as I type!
    I am thinking of all those little eyes looking back at their teacher in wonderment!
    Had a committee meeting today at Jettys, a Marina restaurant here in our area.
    After they have a smorgasbord, should I join them or should I be good I thought to myself.
    I tried to be good, I had two slices of roast beef, roast potato and some green salad with tomato and capsican and spring onions. [Capsican I think you call Bell Peppers]
    The meat was very peppery, while I have no ‘itch’ as yet as it is 9pm here now I don’t think I shall, but I feel bloated so I am eating Corn Flakes and no dinner tonight.
    But I can relate to what you have done and suffered, that is why I go out and buy a steak, that is easy and quick to cook, thus affording all the chemicals in an alien food store!
    Hope you feel better soon, may I suggest you drink a lot of water the next 12 hours to dilute whatever it has been that has upset your system.
    Do you have tinned or bottled Beetroot over there? We do here, I used to enjoy the baby Beetroot but alas it is put into vinegar which is a big no no to me, so full of histamines.
    How I envy the women that can eat anything and everything! But then I say to myself if I were able to do that I would be twice as heavy as I am now! LOL So I think of the positive side of having a histamine problem!!

  2. Nicola says:

    This struck a chord with me, as I had exactly the same experience yesterday, after a dinner the night before of rice with tajine seasoning, lentils and spaghetti squash. Such a good vegan dinner, so healthy, you would think! Well, I had a horrible night and a terrible day yesterday – hungover, headache, super irritable, racing heart, tingling lips and fingers, and feeling like I wanted to kill everyone. All from rice and lentils! These food sensitivities are incredible. So far I have stopped eating meat, high histamine fruit and vegetables, drinking alcohol and black tea in an effort to gain control over my symptoms, so I feel pretty hard done by. Pretty much all I can eat is courgettes, carrots, chick peas, plain rice, a bit of cheese, Ryvita, cucumber, salad – that’s it. Any deviation sends me off kilter for a couple of days, and the hangover is unbearable. I am perimenopausal, still having periods, wondering how long this is going to go on for …

    • Nicole,

      Once you bring your body back into balance things will change. Now that you are eliminating foods the next thing to do is find the foods you can eat that help the healing process. You want to eat anti inflammatory and antihistaminic foods.

      Ginger is a big one. I use it as a supplement. I take a 500 mg ginger capsule once in the morning and once at night. But all it is is dehydrated ginger ground up. I even make my own now.

      I also suggest you read my posts on olive oil. That’s the thing that really jump started my healing. I use it on my skin and put it in my smoothies.

      I also still supplement with olive leaf extract. I find that it really keeps me itch free and helps eliminate hot flashes.

      But there are many foods that have both those qualities I’ve mentioned. Head on over to the low histamine chef’s site too. She talks about using foods to heal and which ones are anti inflammatory and antihistaminic.

      Good luck and keep in touch.


      • Nicola says:


        thanks for your advice. I am familiar with the low histamine chef’s site. There isn’t much left I can eat though without the reaction and dreaded histamine hangover. What worries me is that you are menopausal and yet you are still having these reactions. My understanding was that this was temporary – well, kind of long-term temporary – and would pass when the hormones have settled 😦


      • I think I am pretty “normal” now actually. I have issues only occasionally and only when I eat something I know I shouldn’t be, which is usually something I would consider less than healthful anyway.

        I think a lot of people have food sensitivities and I had them before menopause. They just blew up big at the start of it. But I live a normal life now and go out with friends and eat without issue usually. But if I’m going to have a big ole’ vodka and tonic and have a bunch of guacamole I know the next day I’m going to feel it. Sometimes it’s just worth it, and sometimes it isn’t!

        A couple of my readers want me to do a bit of a wrap up and timeline to my healing and I think I should so everyone has a clear picture of what healing looks like. It’s not perfect but I’m not almost suicidal with itching anymore either!

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