A year and a day…

Well congratulate me, I’ve made it through a year without a period!

Saturday was one year since I’d last needed to use a “product.” I now can think about who should inherit my collection. I inherited my sister’s a few years ago and now I shall bequeath mine to some lucky woman.

I must admit to not feeling any differently than I did the day before I jumped this hurdle. If anything, I woke up Sunday feeling, well, hormonal. I think my ovaries are engaged in a battle much like Custer’s last stand. They know the end is near yet refuse to give in. They send out messages and the estrogen gathers in the field making me miserable until it is beaten back by the larger force of nature called menopause.

I’m sure I’m close to being completely through with the whole thing, but anyone who thinks one year is magical needs to rethink that. I knew I wasn’t going to hop out of bed and do a jig, but I was hoping as I neared that mark I’d feel like the dust was settling. And I am still waiting anxiously for that post-menopausal zest…

I also ate histamine rich crappy food last night at someone’s house and now have a histamine hangover. I’m in class with my seniors this morning and told them after I’m done lecturing that I intend to ignore them completely. They all giggled, but I meant it!

So here I am. Through to menopause. Or is it through menopause? Who the hell knows! I never can figure that out. What I do know is I’m cranky as if I still have a period and if my post-menopausal zest doesn’t come soon I’ll have something to say to Mother Nature next time I see her.

Now where’s my twelve month pin? Anyone want my tampons?


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9 comments on “A year and a day…
  1. Ann says:

    Congratulations Dale! Welcome to the club.

    This last year I have had to have [each 3 months] internal ultra sound to see if a tumour they found [doing a CAT scan for something else] had grown at all. It apparently could have been there for a looooong time. But specialist wants to monitor it to see if it is growing and what blood supply it is getting.

    Being a silly old woman I asked the ‘male’ specialist what happens if it does grow, he said matter of factually….Hysterectomy…then gave me a sickly grin. I was not a happy bunny.

    So I have now had three ultra sounds internally, and said to the technician I suppose my ovaries are like prunes! Oh no she said more like sultanas! Had to grin.

    Dale if you are cranky, have you thought you may need some B12, even if you do take a multi vitamin. I was reading only today an article on another womens health issues, doctors [both GP and specialist] could not put their finger on the problems she was experiencing. Her husband did some research and came up with [you are low on magnesium] apparently this helps to absorb calcium as vit D3 does. No use taking calcium tablets as it is not absorbed without these other minerals. Thought that was useful.
    I am also taking a zinc tablet a week, besides the multi vits and minerals. If nothing else it gets the skin toned in my old age!

    Sorry I digressed! Getting back to Magnesium, apparently us that like to drink bottle water and not tap water, are not getting our magnesium! Seems that it is taken out of various waters these days around the globe. Great I thought. Now to check how much magnesium I am getting in my multi vitamin.

    By the way another symptom of low in vit B12 is mouth ulcers.

    Have a lovely day.


    • I hope it all works out for you and you don’t need a hysterectomy.

      I do supplement with B12 and funny enough just this week upped my Magnesium. I’ve been taking Magnesium Ascorbate and added a transdermal Magnesium this weekend. I’ve slept better and am hoping my mood will improve too! Thanks for the tip. It’s good to know we’re on the same page!

      • Ann says:

        Thanks Dale!

        Interesting you sleep much better. The anti histamine I am on is supposed to be non drowsy, [http://www.claritin.com/]….when I mentioned to my previous GP I was feeling tired she said it is the anti histamine, but I replied, it is meant to be non drowsy! Her reply surprised me as she said they all have something in that makes us tired!

        However, I only take the Claritin about once a week, had to this last saturday; I’ve noticed if we have Atlantic Salmon or Trout I need to take a Claritin. I wonder what is in the ‘pink’ colour fish against the ‘white’ fish. Do you know please?


  2. Susan says:

    Congratulations Dale. I found the PMS still remained for about a year after I stopped. I kept thinking I would get a period and then I didn’t. Now you have to start living more healthy than ever as your hormones are not what they used to be and it does affect a lot of your body functions. I have found it is all about balance. The only problem is that your mind seems to stay younger than the body and you have to remember that when you try to accomplish all you used to do in a day. Susan

  3. K.K. says:

    Hi Dale,

    Congratulations to you on such a huge milestone! You made it. Woo hoo! 🙂

    Here’s wishing that you do experience zest of some kind right away, and always.

    A positive attitude, balance, and overall good health are always key, to state the obvious.

    That is an interesting link you provided.

    Do you also take some calcium with the magnesium?

    Best of health to all of us here.


    P.S. Don’t know of anyone who might want your stash. It’s funny how I still find the errant tampon once in a blue moon. I thought I had long ago gotten rid of all of them.

  4. Marie says:

    Good Day All, Saw my doc yesterday and he admitted I know more than him about histamine intolerance! He recommended St. John’s Wort! Does anyone know if this will help, hurt or contains high histamine? Blessings and thanks M.M.

    • That’s pretty funny!

      I’ve never, in all my research, stumbled over using St Johns Wart for histamine intolerance. I don’t know what it would be good for. It’s used more for depression I think. And it takes a few weeks to work.

      If I were you I’d stay away from it until we can verify its use.


      • Marie says:

        Thank you Dale, I am stumped and at a loss as all of my healthcare team does not understand! Also along with the histamine intolerance I also have fructose intolerance! Pretty much I react to everything I eat…which is not much! Frustrated as I do not know which way to go! Doc also suggested digestive bitters, trying them with more stomach pain ;(( grrr!!!
        Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks! M.M.

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