Reach for the ginger and not the antihistamine!

Several times this week I’ve seen comments or received emails from women who realize their problems are linked to histamine. Hot flashes, itching, whatever the symptom, they’ve started to see the menopause histamine connection themselves. They’ve also reached for the antihistamines to get the problems under control.

I’ve said this many times before, but let me say it once more for my new readers: give up the antihistamines. They’re terrible for your body. Not only do they only mask the symptoms, they have real side effects; one being weight gain.

If you really need to take something, grab some ginger. I keep ginger capsules close at hand. I actually make my own now by dehydrating and grinding it in a coffee mill, but you can just go buy capsules at your local health food store or vitamin shop.

You can, of course, eat it fresh or crystallized, or drink tea, but for a quick fix, the capsules work great. And, you might not know this but they work really great for a histamine migraine.

I had a fancy drink last night knowing already my histamine has been creeping up and wound up with itchy legs right after. Then I woke up this morning with a migraine. I’ve recently read that there is a link between histamine and migraines so I thought instead of taking Advil let me take a ginger capsule. (500mg) I’d say within ten minutes the headache was pretty much gone.

How amazing is that? Yes, you can get rid of a migraine with ginger! (I’m going to write more about this as I do more research)

If you haven’t tried ginger yet for your itching or whatever your symptom is, I implore you to try it today. It’s been truly a lifesaver for me, and now I’ve added it to my arsenal against headaches!

Please try it! Get off the antihistamines and get on the ginger!


PS: I apologize to anyone who has written or commented recently and hasn’t gotten a reply yet. I’m back at school and busy getting going again, and I’ve had a couple of histsmeeny moments thanks to an old moldy school, so I’ll get to your emails as soon as I can!

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9 comments on “Reach for the ginger and not the antihistamine!
  1. Ann says:

    Dale if a person, like I was, had overlapping hives in big welts anti Histamine is the only serious thing to take, they come in various strengths [ Some can only be prescribed by a physician.] This can be life threatening as I was ignorant to the fact they can be internal. With the welts and hives in the throat a person needs medical emergency attention. Ginger may be ok for a very light attack of a few hives but not what I had. They swell up and do block off areas.
    On the other topic of headaches, calcium tablets are good also.
    Regarding medications, generally they can all be dangerous, that is why it is best talking to a physician.
    Ginger grown in the garden have wonderful flowers, very pretty.

    • I understand what you’re saying but I do not agree with you. Hives are a reaction. They are a symptom. If you continually mask the symptom without looking for the cause you will never cure yourself.

      If I had started taken antihistamines for my problems a year and a half ago I’d probably still be taking them without having any idea what was wrong with me. So many women show up here after years of torture and no answers.

      I stand by my opinion on antihistamines. I know it’s controversial and can alienate some of my readers but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

  2. Candy says:

    I eat ginger daily. I haven’t had antihistamines in my system for 7 months. I avoid them and use saline for my sinuses. I have the rash under control. The hot flashes are better especially if I try to avoid caffeine, but I’m weak need it or no one would be able to stand me;)

    • Well Candy we all have our vices. When I have a drink with the girls on a Friday night after a week of chasing around teenagers in a classroom I’m bound to have a hot flash or two also. But it’s hard not to have that drink! I just take some extra ginger!

      And I’m super happy to hear you’ve been off antihistamines for that long and you’re doing well. I need folks to come on here and give testimonials to the fact that ginger works as well or maybe even better.

      Thanks for the input.

  3. Ginger is great advice, I had not tried that yet. Thank you! I was only getting migraines from histamine up until a month ago, I started getting eczema! Of course it took me the whole month to realize it was histamine causing it – while eating bacon and sausage here and there thinking it was great I was getting no migraines. Duh! I will be adding fresh ginger to my diet from now on.

  4. Marie says:

    I a. Curious if anyone here has tried the Reishi Mushroom, supposed to ha e great antihistamine effects!
    It makes me break out into a hot flash frenzy and my muscle and joint pain go haywire, tops of feet tingly
    Please HELP! Thanks!

    • If that’s what happens then don’t take it again!

      Even when something is listed as an antihistamine, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for everyone. I react to nettle tea which is on all the lists as being good for histamine intolerance. It makes me break out into hives.

      So listen to your body. If it makes you react, no matter what a list says, don’t mess with it until your body can handle it.

  5. Rakesh Kabra says:

    I was suffering histamine intolerance. which leads me towards itching and hives. I took many antihistamine medicines but could not get relief. finally, i changed my food preferences to antihistamine foods (Apple, Pomegranate Cucumber, Wheat bread, Chappati, Dal, etc.) and started taking Ginger roots morning and evening. I have seen that my itching problem resolved finally by having Ginger roots.

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