Does histamine have an odor?

This is one of those things I’ve wanted to write about for a very long time, but because it’s one of those personal reveals I’ve hesitated. But now, I am curious enough to finally share and pose a question.

I noticed very early on, when I first became acutely intolerant, that my urine smelled like peanut butter. (I told you it was going to get personal) I spent many hours researching that particular symptom. I did not know, nor had I ever heard of histamine intolerance at that point. I just knew that along with the itching, this was happening.

Most of what I could find was about bladder infections. I had no symptoms of one and knew it wasn’t that. And I was sure it was directly related to the itching. But I could not find anything other than bladder issues.

Once I discovered the histamine intolerance and started to heal from it, the odor went away. I do notice it occasionally though, and started to wonder about it again today. I ate something I absolutely had no business eating, and although I no longer itch I still felt very bad after eating it. I got very sluggish, fatigued, and now feel almost hungover. And I started to have hot flashes. So I know my histamine is high. And guess what? Yep, peanut butter urine.

It didn’t seem that far fetched to me that something can alter the odor of urine based on what I know of what asparagus does to some people; me for one. So I started to do some research into it. This time, however, I changed up the wording of what I was searching for. Instead of looking for urine odors specifically I looked for whether histamine has an odor. Then I looked for whether we excrete histamine in our urine.

Turns out we do.

There are a couple of tests to measure the amount of histamine: one is a blood test and one is a urine test. This is the first sentence of a medical abstract I found:

A small portion of the histamine that circulates through the kidney is excreted intact.

It doesn’t seem like a big jump in logic to think that if my histamine level raises and my kidneys have to excrete the excess, there might be an odor attached to the process. So I ask those of you who know you are histamine intolerant and those of you suspecting intolerance, does your pee smell like peanut butter? I’m really wanting to know!


P.S. The B vitamins are making a big difference in reducing hot flashes and fatigue…when I don’t eat crap…That will be my next post.

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8 comments on “Does histamine have an odor?
  1. Terri says:

    Oh why do we eat it???? I laid awake last night feeling awful, just because I ate something I shouldn’t of. If I eat histamine things, I feel awful. Today, not one lick of ability. I woke totally drenched in the night. The hot flashes totally line up with what I eat. I am no longer wondering if it is accurate that I flash when my histamine is high. I have been like you, wondering what my odd urine smell is….but it is not like peanut butter to me, I can’t place the smell, but it is very noticeable, maybe a bit like sulfur, or cabbage? But weirder…lol! I can’t believe I am mentioning this in a comment! I have been curious for a while as to what it means. I do not have a bladder infection. The smell comes and goes. Could be just some food that does it as asparagus does. Oddly enough, I had some blood work done that showed I was deficient in asparagine…which is really weird and it is not an essential amino acid. My body should be making this one! Thank you for your continued research!

  2. Terri says:

    Also, I have been wondering about the increased volume of it, after I have histamine foods. Does that happen to you? If I go off low histamine for a couple days and then get back on the diet, I have much increased amount.

  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work!! I’m learning so much from you!!! Much more than my so called dermatologist who basically has no idea how to help me with my urticaria!!! Thirteen months and still going through hell because nobody can be bothered to help me…. So thanx again xx

  4. K.K. says:

    Looks like you hit on a hot topic here, Dale. 🙂

    Yes, I have at times noticed an odor. Not sure how to describe it.

    Mostly, it’s that I notice an odor at all.

    I’ve also noticed an increase in frequency at certain times.

    It’s annoying at any time, but most of all when it interrupts my sleep.

    Sometimes I know in advance that will happen because I’ve eaten something I should not eat, and other times the increased frequency alerts me to go look at my food diary to see if something unexpected is bothering me.

    There have been far too many times when I feel that I might as well camp out in the loo.

    Other times, that is not a problem at all, and I can go for long stretches without making the trip.

    Take heart Terri and Michelle. It does get better.


    • High histamine affects the smooth muscles of the bladder, so it is very likely it is causing you to have to get out of bed more often. When I was at the height of my intolerance, I could get up six times a night. It was dreadful.

      Last night I slept through the night. No hot flash and no peeing!

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