I’m still researching and writing…

I know it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been busy at school and a bit overwhelmed. Most high schools start to wind down this time of year but my crazy school heats up! We have so many events, tests, and deadlines my head is spinning.

I have written at least three new posts in my head, but just haven’t gotten them physically written. I write them in my head when I run actually, but of course, by the time I get home I’m too sweaty and tired to sit down at the computer. I know, excuses excuses…the cat ate my post.

I am concentrating my energy right now in researching why menopausal women really have hot flashes. I’ve read theory after theory about shrinking brains and toxins, but it often comes back to a “broken” internal thermostat. The hypothalmus is the area of the brain I am most focused on right now with its relationships to body temperature, estrogen, and vitamin B1. I am also researching how histamine and the hypothalmus might also be related.

It disturbs me that there is no definitive answer as to why women suffer from hot flashes. If we knew why we have them maybe we could curtail them. I’m not giving up. I want to stop them! I’ve gotten my itching and intolerance under control and yet I am bedeviled by these damn things!

It is not good enough for me when doctors only want to tell women to take HRT. I want to tell women how to bring their body back into balance and fix the damaged thermostat. It worked well once and it will work well again. I’m as determined to figure it out as I was to figure out how to control my itching.

So stay tuned, I’ll be back with more information soon. In the meantime, sunflower seeds, with their vitamin B1, are good for your tired hypothalmus. (As I always warn though, some of us can’t eat what others can so if you cannot eat them maybe look for something else with vitamin B1 that you can eat. There are many foods that contain B1.)

Later girls!


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13 comments on “I’m still researching and writing…
  1. Ann says:

    Dale we were at my dermatologist three weeks ago and started to talk about this problem, he said do not even try to unravel histamine issues, he said the most learned doctors have been working on it for years and we cannot get to the bottom of it! LOL This is an associate professor speaking!

    Hope you all have a safe and happy Easter.


    • Wow! That’s really scary that someone would just throw in the towel on something like this. Goes to show you that women need to learn how to advocate for themselves and their bodies. The medical profession is not going to do it for us!

      Happy holidays to you and all my readers.

  2. Audrey says:

    I would also love to have a definitive answer Dale! I suspect that if men suffered from them we’d know for sure by now! 🙂 Evening primrose oil has been amazing for me in severely reducing them. I’m surprised because my body doesn’t usually like oils of any kind but it really likes this stuff!

  3. Well, I am cheering you on! I too have been researching plenty. My thermostat is definitely not working properly. But it is all so very complicated. The low histamine diet does seem to help my flashes/flushes be less intense and definitely less emotional. And having those two things better does help. IF I go off the low histamine, they roar back! lol! Sometimes though, I think I have done good, and they get worse, and I don’t know why. I am suspecting getting upset, or excited, or angry, or laughing…actually stimulates them too. I am sure also, that heat can set them off. My itching is better on low histamine too, and is more easily achieved. I am unable to absorb b 12, due to an antibody to intrinsic factor. I always wondered if I am unable to absorb other things, like B 1. I will look into this connection.
    Thank you for all the work you put into trying to figure this out. In the mean time, I am also trying homeopathics with a trained N.D. I will let you know how it goes.

    • It’s interesting isn’t it? When I was at my worst with intolerance I was on such a restricted diet that my itching stopped and so did my hot flashes. Now I can eat almost anything I want without a reaction, but my hot flashes are back. But the histamine intolerance is under control, so I know my histamine levels are low. So it can’t just be histamine, although that is part of the equation.

      Sitting in a hot car, getting frustrated, drinking a hot cup of tea will trigger a flash for me. Or sometimes just thinking about them. I had a huge one just now while writing this. I am researching yogic breathing to control them too because of that. If I can bring one on thinking about it can I make it go away too?

      Please let me know if your ND has anything to contribute to the conversation.

  4. At the moment, my ND is treating me with a constitutional homeopathic. This is my first week. It has not touched my hot flashes yet. It is though helping very much with evening out my moods, giving more clarity and focus. We shall see. I will let you know if she has any other suggestions. Mostly, she is thinking imbalance….temperature, mood, what I can eat and what I can’t from day to day. It is all about bringing these systems into balance, I think….lol! I am fascinated that you mentioned having a flush from just thinking about one. To me, this indicates the adrenals and the autonomic nervous system. I have dysautomonia, and have wondered about this connection before.

  5. O.k. I have never checked my homocysteine levels before. If you are on a very restricted diet, do you need to eat other foods for it to be raised on a blood test? I have been taking sub-lingual b vitamins for a while now….since I have that issue. And it hasn’t seemed to touch my flashes/flushes. Hmmmmm. I am really intrigued! EDS and dysautonomia is new to my ND. Most doctors have no idea what dysautonomia is, and if they think they know…they usually have it backwards!

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