AWOL but back now!

I know I’ve been missing off of my own blog for a few weeks. I’ve replied to comments but just haven’t had a chance to post anything new in quite a few weeks. Between home stuff (termite tenting of the condo) and school stuff I’ve been a hot mess of stress! But things are settling now and I wanted to touch base with my readers.

If you’ve never heard of tenting a house for termites, then you won’t really understand what a nasty couple of weeks I had. Tenting means a fumigation company comes and throws a circus tent over your building, pumps it full of toxic Vikane gas dosed with pepper spray, lets it sit for twenty four hours, takes the tent back down, and then airs out the rooms with fans.

You have to remove all your food and medicines, plants and animals, and sleep somewhere else for two days. I also took out all my body products like soaps and lotions and all my bed linens. The cats and I slept at a hotel that takes pets…but that’s a whole ‘nother post!

Anyway, what is the most terrifying thing you can say to a person who has traumatic allergy issues? That you are going to poison their house!

When I got back in I noticed a lingering odor; probably the pepper spray. (The poison is odorless so they put the pepper spray in to warn off stupid people entering a big circus tent of a house to try to steal your stuff.) I itched for four days after I got home when I sat on the couch and managed to freak out enough about the whole thing to decide to throw out all my Glad plasticware thinking the stuff could have imbibed the plastic with poison.

This past weekend I spent cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom and putting my house back together and now, finally, I think it’s all back to normal.

I don’t know what I would have done last year at this time if the condo board told me they were going to tent. Probably freak out and tell them no way in Hell! But I am in good shape these days and figured I could handle it, which I did for the most part. Other than a persistent stress headache at the hotel because one cat wanted to kill the other, I seemed to survive it all.

So I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have some knew posts in the works so keep an eye out. Until then, as always, hang in there and be healthy!


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One comment on “AWOL but back now!
  1. K.K. says:


    It’s always good to hear from you. Glad you are back. 🙂

    This latest “adventure” sounds like a real nightmare.

    Congratulations for being at a point where you could cope so well with it all.

    On the best of days it would be an ordeal.

    I hope you, your cats, and your house are fully recovered by now.

    Pepper spray? Nuts.

    Something less toxic could have been used to deter idiot thieves, and so leave a lot less residue for the rightful occupants.

    It’s more than enough that one has to contend with the termite spray.

    It seems wise to me that you tossed those plastic containers. Better safe than sick.

    Like you, I’m very sensitive to that sort of thing. I do not use any bug spray in the house.

    Control, and I use that word loosely ;-), of bugs here in the country is a whole new ball game than when I lived in the city.

    Since moving here to the country from the city, I have (reluctantly) used bug spray outside.

    When it gets warm out, I have to put a sort of layer on some outside spots, or the house is overrun with certain things.

    The layer acts as a deterrent, and as I’m not spraying that stuff directly on the critters, I’m happily not killing them.

    Since I do not like to kill things, particular bugs and I play a game. I capture them, release them outside, and they (and/or their cronies) make their way back in again. 😉 🙂

    Ants here seem extra hardy, and tenacious. In the last few weeks, even when it was subzero outside, I saw 4 scout ants (or the same intrepid ant 4 times) inside the house.

    As it really warms up, the little ants try to get inside, then come the spiders that bite, and next those no-see-um things that chew on my feet and ankles.

    For a more personal bug repellent, I’ve had good luck with tea tree oil.

    During warmer months, I practically live in the stuff, spraying it on my hair, wrists, neck, feet, and ankles.

    Using it full strength works for me, but some people need to mix it with a carrier oil such as jojoba, or olive oil.

    Spot tests are always a good idea, as we all react in different ways.

    In any case, thank goodness this is all behind you now, and I look forward to your future posts.

    Cheers and good health to all.


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