Thanksgiving, Hanukah and the potato…

I’m back again with more about the relationship with food and hot flashes.

No, I have not abandoned histamine intolerance as a subject, but am really trying to make connections between it, menopause, food, and hot flashes. I’ve spent hours researching and days thinking about it all.

Last night, after almost a week of no hot flashes, I had two mild ones. So of course I woke up thinking why? What was different?

I came up with…potatoes. That’s the one food I ate last night at dinner that I hadn’t had since my flashes stopped. And I was eating a lot of them during my hot flash bonanza. But a potato? OMG if it is a potato I’m in deep trouble this week. Thanksgiving converging with Hanukah could be the perfect storm of hot flashes! I’ll be up for weeks, between the baked potato for Thanksgiving and the latkes for Hanukah…the idea alone makes me sweat.

It’s hard to find any information that would back up my thinking that one lone, rather large spud, wreaked hormonal havoc on me last night. I did find one comment on a blog from a fifty year old woman who said potatoes triggered her hot flashes worse than any other food, but that’s it. And some research points to carbs being bad for flashes, but for the most part potatoes are not showing up as something to be aware of. They are even low histamine and low acid-forming. (I’ve done some additional research since I first posted this and found white, refined carbohydrates could be a trigger for a lot of women)

Now that’s not to say I don’t have a personal problem with them like the other woman. I was eating quite a bit of them when I was flashing around for those few weeks. But I just don’t know. I do know I’ll be eyeing my little spuddy friends differently Thursday night and might just reach for a sweet potato even though I don’t like them nearly as much.

And I know I won’t be the only one sitting at a Thanksgiving table analyzing the food. Many of you might be down right dreading that night, looking at everything as a big hive on a plate. Americans spend a lot of time thinking about food anyway, and no one spends more time thinking about food than a gal with food issues. So I’d just like to say that I understand and hope that we all can have a happy day with our families and friends despite the anxiety I know a lot of us will feel.

So happy holidays to those of you celebrating this week. And eat a white potato for me!


Edit: November 30: After more research, I finally found what I was looking for about white potatoes. They are not necessarily high in histamine but can trigger histamine release. One site led to another, but who really confirmed it was the Low Histamine Chef. Down in the comments section of her post on oxalates, which was one of the other terms I was researching, I found quite a few comments about people having issues with white potatoes, and it was there I saw that they can be triggers.

So many of the things I’ve been talking about: acid-forming foods, carbohydrates, iodine, can all be legitimate triggers for menopausal women and I think it’s still all very valid information, but for me, I think the road still leads back to my histamine intolerance. Even when I don’t itch, the hot flashes are a symptom of my histamine bucket filling up, and white potatoes seem to be very bad for me right now.

Too bad…tonight was latke night and I ate a plateful…I hope I don’t burst into flames!

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