Update on the itching…or shall I say the not itching!

I wanted to take a moment to write a quick update on my histamine intolerance. I think it’s extremely important that you know that I’ve been doing well and what I am doing to maintain this wellness.

This week marks the six month of being relatively itch free. When I say itch free, I don’t mean that I’ve never had a hive in these last six months, because I’ve had a few minor ones. But I have been itch free in terms of bone deep, all over body, I’m going to have to rip my arm off or throw myself off a building itch free.

I am still a bit too afraid to stop taking my supplements entirely, but I have taken a few chances with eliminating morning dosages on Saturdays and Sundays with no ill effects. And I do still maintain a relatively clean diet. I’ve been able to add most of the foods back that were causing me a lot of grief, but I am very careful about a short list of healthful foods. I won’t touch junk food or fast food and won’t touch beer with a ten foot pole. I have had a piece of chocolate here and there, and will eat guacamole on occasion, but don’t seek those out anymore.

I find I still have problems with bloating and upset stomachs which can be directly related to histamine intolerance. Actually, histamine intolerance is often wrongly diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. When I was younger, before I became vegetarian, my stomach issues could be profound. Now when I eat something I probably should not have, I tend to get an upset stomach rather than itch. So I grab a ginger capsule and eat a piece of crystallized ginger, keeping in mind ginger is a strong anti-inflammatory and an anti-histamine, as well as great to use to settle upset tummies. Take a look at the article I stumbled over when I was researching stomach problems and histamine intolerance. It’s about a woman with histamine intolerance and all the health problems she had. It reminds me a little of the Low Histamine Chef, Yasmina’s story.

I also have maintained a relatively hot-flash free existence, although the last couple of weeks I’ve seen a slight upswing in the number. This morning I had a rather big one, but I’m not sure it wasn’t triggered by my long hot cat laying up against me. I’m sure that doesn’t help…but I also know my hormones are fluctuating right now to say the least! Fatigue is an on and off issue too, depending on what my hormones are doing.

I find my biggest challenges now are less about how I physically feel than how I emotionally feel. I know I’ve written about being bored and restless, but now add disconnected to the mix. Some days I feel more like an observer of life than a participant. But then the hormones settle and the sun comes up and the feelings pass. No one ever said this was going to be easy, that’s for sure…but overall things are going well.

So hang in there gals. It can be done. You too can get your histamine intolerance under control. You have to be vigilant and disciplined, but it can be done.


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4 comments on “Update on the itching…or shall I say the not itching!
  1. Cormom says:

    Thank for your blog. I get a lot of information and encouragement from it.

  2. K.K. says:

    Hi DLB,

    My apologies for the delay in commenting. I started a draft weeks ago, but somehow the time just got away from me.

    Congratulations on the anniversary. That is great news about your progress, and I hope it continues to only get better. 😀

    In the past month or so, I have added a couple of things back into my diet (white tea and cream cheese).

    As for the ginger, I’ve not yet tried a supplement of it, but I might look into it at some point. I do use it in cooking.

    Most recently, I have been baking butternut squash with ginger, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

    There has been a bumper crop of squash in the area this year. 🙂

    Thanks for the article link. Genny Masterman is a name I came across early on in my research.

    One can find all kinds of references about her via Google. For example, she has a book on Amazon, she is on Twitter, Facebook, and much more.

    Hope all is very well for everyone on here. 😀


  3. audrey says:

    so glad you found what works for you! thanks for sharing!

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