A quick note…

Just a quick note to my readers. I was just working on a post when I previewed it and saw an ad pop up. Because I don’t pay to stop ads, WordPress now sees fit to post ads on my blog. I do not endorse any products, and have no idea what ads you might see. I’ve never seen them before and I’m thinking it’s because I’ve gone over 10,000 hits so now my blog might be worth something to someone…

When the day comes that I can actually make money with this blog and I post ads, I’ll let you know. But until then, I cannot control what WordPress drops into my blog. I really dislike the idea of the ads but I dislike WordPress more for trying to extort thirty dollars out of me to stop them!


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One comment on “A quick note…
  1. K.K. says:

    Hi DLB,

    Thanks for the alert. No worries about it on my end as a regular reader, but I can certainly understand your feelings as a blog owner.

    It’s a shame WordPress.com feels the need for this, as I’m sure they can, and do make money in other ways.


    As for making money from your blog, have you given thought to affiliate marketing?

    It can be done in a tasteful manner. You would have to migrate to Blogger.com, WordPress.org, or another platform, as WordPress.com does not allow it.


    If you decide to go this route of affiliate marketing, I have a lot of info on it, and quite a few free resources. Feel free to write me via e-mail about it at any time.

    By the way, to date I have never seen a single ad while visiting your fine blog. 😀


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