Maybe carrots can help your menopausal symptoms

I was all set to start writing a post about falling estrogen levels and their relationship to rising histamine levels when I stumbled onto a strange site discussing how our society has an incorrect understanding of estrogen’s role in our health. I could hardly decipher all of what the writer was trying to say, and by the end of it, realized he was trying to sell books with a diet that helps you jump-start your cell’s metabolism. I might have just moved on from there, but I always like to follow the bread crumbs just in case they lead to some new, effective way to maintain health.

There were several references to Dr. Ray Peat and his discovery that carrots can lower estrogen in the body and detoxify and heal the gut. The confusion for me is that on several sites, carrots are presumed to be estrogenic. But that might not matter because the research for the detox part of the equation speaks about the kind of fiber carrots have and how it binds to toxins, excess estrogen, and xenoestrogens: the xenohormones that imitate estrogens. (Sometimes you’ll see people refer to them as bad estrogens. They can be natural or synthetic)

Either way, you have to eat just one carrot a day to get the benefits. Considering that when you’re menopausal, estrogen is dropping, eating an estrogenic carrot might not be a bad thing. And if it also helps to eliminate the bad estrogens we pick up along the way and supposedly heals the gut, maybe it’s something we should be trying with very little negative consequence. Carrots are a low histamine food, and many people might be able to tolerate them.

This link has a pretty succinct explanation. There are many sites out there explaining the carrot estrogen detox idea, but they are all pretty much taken from the same source it seems.

I really don’t know if it’s quackery, but I can eat carrots and figure eating one carrot a day, if it can really help maintain hormonal balance and detox my system, really has no risk for me. I eat them in salad all the time. This is just more specific about when you eat them and how you grate them to get the full effect of their fiber which is the detox component.

So check it out. Google Ray Peat and carrots, detox, and estrogen for more information.
Edit: As I was blending my morning smoothie, I started thinking about what I had read about Ray Peat and his diet, and wanted to clarify my take on him. I read that he believes in eating a lot of gelatin and eats gummy bears; something I would not touch because I am vegetarian and intolerant, so they are way off limits and hardly healthful. And he doesn’t believe in eating most vegetables because of the way they protect themselves in nature, producing chemicals that are toxic to what would eat them. So he’s not anyone I would really take advice from. But even those folks we wouldn’t necessarily let advise us have a good idea here and there, and one carrot a day is so innocuous I figure what if he actually does know something here, so that’s why I’ve brought this information to light on my blog. But trust me, I’m not going to use him as a viable source of information from now on!

I still want to work on my original post about estrogen levels and histamine intolerance, but until I finish, this is it in a nutshell: does your histamine intolerance get worse when your estrogen level drops? I see a real correlation with my body. Unless you’re in full menopause (haven’t had a period in a year) you could be having cycles of high and low hormonal levels. We keep a food diary. Maybe we need to start adding notations in there about our hormonal fluctuations too. Think about it and leave a comment if you’d like. I’ll be working on that post in the meantime.

And don’t forget to have a carrot!


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3 comments on “Maybe carrots can help your menopausal symptoms
  1. Deirdre says:

    I am a 53 and going through the menopause. I have adapted a healthy lifestyle since my early 40s after a health scare, Healthy eating, exercising regularly. For the last 2 years the hot flushes and night sweats have been really intense. I have tried many different foods and herbs, nothing seems to help. HRT is not for me and would not even go there. I recently introduced raw carrots into my diet, about 3 a day. I am amazed, hot flushes and night sweats have disappeared. they really are doing the trick. My head feels clear I feel much more alert. Don’t normally leave a reply but needed to share. Hope it can help someone else. D

  2. Jill Edwards says:

    I am 49 and have obvious symptoms of being peri-menopausal (aches, pains and weight gain) About a year ago, I developed an addiction for raw carrots – at first, I thought nothing of it, but as time went by, I realised that I really couldn’t live without my daily fix of raw, uncut carrots. I probably eat 500-1200g a day!! Since this ‘addiction’ began, my periods have become regular again, my aches and pains have been less intense and I generally feel hormonally balanced (something I’ve never been all my adult life)! I’m less tired during the day and sleep really well at night. I can only put all this down to the carrot eating! The only down side is, I get quite grouchy if I run out of carrots (I try not to run out, as I have become quite panicky if my carrot stock is getting low)!! I have never been addicted to anything in my whole life, but this is quite intense! I’m really hoping the craving will cease once I’ve gone through menopause!

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