Update on contact solution success story!

I’m entering the second week of using the new preservative free contact solution (my first post about this is here) and I cannot tell you how much my eyes have improved since starting. I’ve gone from thinking I’m going to have to give up contacts to almost forgetting to take them out at night.

I no longer struggle putting them in in the morning. They go in easily and feel like new. I have no burning or gritty sensation, and no desire to fool with them. I don’t even know they’re in. And my sight has improved dramatically. No more blurry mornings and struggling to see a computer monitor through gritty, glassy eyes. I can even read with them in at night; something that had become painful and awkward.

If you have issues with your eyes because of contacts, I urge you to switch solutions. It has made a huge difference in my days. And as we all know, living with histamine intolerance is enough of a challenge on a good day, so anything that makes life more comfortable is a necessity!


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