I’m back!

Well I’m back from a ten day trip to Europe. I had truly an amazing time and am still quite jet lagged from the whole adventure. I don’t want to make this post a travel blog, but I will give you a snippet of what I did and where I went to give you an idea of what I put my body through and how well it did.

I left Miami and landed in Paris. I took my bags straight to the Louvre and spent the day. That night, I caught a sleeper train to Florence. I spent four nights there, and then hopped another sleeper back to Paris and then straight through customs and onto the Eurostar to start a five day jaunt through London, and then I took the nine hour flight back to Miami at the end of it all. I woke up at eight every morning and was out the door by nine, wandering the streets of the cities looking at art, going to museums and eating whatever I wanted. I’d finally fall into bed around ten, where in London it’s actually still light out.

So how’d I do with my histamine intolerant self? Really rather well, I must say. I didn’t even start to have any kind of itch or histamine issue until about two days before I was about to come home. And even then, I don’t think it was food related.

In Florence, I had a beautiful suite with a bathtub, but in London I had a tiny little shower. After being on trains for 14 hours to get to London from Florence, the first thing I wanted to do was take a shower. And I had only taken baths for months, so when the water hit me it felt so good I didn’t want to stop. I was fine after that one, but I think over the course of the next few days, my legs started to react to the hot water because I was starting to get hives in the middle of the night on my thighs, where I’d typically break out from hot showers in the past.

So I think the hot showers definitely had a negative impact. But I also think my lack of supplementing with olive oil was also a factor. I had all my other supplements with me and took them relatively regularly. But the additional olive oil I supplement with was definitely missing from my routine. Once I got home, my hives were under control within a day or two.

Why is this important? Well, because I want to amend something about the vocabulary I’ve used in the past. I’ve referred to myself as healed from histamine intolerance, but I think this isn’t correct. I think I am still intolerant. I think it is that I am in control of my histamine intolerance. I’m not convinced that you can heal it permanently as much as you can control it. Which is an interesting distinction in my mind because that means I will be ever vigilant in how I move through life.

But this also means that you can be a person who suffered from a bad case of histamine intolerance and then over time control it enough to live normally and take a chance on crossing the pond and having an amazing, itch-free time of it.


So there you have it in a nutshell. One fabulous vacation and plans for lots more! I hope you’ve all been improving and getting your histamine intolerance under control. I’m here to tell you it’s doable.


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5 comments on “I’m back!
  1. K.K. says:

    Congratulations on what sounds like a fantastic adventure all around, and for having the “itch” well under control. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing a short glimpse into your trip, too.

    I was a bit surprised to hear that you did not take olive oil while on this trip, especially since you were in Italy, where one can get some of the best olive oil around. 😀

    In any case, it sounds like you had things well in hand. It must have been so freeing to eat what you wanted at any given time, and when on vacation.

    A change in scenery, routine, and the lack of stress (or lack of “regular” stress?) may have played parts in your body being better able to cope with the HI.

    I’m not being argumentative, but I still choose to believe that one can fully get rid of it, be completely healed.

    The important thing for each of us is to find what works, and roll with it, so again, a huge congratulations all around. (insert here the sounds of a big “Who hoo!,” and clapping hands.) 🙂

    • K.K. says:

      P.S. Lovely photo!

    • I know, there I was in olive oil land and I didn’t buy a bottle. Traveling with it would have posed quite a problem both on the trains and on a plane, since I was using only a carry on bag. The 3 oz rule for planes is a tough one. And leaving out of Heathrow is even stricter than the states.

      It was a good experiment in what affects what though actually. It made me really believe the olive oil is key to controlling the intolerance.

      As for whether we can heal entirely, I welcome the idea. I’m just not sure now. I think the only way to really know would be to stop all my supplements and eat with abandon. Two things I’m not ready to do yet. I have started experimenting with cutting back on the supplements though. So I’ll keep you posted.

      And yes, eating whatever I wanted was very freeing. I had a tiramisu I’d fly all the way back to Florence for, and a big cup of gelato, not at the same time mind you. And not keeping a food diary was like getting a monkey off my back!

      I felt normal again!

      That picture is great huh? It was from the cupola at the top of the Duomo. Some five hundred stairs up. I have tendinitis in about every joint in my legs now, but it was worth it!

      • K.K. says:


        I did consider your travel restrictions on trains and planes, but I might have been curious to taste some if time and opportunity permitted. 🙂

        Also, if it weren’t for what would probably be a small fortune in freight, I’d have been tempted to mail home some of that primo olive oil. 😀

        No doubt you had more fun and adventurous things in mind.

        Yum: gelato, and tiramisu.

        No food journal, yay! It is indeed a boring task, but it does have its benefits.

        Ouch! That is a lot of steps, but as you say, it looked to be worth it. (I hope your joints are better soon.)

        As for healing ourselves, I think of it in many ways. I do believe the body has an inherent ability to not only heal itself, but to be in a perpetual state of wellness.

        Maybe somewhere along the evolutionary trail we forgot how to do this? 😉

        On a more down-to-earth level, we are currently able to recover from anything from a hangnail to broken bones to potentially fatal illnesses, so where does it stop? Why must it stop at any given point?

        Then, there are the strides made in science.

        There are many newer ones than in this article from 2008, but I like the relative simplicity of this story:


        More than anything, a positive outlook in one’s health, in one’s outlook on all aspects of life goes a long way. 😀

  2. Susan says:

    Welcome back!!! So happy for you to have had such a wonderful vacation. I loved hearing about it as I want to plan a vacation to Europe next year. While you were gone, I have learned about Mast Cell Activation Disorder as I have had a lot of the symptoms and not sure if the histamine in foods is really the issue. I have had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in the past and this could all be related. I had to go back on antihistamines as i was getting so many symptoms that were affecting my quality of life. I had no choice and I am responding to them and feeling better. I need to supress my symptoms before I can balance my body and eventually get off the med’s. Here is one of the links:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3069946/

    I hope you continue to improve and I am adding the olive oil to my diet as well. Susan

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