My poor neglected blog…

Well, it will be at least a couple of more weeks before I get back on the horse and start blogging away. I thought I’d have made time in the last two weeks since school ended, but I’ve been preparing for the first major trip I’ve taken in years, and have just not gotten around to writing.

This is not an entirely bad thing mind you. I would never even have attempted this trip if I were still in the throes of my histamine intolerance. Whether it’s healed, stopped, gone away, under control, or just left the building, ( I just don’t know what it’s done technically) it’s been two months since I’ve itched, had a hot flash, or had an all out restless awful night.

I’ve gone back to eating pretty much what I want within reason. I still won’t try spinach, avocado, cauliflower, chocolate, or beer, and I will not eat fake packaged foods. So no junk food. Only whole fruits and vegetables.

And I still don’t take showers. I take quick cool baths so I can control where the water hits me and for how long, and I only use an electric razor. Funny enough, I think those two things are of paramount importance to my maintaining my low histamine.

And I still take all the supplements and olive oil. It’s all going on my trip with me.

Am I nervous? A bit. I hate flying and have read recently that histamine levels raise when you fly. Which might explain why flying always makes me sick. But I’ve taken ginger for air sickness before and it works like a charm. And I take ginger for my histamine intolerance and that works too…so isn’t that all interesting? Another piece of the origin story and validation that I’ve probably always been histamine intolerant.

And I am a bit nervous about food abroad. But I figure the worst that could happen is I itch and have to get it all back under control when I get home. But I really don’t think that will happen. I think I have such a good handle on it I think I’ll be fine.

So I’ll let you guys know when I’m back in ten days. I might check in before then, but I might just not want to even think about it at all during that time. And I know you’ll forgive me for that. After all, the thing we’ve all been fighting to achieve is that moment you forget you’ve ever been histamine intolerant.

So I am off to Florence and London, and will be back in touch when I return. Here’s wishing you all health on your journeys too.


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2 comments on “My poor neglected blog…
  1. K.K. says:

    Hi DLB,

    Have a fantastic time on your trip.

    It’s flat out wonderful that you are feeling so very well, and totally understandable (and forgivable) on all counts, all levels, as to why you have not been around, don’t want to think about all this stuff, etc.

    My prediction, my wish for you is that you will have the best time ever, with nary a thought of this issue, let alone an itch. 🙂

    In any event, you sound well prepared, so put it all out of your mind.

    Bon voyage, Happy Trails, and so forth! 😀


    P.S. Similar wishes for all others on here. 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    Have a wonderful time and I am like you with flying. I have to take Xanax to get on a plane. Unfortunately, I had to go back on antihistamines as I was getting pretty sick and the hives and angidema were not going away. I tried everthing there is to treat this naturally, but I was getting bad histamine reactions. For now I have to calm down my system as I have been a mess and then I will look to balance and get off them slowly. This has been a nightmare. I am confused about eating histamine foods as I never had food allergies, but I am going to be diligent and see by cutting them out. Bon Voyage Susan

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