The Low Histamine Chef has a new book

The Low Histamine Chef has a new book out full of recipes that are made up of antihistaminic foods. I have not purchased it, but am hoping one of you guys might and then give us some feedback on what’s in it. Check out this link.

If you haven’t visited her site, it’s one of the best when it comes to positive messages and dealing with histamine intolerance. I have a lot of respect for all the work Yasmina has done. So check it out.


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2 comments on “The Low Histamine Chef has a new book
  1. K.K. says:

    Her site was one of the first ones I came across (if not the first one), back when I first started doing research, and I am also a fan.

    Yes, please. Any book feedback would be much appreciated. 🙂

    • K.K. says:

      A P.S. of sorts…

      I finally got around to signing up for her email list. (Actually, I thought I had signed up for it, but seems not, or maybe I never got around to confirming it. My inbox runneth over. ;-P)

      In any case, one gets free recipes, and other info as a result.

      So far, the two recipes I’ve received are not items I’m likely to cook, and use several items not on my list of foods such as duck eggs.

      That’s not to say there isn’t value in her books, and since I’ve never seen any of them in their entirety, it’s not my place to give a full review.

      My point here is to suggest signing up for her email list in general, and to get those preview recipes as well as other info she shares.

      This also might help in making a decision on purchasing any of her books.

      It’s too bad that only one of them is available on Amazon for both price points, and for customer reviews. I’m not saying her books are not worth the money, but that it would help her exposure if she could get more books on Amazon.

      I hope this is somewhat helpful, useful.


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