Can water make you itch?

Someone mentioned in a reply to a post that even water makes her itch. And in my blog stats, I noticed someone had searched: can water make me itch?

I wanted to do a quick post on this because there was a time when water did make me itch. But it was specific what was causing the itch.

I had purchased, for my classroom, a Britta container with the charcoal filter. I knew that drinking water was high on the list to help flush histamine out of your system, and I thought it was a great idea to use a filter to get all the contaminants out and drink clean water.

What a surprise it was when, after following the directions and running tap water through the filter and filling the jug, my arm lit up with the itch from hell. I thought it just couldn’t be, so I tried again. And I itched again. I had to wash water though that filter I don’t know how many times before I could drink from it without itching. And even then, I think I only finally started using it after I really started to heal and my arms had stopped reacting to everything.

I concluded that it wasn’t the tap water that was making me itch, as I had been drinking that with no problem, but the filtered water. It must have been the residue from the filter that was making me react.

So can your water make you itch? Absolutely! Make sure you know where it’s coming from and if it’s been treated.

I know, it’s a real minefield out there! Even something a innocuous as water…

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3 comments on “Can water make you itch?
  1. Susan says:

    I am having such a severe problem that I am getting a histamine reaction to drinking water some days especially first thing in the morning. I am pretty much eating my food in the late afternoon and evening as I guess histamine drops. I am very reactive and now I added a H-2 blocker as the H-1 antihistamines are causing me a lot of gastric distress. I am so sensitive to medicines and I am trying to get a balance going and the natural route is not working. I was taking generic Zyrtec for five months for hives and I wanted to get off to see what my underlying problem was as I got the hives the week of Hurricane Sandy and got too cold. Now as a result of going off the antihistamine, I am a mess and my body is not regulated at all. All tests keep coming up negative and my blood histamine level is normal. It is very frustrating. Susan

    • Is your water filtered? Or maybe something changed dramatically about the city’s water supply after the hurricane. Have you tried different brands of bottled to see if you do not react to any of them?

      There could be something in the water.

      I started every single morning with a terrible itch until I discovered my intolerance and realized it was spinach. I put it in my morning smoothie religiously. We do things automatically without thought.

      What do you brush your teeth with? What are all the things you do that lead up to those first hives?

  2. Jason says:

    But under the shower head water it’s my arm and starts to hurt over a long period on time…maybe your body had to adapt to the cleaner drinking warer

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