Neglected the blog this week but it’s all good!

Sorry for neglecting the blog this week but this is truly one of the busiest and most stressful times in my year. The good news, however, even with all the stress, I have not itched once, so what I’ve been doing is working even during those moments that would have set me off just a few months ago.

Yesterday was a twelve hour day of work, and I have to admit, I never once thought about histamine intolerance. Not that I had a minute to think about anything other than what I was doing anyway, but that’s besides the point. It had to be the first day in almost six months I never thought about it. That’s a victory!

I am still using all of my supplements and using olive oil as a supplement, in cooking, and on my body and have not had a hot flash in ages. My arms haven’t itched in months, and I’m sleeping well. I am on, what I consider, a modified restricted diet. I still won’t touch chocolate, beer, spinach, cooked tomatoes, avocado, or cauliflower, and I do not eat any processed foods like snack foods and things with unpronounceable chemicals and dyes. I do eat packaged rice crackers with limited ingredients, rye bread from Whole Foods, and pasta occasionally. But the majority of my diet is whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Oh, and I can eat rice too.

I still won’t take hot showers, and probably won’t anytime soon, and I use an electric razor only.

So all in all, I tell you this because six months ago I thought histamine intolerance was the cruelest of twists to have to live with, and six months later I almost don’t feel like I suffer from it anymore. I’ve written about many of my theories and offered up lots of information in the hope that what has brought me this far can bring you this far also.

So stay the path my sisters. Be strong and heal.


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4 comments on “Neglected the blog this week but it’s all good!
  1. K.K. says:

    Congratulations on your progress. Not only is it fantastic to know you are healing, it gives hope to the rest of us. 😀

    It seems to be a busy time for many. Hard to believe it’s been about two weeks since I said I was starting a busy week, and so it continues.

    Funny you mention hot showers. For other reasons, they bothered me for eons before I had overt symptoms of histamine intolerance. Of course, it’s all connected. Any imbalance in the body is systemic.

    Off to look around a bit more here while I have the chance.

    Again, so happy to hear your good news. Thanks for sharing it here with us.

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