The proof is in the hair!

Many women find their hair thinning when menopause starts. Actually, they might not notice it for a few months. And it’s not just on your head. You might notice your hair thinning all over your body.

There are multiple reasons for hair loss. It can be the hormonal fluctuation of menopause, or an imbalance of cortisol due to adrenal fatigue. It might be both. This is a little paragraph I grabbed from the Livestrong site:

Hormonal Fluctuations

Hormonal fluctuations and imbalances can result in temporary body hair loss. The Mayo Clinic states that pregnancy, menopause, thyroid problems, childbirth or discontinuing birth control medications are all common hormone fluctuation triggers. Hair loss can be noticed as late as three months after the hormonal fluctuation—and it can take that long to regrow. Hair loss should discontinue once the hormonal imbalance is corrected.

I noticed quite a bit of hair loss on my thighs and upper arms over the past couple of years. Thankfully I have a full head of thick black hair still. Well, with a touch of gray… But I remember noticing the change quite a while ago and have not had to shave my thighs for I don’t know how long.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve spoken a lot about healing and how I really have my histamine intolerance under control. I had noticed hair growth in a couple of places on my legs, but thought it was too early to share, but this morning, the light caught the hair on my thighs just right and I was floored by how much I needed to shave!

I’ve been waiting to post anything definitive about the hair loss and hair growth piece of the puzzle but now I can say with confidence that my body is showing definite signs of recovery. I feel that I am not just managing my histamine intolerance but am recovering from it.

If hair loss can indicate that your hormones are imbalanced and/or you are suffering from adrenal fatigue resulting in too much or too little cortisol, then hair growth can indicate that things are coming back into alignment.

Speaking about hair growth seemed to me a personal thing to share for some reason. I wanted to be sure before I put myself out there, but I am sure now, and it seemed to be valuable information to talk about. It is just one more thing to be aware of as you are working your way through menopause and histamine intolerance.

Now, I am proudly going to go shave my hairy monkey legs!

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13 comments on “The proof is in the hair!
  1. Kim C says:

    Wow… so glad I found your site! It has been so helpful I cannot tell you! I am in a BAD place right now and all my troubles did start at menopause in 07. I am trying to detox today now that I finally realize what has been going on, but wondered how you got the cookbook from the Histamine Chef gal… I cannot seem to find it in the states but did find her site and sent an e-mail to her. I really need some help about what to eat beyond the limited lists available. My adrenals have crashed due to this going on so long. If you could help I would be so appreciative! Kim C 🙂

    • Use this link:

      When you click buy it takes you to another screen and then I think you click confirm and it takes you to another screen. It looks like it’s only in pounds, but when you go to PayPal it does the conversion for you. I think it comes to about 15 American dollars.

      I’m always so happy to hear that I’ve helped. I think a big part of it is finding out you are not alone. There are many good conversations with knowledgable women on here, so make sure you read through all of the comments along with the posts.

      I know what you mean by being in a bad place. I was lucky and figured it out rather quickly. But I had some really dark moments along the way. Start your food diary and maybe take a look at the supplements that might help and let us all know what else we can do for you.

      • Kim C says:

        You are so precious for helping me! I will let you know how it goes. I just found your site two days ago and already have learned so much! The histamino site you recommended had a page which listed ALL the stuff which has been going on. I just could not believe it! Funny thing… bipolar disorder runs rampant in my family. I did see that for some there is also a possible genetic connection to HI. I wonder now if this was the real issue. Thank you again for all the great information! Kim C 🙂

      • Yes there are “things” in my family that I’ve wondered about too. It’s eye opening once you start to snap all the puzzle pieces together.

        If this turns out to be your issue, you should feel better quickly on just an elimination diet. Then you can work on healing.

        Good luck and come back soon!

  2. Kim C says:

    Sorry to be a pain…. dumb question but is the cookbook you got an actual book? I don’t have a way to get an e-book…. I noticed there was no shipping charge and could not find it on Amazon. Thanks again!

    • Oh, I think it’s just an ebook. To be honest, it didn’t break much new ground for me. I was desperate to get it at the time and then saw that a lot of what was in it was the stuff I knew I could eat. I hate to say anything negative about someone who is doing such good work, but it’s expensive for what you get.

      Edit: I am nothing if not honest. My friends, coworkers, and students know this. I am an art teacher and part of the process is constantly critiquing what I see. But I went for a run, and now have my butternut squash and broccoli roasting in the oven and wanted to add something to my previous comment. I owe a great debt to the Low Histamine Chef. She was a beacon in the ocean for me, and it was her site that helped me understand and address this issue. She helped me regain my sanity when I thought I was completely crazy. So even if I don’t think her book was a good match for me, the work she does on her site is invaluable. I just needed to say that.

      Most important to this whole process is to determine what you personally can eat and then make it as interesting as possible. I live off of butternut squash, apples and broccoli. I can eat more stuff now, but in the beginning that was it. And I still eat it a few times a week. That’s why your food diary is everything. Even if there are recipes in a book that look interesting , you might not be able to tolerate the ingredients.

      I think we all had to get used to the idea of eating a very limited array of foods and then build from there as we heal.

      I’ve often referred to histamine intolerance as a cruel turn.

      • Kim C says:

        Oh it is so cruel! It has brought me to my knees but I am so grateful that I found your site and know that I am not alone in this! I was a strong, healthy farm girl who overcame a complicated, difficult life, and am now blessed with a beautiful life and husband, but I have become so weak from this that I am barely functional. (adrenaline is killing me – enjoyed reading some of your recommendations!) Meanwhile, interestingly enough, I began making smoothies from apple and broccoli with a little holy basil yesterday. I tried to eat a bit of plain rice. Today I added a small amount of oatmeal to the smoothie. Things are a little quieter today. I have a long way to go. I resorted to 1/2 of a Zyrtec today until I receive the supps you use and try them. I already had the vitamin C and MG and began them at higher doses then I was previously. Trying to go slow. I was already keeping a diary of how I was feeling each day so can easily add what I ate to the list so I can track things.

        One mistake I made recently was seeing a doctor who claimed to be holistic and recommended natural HRT which for me, really rocked the boat. I had not previously considered HRT as I felt that menopause is a natural change for most women. Since my endocrinologist had also recommended HRT (the non-natural so I did not try it), I tried the Wiley Protocol for a month and a week with poor results and then stopped when I began to get severe BO – a clear sign that my body was unhappy. So now I am going through menopause all over again! I am now pretty sure my problem was not menopause, it was histamine intolerance which may have been present in a milder form for most of my life, which was worsened by going through menopause. I’m sharing this for others who may be considering HRT…. everyone is different tho and I have a friend who does it and loves it.

        Thanks for your honesty about the Low Histamine Chef’s book. She was very sweet to me in an e-mail and I may download the cookbook just to get some ideas. Hopefully once I am out of crisis mode I will be able to add back some bananas and other foods, as your smoothie recipe sounds delicious! Wish I had some appetite, but now I know why I don’t thanks to some of the links you shared.

        I’m curious if you or anyone out there reading this have tried the supplement Histame? Wondered if it might get me over the hump?

        Thanks again for your help, support, kindness and wonderful site!
        Kim C 🙂

  3. I’ve read about histame, but I am a vegetarian and have not tried it. It is derived from porcine livers I think. I have read others have tried it and found success with it. I was almost desperate enough to try it but managed to get my itching and other symptoms under control with diet and supplements. So you may want to try it. To me, from what I’ve read, it would be better to try something like that than stay on the anti-histamines.

    I showed dramatic improvement within days of keeping the food diary because my reactions to food were so immediate. Before I started taking supplements I worked my way through several other foods to try to control a reaction and stumbled on crystallized ginger as something that really helped. Turns out ginger is an anti-histamine. And sugar is not one of my triggers, so I could eat it. It worked right away.

    A lot of my healthy foods were triggers I realized within days. I put handfuls of spinach in my morning smoothies for months before I knew spinach was a huge trigger. I’d give lectures to my seniors in the morning trying to hide the fact that my arms itched like a thousand red ants were biting me.

    So now that you’ve identified the problem, give yourself a few days of working with the food diary and you will understand exactly what’s happening. I encourage you to read what I’ve written about olive oil, and if you can tolerate it take a bit to get started and see what happens. It is one of the major components to my healing, I’m convinced. There are multiple reasons it works, one being that it is believed it helps with the DAO enzyme that has gone haywire on us.

    Also, I think it’s important to start thinking of yourself as a healthy person with an issue. If you cut your hand you are still a healthy person, but with a cut hand. With this, I am a healthy person with a histamine issue. That doesn’t make me ill, ya know what I mean? I am healing my histamine issue, but I am still a healthy woman.

    You might feel weakened but you are not weak. This will heal. I am living proof.

    • Kim C says:

      This was a wonderful post, and once again, thank you! Funny…. my hubby discouraged me from stacking some wood this morning because he said I was sick and I told him… “I am not sick…. I have a histamine problem and trying to get it under control is terrible. When I have energy I don’t want to just sit.” I know I am a healthy person… and it always showed…. I am just dealing with a giant speed bump at the moment.

      I was like you…. adding spinach to my smoothies every day and eating fresh organic spring greens which may also be problematic, plus vinegar on the salad…. etc. etc. Loved tomatoes but let them go a long time ago.

      The last few days have been pretty bumpy but after day one and two my skin rash, which has been on my face and hands for a few years and worsening, was much less red and at least the pure panic attacks have subsided, although still having a ton of anxiety. I am still pretty itchy but a little less. I goofed on something I ate yesterday which caused another night of insomnia and diarrhea… was either the geletin (I am trying to use it for protein and gut repair since I am loosing so much weight) or the butter I added for calories. Both are on the safe list. I did add the olive oil also but since you have been successful with that one I am reasonably sure it is not the problem. Since I have a known dairy alergy I will keep the geletin but loose the butter and see what happens. My “allergist” told me butter was OK for me a long time ago in spite of the dairy issue. Guess he may have been wrong. BTW, my very first symptom of this was swelling inside my mouth back in 07 which was diagnosed as GERD… (not!). It has been going on a long time so probably my gut is in lots of trouble. Then a couple years later I had the horrible hives which came and went. Treated with steroids once…. what a huge mistake for me…. thought I would never recover from that. Somehow I did but only partially. I now realize I have been a pretty classic case for this.

      My worst symptom is insomnia… so if you or anyone can help with this I would be immensely grateful!

      Meanwhile, I have ordered the supps and they are on the way. I love ginger and will replace my coffee in the morning (caffeine apparently inhibits DAO) with ginger tea. I am so grateful for your help. Read a lot of great stuff about bromelain and quercetin, and also found that the enzyme amalyase may be beneficial for carb digestion. I would like to get away from so many grains but at least they are filling. I am gluten free but don’t object to grains… just don’t do real well in large doses… so acid forming. Do you eat many grains? Looks like a lot of the beans and legumes are out as well. For now I have eliminated nuts too.

      I know I am on the right track as I saw immediate improvement in my skin… just need to keep navigating. Thanks for listening, and hopefully something here may help someone else too who may not realize what is going on. Will keep you posted!
      Kim C 🙂

      • Improvement is great news. Even if you see a bit at least you know you are moving in the right direction.

        Insomnia was a biggie for me too when I was at my worst. It is a matter of getting your histamine level down. I know I started sleeping better when I started using olive oil. I started using it on my skin as a moisturizer because it was the only thing that I could put on without reacting. I remember the first day I used it I slept better. Than I started to add more into my diet. I figured if when you apply it it gets into your bloodstream through your skin, than taking it almost as a supplement will help. So I put a tablespoon in my morning smoothie and I take a teaspoon with my nightly supplements. I started to research olive oil after I felt results and found many reasons why it was probably working. I still use it religiously.

        Also taking the supplements at night helps. If my level is high I take two Quercetin. If not, I take one with a Ginger capsule and an Olive Leaf capsule, and the olive oil. And I still apply it to my arms and legs almost daily.

        I really think the olive oil is key: Polyphenols. I ate cantaloupe for the first time in ages the other night and slept like a baby. Polyphenols again!

  4. Donna says:

    I’ve always had extremely fine hair and, once your over 65 it gets finer and thinner. Over the years I’ve used every volumizing shampoo out there. Many are drying, and most don’t make any difference. So for years I’ve just relied on gels etc to create more fullness. I picked up a small trial size of Shielo’s Volume Shampoo and am so happy I did! My hair is very short and now, instead of just lying there flat and sparse-looking, it actually has fullness and covers more of my scalp! I also occasionally use the Shielo conditioner, and that is good too, but not really necessary to achieve some fullness. Another huge plus is that it’s made here in the US.

  5. lisa024293 says:

    Ladies, are you having any issues with your liver? Since I hit meno, I know my thyroid is trying to go wonky, but my blood work came back with elevated bilirubin (1.5) and we cannot find the reason. All other labs came back fine and thyroid levels technically are fine and within the normal range other than trying to spike up. Liver ultrasound came back great and nothing showing. Oh I do not have gallbladder or appendix. I just wondered if you all had similar issues too. Doc did tell me my LDL cholestrol was 111 (11 points higher) but when we discussed my diet, we couldn’t figure out where I am doing wrong since I don’t eat a lot of meat or cheeses. I don’t do a lot of dairy (ice cream maybe, as a treat but not a lot) and so on. Everything is in moderation, but coffee lol. I don’t use sugar but I use Equal. We were quite confused. So do you all have these odd issues? I don’t want to chalk them up to hereditary.

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