Cat flashes

Last night, I’m not sure if had a hot flash or a cat flash. My hot flashes are, of course, brought on by hormonal fluctuations but my cat flashes are brought on by a cat sleeping on either side of me.

It’s hard to discern, but anyone who has had a hot flash knows the heat starts to burn from within. If you’re just hot, and relocating your furry friend makes you cooler, than chances are it’s a cat flash.

I’m sure there are dog flashes too, but I wouldn’t know for sure. Someone else needs to weigh in on that one!

So what kind of flashes do you suffer from at night?

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6 comments on “Cat flashes
  1. Susan says:

    I get the flushed feeling a lot and definitely when I am very tired and getting some histamine reaction. I can not tell you how many times I have put a thermometer in my mouth to see if I have a fever and I never do. I am way past menopause, and up until I discovered this condition of Histamine Intolerance, I thought the flushes were from a low grade virus ( Epstein Barr ) that I have dormant and became active a few years ago. Susan

    • Wow, so now that you’ve made the connection between histamine and flushes are you on a low histamine diet and seeing improvement?

      I had a restless night last night and one real hot flash, not cat related, and woke up in a terrible mood. I know it’s because I’ve been a bit looser with my diet. At the height of my intolerance I would never eat anything in my own house I did not consider safe. But lately I’ve drifted and now I think my levels are rising with my carelessness, so today I’m going back to being stricter with myself.

      It’s ok for me to indulge a bit when out with friends, but at home, where I am in complete control, I need to remain disciplined.

  2. K.K. says:

    Cat flashes. Funny. 🙂

    After eating pretty much anything, even if it’s safe, I can get what I call fever spikes.

    This can happen during the day, too, after I ingest anything other than water.

    It used to be much worse, and more frequent, so I’m happy to report that this situation is much improved. 🙂

    Sometimes my temperature does actually go up, and other times it’s like Susan wrote, where there is no fever, no temperature change.

    I keep a thermometer by my bed, and frequently monitor my temperature, for a number of reasons.

    Last night, I was feeling feverish, sweaty, and for a bit I did have a rise in temperature, but after it went down, I still felt the same all night long.

    It was a cool night here, about 35 degrees F., and yet I needed to have a fan blowing on me. 😛

    I’m sure last night’s incident was connected to something I just reintroduced to my diet, and that I am now taking out again.

    I hope you all are feeling better by now.

  3. K.K. says:

    It’s hard to tell for sure, but since the fever spikes started before menopause, and before the histamine problem, I doubt it. Also, they tend to be centered around eating.

    I’m well into menopause now. The menopause hot flashes, and night sweats seem to have gone away, thank goodness.

    Of course, it’s possible for these things to return (hot flashes, night sweats), but it’s been a while. I used to get them a lot. Wretched little buggers. 😛 I feel for anyone who is having them now. 😦

    For what it’s worth, Swanson Vitamins dot com makes a product that helped me, In fact, it’s the only one. It’s one of their “Swanson Homeopathy” products called “Excessive Perspiration.” I had to laugh at the name.

    While I don’t think it is marketed for menopause, it does say “Night Sweats” on the bottle. I cannot recall which ingredients were the ones that specifically helped me, but it worked.

    Please keep in mind that I took this before the histamine issue, so I have no idea if it might trigger a histamine reaction for me at this point, or for anyone else.

    • I had hot flashes about a year or two before menopause and my histamine intolerance. I attributed it to peri-menopause when your hormones start to get a bit out of kilter.

      My worst night sweats were when menopause started and the histamine intolerance started exactly the same time. I know because my last period ended practically the same week my itching started, so it’s a memorable moment in time!

      I got the hot flashes under control when the histamine intolerance came under control. The correlation there, for me, is undeniable.

      As long as I control my diet, which includes eating low histamine and low omega 6, I maintain an itch free universe. As soon as I really go off the wagon, my eyes get “fat,” my itching starts up and i start to get little power surges. But nothing as bad as when I started the whole thing back in December. When that happens, I break out the butternut squash and apples and realign my histamine chakras!

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