Happy hour!

I’d like to report that Shula’s 347 Grill in South Miami has Skinny Cosmos that seem to be histamine friendly! Vodka, orange juice, lime juice and cranberry…I can’t drink beer anymore but I think I can manage…

…please don’t drink and blog…

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12 comments on “Happy hour!
  1. Susan says:

    I am confused. I thought we were not supposed to have cranberries or oranges. I am new to all of this!!

    • I’m sorry. I was a bit “happy” when I posted that. But you do bring up a good point. There is really no “supposed to.” Each one of us is quite different in our reactions and what we react to. There are multiple lists telling you what foods are high in histamine, but only you can know if one of the foods on the list will cause a reaction and what that reaction is.

      I cannot eat cauliflower, as I mentioned in a previous post, but that hardly ever shows up on a high histamine list. I can eat mangos, but Audrey can’t. I can eat raw tomatoes but have problems occasionally with cooked ones.

      In the beginning I’d be washing a Quercetin down with my vodka and tonic because my arms itched so badly, but I had the drink because I was out with friends and was having fun so I knew I’d pay but made that decision.

      Tonight I did get a little itchy on my legs but sometimes I just don’t care. But because I keep a scrupulously detailed food diary, I am not usually surprised by a reaction.

      Blue cheese is just too much for me to handle, for example, and it doesn’t tempt me. I adore chocolate but won’t touch it with a ten foot poll. But I’ll take the chance on a salad with a vinegarette now because I’ve been able to tolerate vinegar a bit more now than before.

      Once you get your histamine level down, you can add things back in to your diet, hopefully with no reaction. And note that everyone’s reactions are different too. I have an invisible itch. Others get hives, or breathing problems. If your menopausal you might be getting flashes and mood swings. Everyone is different.

      I’m over four months into it and have gotten my levels down so I can take a lot more chances than others. But I still do suffer for my occasional forays into territory I shouldn’t be in. When that happens I clamp down and revert to my butternut squash apple soup diet.

      So tonight I’ll double up on my quercetin and eat safe for the next couple of days so I can have that drink next Friday night. I’m a high school teacher…I want they drink!

  2. K.K. says:

    Plain vodka, plain gin, and plain white rum are low histamine alcohols, but as noted here, even items on the low histamine list can be triggers for some, while some on the high histamine list are not for others.

    If one has adrenal fatigue, any kind of alcohol is a bad idea, but like anything else it is a personal choice.

    Adrenal fatigue is an issue for me, but I have been known to have some gin once in a blue moon. The last time, the price was a bit too high, so I probably won’t be doing it again any time soon, but I won’t say never. 😉 🙂

    • Interesting. I didn’t know that alcohol was bad for adrenal fatigue. I think that was one of my issues but it’s in the process of being corrected so I can have a drink now and again. I’m talking maybe one once a week if even.

      But I know what you mean about the price being too high. I haven’t touched spinach, avocado, or chocolate in months and probably won’t ever drink beer again.

  3. K.K. says:

    Yes, there are some foods that I miss a lot, too, if I let myself think about it. I’m not tempted to eat them only because of the agony that ensued when I last ingested them. 😛

    Beer is a tough one to give up.

    I’m not interested in the alcohol aspect of it as much as the flavor and carbonation, but due to it being a fermented item, it’s a big no-no.

    Never say never, except to say one never knows. 😉

    I refuse to let this health issue, or others define me. Yes, they are putting limits on me at the moment, but I’m ever optimistic that they will one day be gone for good, for us all. 🙂

    • I completely agree. This is one aspect of my being, not anything that defines me as a person. It’s never been if this issue clears up for me it’s always been when. And I always try to remain positive and muddle through it. I just wave people off when they offer me something I’d love to eat and tell them I have allergies and then I don’t think about it again. I can be super disciplined.

      But out of everything , it’d have to be chocolate I really miss.

  4. K.K. says:

    Same here. 🙂

    Have you tried carob? It’s supposed to be low-histamine. It is different from chocolate, but might satisfy your craving to some extent.

    I read elsewhere on your blog about the piece of chocolate you keep around for the aroma, and had to laugh out loud. Not at your pain, of course, but because I get it.

    There have been times when I will ask someone if I can smell their beer. 😀

  5. K.K. says:

    Have you tried baking with it? I’m not a fan of the aftertaste in candy bars made with it, and it’s been eons since I baked with it, but I do recall it’s a bit tastier in some homemade baked goods.

    Thanks for the offer to fix my posts, if it were possible. 🙂

    Coping mechanisms help us stay sane. 😉

    • K.K. says:

      P.S. On a whim just now, I Googled chocolate- and beer-scented perfumes, as I figured by now someone had come up with them. Of course, I found several options. Maybe that’s what we should try next. 😀

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