Anger makes me itch!

We, the histamine intolerant, tend to think about mostly food and its relationship to our histamine levels…or at least I do. But I know stress and other outside elements can also trigger reactions.

I was so angry about something today that my arm started to itch. It wasn’t a huge, bad reaction, but it was enough to remind me to stay calm (and carry on).

So if you think your histamine levels are effected by food only, think again. You can’t maintain a low histamine level by eating a low histamine diet only. Keep those stress levels low too.

I know, I know, we all live in a stressful world and lead stressful lives. So this is just really a reminder that the next time you get upset, don’t be surprised if your body reminds you that anger and stress are bad for you.

It’s another good reason to stop sweating the small stuff.

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8 comments on “Anger makes me itch!
  1. Audrey says:

    I’ve also noticed the stress/histamine reaction. I get way more histamine “flushes” as I call them when I’m stressed or upset. I recently committed to 20 minutes of meditation twice a day to see if it helps.

    • Splendid idea! I practiced yoga for ten years before I was sidelined by a nagging case of frozen shoulder. Now I run. I’m starting back into yoga only recently. I also bike ride. I do it all to stay fit, but I also do it for stress reduction. I feel great now that I just got back from a run.

      It makes sense you react. You’ve said you have an issue with cortisol, and when your stressed that’s one of the hormones released.

      This article on the Mayo Clinic’s site has a good explanation of what happens to our bodies.

  2. Susan says:

    I never knew that there was such a thing as histamine flushes. I have had them for years and always think I run for the thermometer as I think I have a fever!!! It is a while new world when you realize you have histamine intolerence.

    • I know! And once you really think about it and look back on symptoms and foods and household products and personal products you see a pattern and life seems not quite as random and out of control as before.

      Knowing what you are dealing with lets you take control of your life. You might have to deal with restrictions, but now you can make educated decisions.

  3. Mill says:

    OMG you are soooo right! I got up early this morning, before 5.00am. I had to attend a breakfast meeting to network. I need to try and raise my profile and my new vintage business’s profile. You see I relocated from the big smoke, Dublin, to live down the bog in Carrick on Shannon. I know, I know, why am I trying to channel my inner bogger? Answer, I have no flippin’ idea other than my fiancé loves it here and I am not so sure. The jury is still out. Anyhow, got up before 5.00am, was perfectly fine and within a few minutes I was covered in a rash. Now I had to give a talk on my business, no bother to me. I am used to public speaking, after all haven’t I worked extensively in the media, TV and radio and print business for years. It was the fact that it was 5am and my body was in shock listening to the dawn chorus. I also get a rash when I’m tired, when I’m anxious and when, as is often these days, I’m annoyed!

    So yes, histamine levels rise quite a bit in our house. Ah roll on the wedding arrangements, sure let’s throw in a bit more stress into the mix 🙂

    Going to sign off now and have a nice oatmeal bath, ready my book and try and get some much needed sleep. Nite nite ladies.

    Mill xx

  4. Susan says:

    I am at the beginning of this roller coaster of histramine excess and I also realize my emotions control my symptoms. I am having a lot of reactions to foods now and I never realized how histamine is tied into your stomach. IMy digestion is so off and it is effecting everything. I only thought a runny nose, eyes and sneezing was all anyone had to deal with when it comes to allergies. I am a month off what was a very low dose of children’s oral Zyrtec that I took for 5 months for hives and I would never think that the withdrawal could be this bad. I never had allergies that interfered with my life but I guess I am getting older and becomming more sensitive. Susan

    • Histamine intolerance can cause digestive problems for sure. But once you get it under control, you’ll see a big difference. “Things” start to function nicely again!

      And actually, histamine is produced in your stomach also, so when your mouth waters and you even think about food, your gastric juices start to flow and histamine in released. I used to get itchy right before lunch every day at the same time. But now that things are under control that doesn’t happen anymore.

      From everything I’ve read, you’re much better off being off the anti-histamines. Have you tried taking vitamin C or Quercetin? Or any extra olive oil in your diet?

      Hang in there. Keep to a strict diet to control the reactions and keep a positive attitude. As your body heals, you’ll be able to add things back in slowly. It gets better. It takes work and patience, but it does get better.

      You can beat this!

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