Do your eyes feel fat?

I wear contacts, and when my histamine level rises, one of the symptoms is how strange my eyes feel. They almost feel like they’re swelling from the inside.

I’ve done the research and learned that the sclera (the membrane that covers the whites of the eyes) and the inside of your eyelids are lined with mast cells. Mast cells, when aggravated by an allergen spill histamine.

So there you are. Itchy, burning eyes are a prime symptom of histamine overload. Or in my case, my eyes feel fat. They don’t get visibly swollen. They just field weird.

I’m mentioning this now because I just ate an Entemann’s powdered donut and not only is it not on the safe food list, I don’t even think there’s food in it. I know I shouldn’t have, but there it was, sitting on the table at my folk’s house. And within minutes…fat eyes. So I drove home and took my contacts out and took a Quercetin. Now my eyes burn but they don’t feel fat anymore.

Tomorrow…strict safe foods only!

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4 comments on “Do your eyes feel fat?
  1. Mill says:

    Hi, totally know where you’re coming from. I wear contacts and my eyes feel fat when I eat something that’s off my very limited menu list. I ate some delicious Linda McCartney veggie sausages on Saturday night. Off my list because they contain sulphites which are a preservative high in histamine. I need to read the bloody labels more carefully. Within ten minutes my skin had erupted and I looked like the elephant man. I scratched myself until I bled and was so bad I couldn’t go to the birthday party I had been invited to that night. I can’t take quercetin either due to it containing a preservative so I had to take an antihistamine, a 10mg of Zyrtek which didn’t even piecre the surface of my rash. I will not be doing that again no matter how desperate I am for a veggie sausage.

    I try to eat foods that are high in querciten lowering histamine but they are so boring and it’s the same old, same old every day and I’m just desperate for a big, jam laden, sprinkle topped, sugary doughnut but I have to abstain. Will I have to do this for the rest of my life??? Aaagh! Menopause and histamine are akin to living in the fiery pits of burning hell. 🙂

    Good Luck.

    • Yes I know…sometimes it’s just so cruel isn’t it? I’ve had those days where I just couldn’t believe this happened. But I’ve learned that I cannot eat any processed foods. Even vegetarian, healthy looking things. They have too many hidden ingredients. Even something as innocuous as spices can cause trouble because you really don’t know what that means.

      I completely stick to whole foods, ya know, of course until I don’t and I eat a powdered sugar donut that gives me fat eyes and makes me feel like crap the next day…like an alcoholic falling right off the wagon…

  2. Rosemary pringle says:

    I get fat ears (not literally, they just feel fat) if I get bitten by too many fire ants and eat food with MSG!

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