Sunday morning update 2

Tomorrow will be a month since my body has had a major reaction to food. That, to me, is a huge milestone.

If you’ve kept up with my blog, you might remember that I’ve recently realized that I’ve probably always had a mild case of histamine intolerance. My legs were always itchy, dry and broken out. Since controlling my histamine levels, my legs have completely cleared. But I do notice that when I go off my diet, my legs will itch and I have gotten small hives on one little patch of skin. Now that I understand what’s happening, that’s no longer ok. That’s my old normal. But my new normal is no itching whatsoever.

Other normal things have since changed too. I don’t have a constantly running nose, and I tend to feel hot and cold when I should. I was always cold, which can be an indication that your DHEA hormone level is low. There are also more personal indicators that have improved. (Some things the world just doesn’t need to know, ya know?)

So the itchy legs are the new barometer of histamine levels. It is no longer ok to ever itch reactively. Why, you may ask, am I now worried about something I’ve had my whole life? Why am I not content to be the way I was before? Well because the itching and runny nose were indicators of inflammation. I just didn’t know it at the time. So my body was always fighting it. And that is not a good thing.

Inflammation is bad for you! It can cause all sorts of major life altering, and even life ending diseases. I am not being dramatic here. It’s really that bad. I won’t recite the litany of diseases that inflammation can cause, but they are all scary enough to make me work night and day to not just learn now to control my histamine levels but to cure my histamine intolerance. It wasn’t just that I itched, it was that something was really wrong. I still don’t know if I can cure the intolerance. That would indicate I could eat anything and never itch again. But I know I can completely control it now, thus eliminating a body full of inflammation.

Edit after this post was published yesterday morning: I wanted to add something about hot flashes since last night was a night filled with hot flashes and restlessness for the first time in months. I was feeling so good about everything that I’d gotten really careless about my diet. I shouldn’t even say careless. Cocky is more like it! I had pizza and blue cheese dressing on a salad Thursday  night and Bellini’s Friday night, Jasmine green tea Sunday morning and then full on tomato sauce on pasta Sunday night. And there you have it. Hot flashes and an awful night of sleeping. I had often wondered where the whole hot flash thing would land in my levels of histamine. The legs itched for years. Then came the hot flashes, and then came the arms…so now I know. As my histamine bucket fills, first my legs itch, then the hot flashes come and then, when the bucket tips over the arms  itch. But I am not going to let myself get to that point again, that’s for sure. So let my cockiness be the cautionary tale. To maintain your healing body, stick with your low histamine diet!! 

I’ve spent hours and hours on the Internet researching. I’ve been to all kinds of sites, medical, blogs, pharma, forums… One person’s entry on a forum for histamine intolerance haunts me to this day. He wrote how everything made him itch so badly that he hadn’t eaten in five days. He spoke about how much weight he was losing and how awful he felt and how scared he was. It was one of those sites you fall over and then realize the person posted some date many years ago. And I wonder how that person is today. He’s one of the main reasons I maintain this blog. I want to reach out to people who are so distressed by their suffering that they are trapped by it. I want people to know you can fix this and live a full, happy life with this. You do not have to starve, and you are not alone.

I hope that guy made it. I hope someone helped him and he’s living a healthy and happy life. I guess I’ll never know. But I dedicate this post to him.

Have a wonderful day.

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