The evils of Tartrazine

One afternoon, when we were working late at my school, my friend grabbed a little bag of Reese’s Pieces to snack on. She hardly ever eats those kinds of things, but we were getting punchy from the work. I put out my hand and she poured about six of the little things. She knows all about my histamine issue and at first didn’t want to give me any, but I insisted.

What a mistake. My arm lit up like I couldn’t believe. And it was an ugly persistent itch. It was before I started carrying Quercetin with me so I had to wait until I got home to take something. And then I wondered what the heck was in that candy that made the itch so intense. It took a long time to stop even after taking the supplements that always work. (I’ve never left the house without Quercetin and Olive Leaf since then)

I started to do some research. I knew I should stay away from chocolate, but I can eat peanuts, and sugar isn’t a big trigger, so what was it? If had only been the chocolate I was reacting to I could have dealt easily with it, but this was different. It was an awful virulent itch!

And after researching for only a short time I spotted it. Yellow Dye #5, otherwise known as Tartrazine. It’s a huge problem for people who suffer allergic reactions. It’s a petroleum product made from coal tar of all things. Take a look at this article for the complete and horrifying thing people put into their bodies. It’s no wonder the American public is sick. It’s not even food! And it’s not just in food. It’s in all kinds of products. Your make-up and skin products can have it too.

Having histamine intolerance is a weird double edged sword. I was always a pretty healthy eater, I am vegetarian, but I still would eat processed foods occasionally. But I can’t anymore. I can’t even eat pretzels which I thought would be pretty safe. I had a crouton from someone’s salad out at a restaurant the other day and itched immediately. I knew it was a packaged crouton, not just toasted bread, so really who knows what was in it. Could have even had tartrazine in it.

I literally cannot eat processed foods anymore. My diet has to be one hundred percent whole foods. Of course the tricky part is that lots of whole foods have a high histamine level…I do miss cauliflower and spinach…but there’s no problem dealing with whether or not to eat the Doritos. They just look like an itch in a bag to me now!

So the good news is you have to eat healthfully and by now have probably eliminated processed foods. Of course the bad news is you have this pain in the ass health issue. Thus the double edged sword.

But remember, no more processed foods. You have no idea what’s hiding in them!

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