You’ve heard of the Skinny Bitch…

The name of my blog is quite a mouthful I must admit, but I wanted to make a real connection with a certain kind of woman with a specific kind of health issue. And knowing how hard it is to get traffic to a blog, I wanted to up my chances of being seen by being really specific. But I really wanted to call the blog something else.

Have you heard of the popular diet book called Skinny Bitch?
Well, I really wanted to call this blog The Itchy Bitch. I didn’t want to appear vulgar as a first impression, and I was afraid of who might seek me out and what their problem might be with a name like that, so I opted for a conservative and educational name. But over drinks and a pizza, (yes I broke the Quercetin out as dessert) my girlfriends and I decided I must use the name somehow. So please, go right ahead and call me The Itchy Bitch.

Thanks girls for helping me come out of the too “proper-to-say-it” closet! Now let’s see who finds me…

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2 comments on “You’ve heard of the Skinny Bitch…
  1. Rosemary says:

    Love the little burr guys they’re perfect!

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