Can’t offer a cure just yet

There is one important thing I felt I wanted to stress today. What I have found in my research and what is presented here so far is about what might be ailing you and how to a manage it. I have not found a “cure” yet. I figure the last post I’ll write will be explaining what finally cured the intolerance or that it finally went away because my hormones settled down, or stopped fluctuating or stopped doing whatever it is they’re doing! (I hesitate to call this a hormonal imbalance because that would imply the hormones aren’t doing what is expected of them.)

I continue to research the subject and will continue to report my findings because I don’t think it’s enough to just manage it. I understand that my hormones are causing the histamine intolerance, but ultimately that means the hormones are affecting a system in my body. So I know the triggers but I don’t know the system that the hormones are wreaking havoc with. I’ve read about mast cells and something called methylization and h1 and h2 receptors. I’ve read about gastric juices and how just digestion alone causes histamine to rise because it is a typical bodily function. Also, I understand that histamine response is linked to the immune response, so that would imply we must heal our immune system. But I don’t know what the hormones that are fluctuating are linked to in that regard.

So I’ll continue looking for answers. Maybe I’ll find an endocrinologist somewhere who can answer some questions on hormones and the havoc they wreak. Or maybe one will stop by the blog.

Maybe I should put an ad on Craigslist: Looking for a fifty year old menopausal endocrinologist with a histamine intolerance problem to answer questions. And while I’m at it I might just advertise for a tall dark and handsome guy who loves broccoli, butternut squash and apples…

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